Technology | Community
Chip Fab is a server dedicated to providing a home for all techies, whether you are into electronics, networking, general computing or any other field of technology, Chip Fab is a place you you. Chip Fab provides dedicated channels for a wide variety of topics regarding technology like networking, electronics, computing and others.
Gaming | Streaming
Convoy community is an all-welcoming networking Discord. We love networking and playing games together. Need help with achieving your goals we can help.
Music | Design
Community | Streaming | Gaming
We are a community that lives to help others. We help with everything that has to do with streaming, whether that is setting up your overlays, panels, social media, or more technical stuff. Make new friends, network with others, and have fun in games!
Technology | Programming
Welcome to CypherNet, a place to share resources and partake in discussions about a variety of information technology and security related topics! Be sure to check out our pinned resources: From beginner python courses to operating system security guides, from cryptography, to networking, and even capture the flag competitions, we have a lot to share! If you have any tech questions, we have numerous discussion channels available too. Hop on in, and between the resource trove, chill vibes, and awesome community, you won't want to leave!
Community | Social
KROWNED aims to be the best social server on discord. Not only with tons of bots for music, games, leveling, moderation, roles, and interactivity. We also provide a great community for people to make friends and connect with other people.
YouTuber | Anime
THE WORLDS MOST BOT-UNRAIDABLE DISCORD SERVER! A Server Originally for Creators(youtubers/streamers) to self-promo & get free bot shoutouts that eventually got over-run by omnipresent weebs[owo+mantaro] to a point where Im actually tagging this as anime now. We partner, are looking for staff,etc.
Business | Community
A community of entrepreneurs helping each other succeed. Whether you're a college student with an idea or an industry executive, this community is for you!
Music | Art
A friendly community focused on giving artists a platform to network and promote there music. No rules. Just don't be rude nor disrespectful and the moderators won't bother you.
Streaming | Gaming
A networking channel mainly for gaming, content creation, and overall streaming activity and collaboration. Majority of users are affiliated with many different groups, and this server is designed to be another spot for those wishing to share with each other. Here is a place where we can freely enjoy gaming for the sake of gaming, in all forms. Video games, board, cards, you name it. Check us out also at our new Steam Group here: All aboard this Krayzee train, choooo chooo! Owned and managed by Madd Jakk, a Twitch hobbyist.
Beliefs | Community
SAN - a focused but laid back and active discord development server for a group of soul family members that like to stay in touch with each other to network, inspire, help and support people in their paths. Membership is free for all who join. Integrity ought to be a must as we open our doors to all. Positive Intentions and actions only!! Troublemakers, Spammers, Trolls banished with a simple click. Drama is not wanted here. this is a new beginning for us now. Please, let us all start afresh. Thank you.
Business | Community
CREEM Networking is a brand new community that is dedicated towards freelancers, entrepreneurs, influencers, music producers, DJ’s, musicians, and many more!
Writing | Business
This is a copywriters group. A place where all the copywriters meet to share their Ideas and support each other and hangout. Everyone is Invited.
Community | Business
Are you trying to start your own business, freelance, or just looking for opportunities and side hustles? Young Entrepreneurs is full of people offering advice, help, and looking to build connections in order to better each other. By being a part of this room, you feel inspired and ready to grind! Join a community of like-minded individuals to bounce ideas, network, and hang out!
Gaming | eSports
A team/network for gaming.
YouTuber | Community
Quick and easy affiliation. We get people affiliated fast? Make sure to join if you want to grow and network!!! We also help with streaming problems and have 900+ members so you can advertise to a large audience
Technology | Support
A place to get technical support and other help.
Technology | Education
This is a place for: - networking professionals to gather and share thoughts and knowledge. - those who want to enter the networking profession to gain exposure. - perhaps griping about the latest Cisco bug or mismanagement priority. - students and others looking to enter the profession to gain exposure and exchange knowledge. This is not a place intended for: - server administration - home networking - [non-network] programming - non-networking IT disciplines
Education | Technology
We are a friendly community with people from all over the world. We have people who are working into the IT Industry and they can help with advice and a lot of students. We offer resources for free and help students with their issues. The main topic of the server is Cyber Security, but we also talk
Streaming | Gaming
Anyone stream everyday but sucks at networking so you get little viewers? Me too! I made a channel just for us on discord so we can grow together (:
Business | Education
Discord server for marketing leaders to share their expertise in marketing and leadership. Become a substantially better marketer by learning from the best in your field. We strongly believe that marketing collaboration between marketing leaders will lead to a better market all around. From better advertising standards, effective consumer communication, and even internal company marketing. When you join the server, please use the introduction channel to tell us how you are a marketing leader, so we can give you posting permissions.
Education | Community
Join our study server for 25+ working professionals or soon-to-be professionals. Late night after-work seshs made bearable here!
Education | Business
Accounting/CPA Discord (homework help, cpa exam help, career discussion.) College students, graduates, working professionals are all welcome. Good place to talk and network with accounting professionals and CPAs.
Community | Growth
A budding community of Twitch Streamers, Writers, Artists, Gamers, and More! Participate in: Daily Planned Group Activities! Add to the Community Suggestion/Sign-Up Sheets! Interact with Friendly Robot Helpers! Come say hi why don'tcha?
Education | Community
We're a community of learners trying to grow ourselves through asking questions,sharing ideas, solving problems. There aren't any institutional boundaries and there isn't any discrimination made on the basis of Curriculum,Gender or Faith. We are mostly from Science background but you'll find study help in Bangla and other literature subjects in plenty. Our main Quirks are: 1) Nitro Boosted Server!!🔥 2) Friendly and active moderation🙂 3) NO cursing or bullying!!!✌️ 4) A debating community to grow your debating skills and to start debating.🗣️ 5) A gaming and anime community to relax.🎮 6) A community of learners who are science and math enthusiasts.🔬🧪🧬 ᕙ(@°▽°@)ᕗ [Our name was inspired from the fictional "Diogenes Club" featured in the Sherlock Home stories created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle]
Gaming | Growth
A gaming community built around community and not follow for follow or support for support. We strive to help each other reach goals by making personal connections. Also inside- Real life dad advice! Prayer requests. Memes and animals!
Gaming | Streaming
Official Server of GodlikeGavv for viewer/followers of GodlikeGavv but dont worry you dont need to be either if you want to join you can feel free :) but we ask that you tell your friends/family about to to help the server grow as much as we can much love thank you
Community | Education
Our Lab is a discord community dedicated to the discussion of science-related topics, and networking to find other like-minded individuals with similar goals and aspirations. Here’s what we offer; ➺Curated Resources Channel (for academic research purposes and free access to journals) ➺Niche channels, covering a wide range of scientific fields ➺Game, Trivia, and Coding bots ➺Self-assignable roles ➺Plural kit bot
Community | Crypto
What is ADSactly? ADSactly can be summarized in 8 words. Autonomous Decentralized Society Acting Cooperatively to Leverage You! ADSactly is a Decentralized Open Value Economic System that is built up by various Individuals, Organizations, Cryptocurrencies and Various Communities that have agreed to join forces to help YOU find exactly what you are looking for when you need it most! Whether you are looking for Networkers and Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Investors, Contributors, Developers, Volunteers and more. You have finally found exactly what you have been looking for!
Financial | Community
Connect with other entrepreneurs. Share thoughts, create business and grow together!
Community | Education
We're here to empower students to navigate the seas of adulting through our personalized guidance, tailored resources, and skill-building opportunities for personal success.
Art | Anime
Art based discord server. Where you can find artists and enjoy art. You can also place a Comission for the main artists in the group.
Technology | Programming
Server dedicated to making a team. The Owner (Team01#6049) is teaching Hacking, Cyber-Security, Social Engineering, Networking and even more. This server is here to help teach people who want to learn how to hack and grow as a team so we can all get better. The server requires some work and dedication.. It is not something you can put little effort in. If you simply don't have the time or aren't willing to put in some effort into learning this, then please don't waste our time. :)
Hobbies | Meme
Vanlife movement chat. Travelers living in campervans and Rvs. Vanlifers networking community share Vanlife Builders and diaries
Community | Hobbies
/r/Manchester's official Discord - Manchester's biggest dedicated social community server, featuring a live feed for the /r/Manchester subreddit, subreddit mods and an active gaming group. We do regular #meetups in town and generally chat shite :)
Technology | Community
Tech savvy and friendly server. Looking for new members! LGBT friendly.
Technology | Programming
Linux Administration is for discussing all things related to the administration, security, customization and general usage of Linux.
Gaming | Streaming
We are a growing Twitch Streamer support community on discord we can help you reach your goals followers,viewers,hosts,raids,twitch affiliate,build a community we have a monthly community discord only £25 gift card giveaway we honour your loyalty all we ask is for support back and to be as active as
Community | Entertainment
Technology | Community
We are a friendly community of laid back people who love PC building, hardware, gaming, security and technology in general. We keep up to date on current hardware releases, software and games. With over 2000+ users! and growing!
Community | Business
Olá! Espero que esteja tudo bem com você! Faça parte da comunidade Master Intelligence. Trabalhe acompanhado, crie networking e gere transformações!