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League Of Legends, New Friends, Twitch Promo, Twitch, Streamer
Het is een kleine comminity server waar we actief gezellig doen met iedereen! Ook is het een plek om je eigen Twitch te promoten en andere (kleine) Twitch streamers te ontdekken!
𝔖𝔞𝔡 𝔎𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔡𝔬𝔪 is all about to have fun, relax, socialize and share the same interests with other people. The theme is based off the middle age and we have a variety of topics and events to keep you interested and happy! Our staff is always open minded and happy to help you out!
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Ideal Invite is a server constantly adapting to what you want to advertise. You can advertise Social media here, and of course; discord servers.
A chill server to hangout and meet new people. You can find people to play with games such as Rocket League, Apex Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite and more!
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The Community Discord of Kujou and Anok.
Galaxy is an art server catering to illustrators and alternative content creators!
This is a server where we all come together as a community to support each other and help each other grow, my friend and I are joining together trying to grow a tiny community of streamers that are willing to help each other whether it means lurking, following, chatting, etc, so we will be here to help each other with lurks, hosts, and much more. So how it is going to go down is we will have a VIP section of the community, these people are a part of the bigger team which will be able to send out a notification to the entire server whenever they go live, then we will have the verified streamers side of the discord which will consist of being able to self promote in a much more limited chat than the regular channel. Anyways I hope you hop in and enjoy your time networking and have fun!
♾Infinite Essence♾ ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ We Are A Open Community For All People! This Server Is Free Of All Hatred & Oppression! We Have Many Different Things That Put Us Ahead Of The Pack! These Include, but are not limited to : 🌟We Are For Everyone ⭐We Have Fun Bots 🌍The Publics! The Open Domain Is For Everyone & Is For Chatting, Sharing Media, Self Promotion, & Other General Needs! 🕹GamerLand! Where Gamers can Look For Others Gamers For Advice, Help, Chatting, & Recommendations! 🎊Fun World! Where You Can Use All Our Fun Bots & HAVE FUN! You Can Even Roleplay! This Is Where You Can Find Kawaiibot, Discord RPG, Boxbot, Pokécord, Unbeleivaboat, & Other Funs Bots! 📍We Also Hold Daily Events For Fun Prizes! 🌌⭐🌟Join The Community!🌟⭐🌌
Auf dem "YouTube Community DE" Discord könnt ihr euch über allerlei Themen rund um YouTube unterhalten und diskutieren. Allerdings könnt ihr hier auch als YouTuber euch mit anderen YouTubern austauschen oder Kooperationen & Meet-Ups abhalten.
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We play league btw
Artcade is a server focused primarily on helping each other improve their art skills, along with sharing their art and having a sense of community. We also have it set up to where any toxic behavior is not allowed, giving the server a sense of comfort in that way. Server has auto-moderation and human moderation to prevent this. We hope you join and find the art experience you desire here!
Server For streamers.
A server for trading Nims
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Esports Team
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Gaming Network Esports Chill Lounge Chatting Promotion Free Promotion
come through and see if ya like it here we have music, memes, gamers on all levels and multi games and promotion for streamers as well as just chillin with new vibes. hop in and stay for a bit! we play lots of games but rocket league is a top fav
Welcome to EU Gamers! Many discords have members from all over the world, so it's difficult to find people to play with. This server is focused on gamers (and streamers) in the EU. People from outside the EU are also welcome but you have to accept that it will be harder to find teammates.
A streaming oriented discord server for adults What we offer - A community to grow with - Stream promotion - Help and streaming guides - Promotion sites - Hype - LFG channels and actual humans to stream and play with come join lets grow together
Promotion Hub is a advertisement server on discord were you can advertise: Discord servers, your games, social media and even try to advertise the things you sell!
This server is for people looking to get a little bit of help building their communities!
We are a friendly community of streamers, youtubers and fans of RPG Games, Strategy Games, Medieval Content and Videogames in general. You are allowed to self promote your channel/streams/videos on the "market" section, we really appreciate good quality and effort shared by the content creators. You can talk about videogames in the "headquarters", share your memes in the "stables" and have a nice chitchat on the "tavern". We also host giveaways in time to time so if you wish to win an Amazon or Steam gift card we recommend to check the "farm" section, and of course you can share or host your own giveaways there, post links, etc. You can organize a raid against a streamer for the sake of the knighthood order of the seven kingdoms, recruit your friends and other members and host your own raids in the Order Crussade.
Apex Squads is a server where people who love video games can come and find people to play Apex Legends with!
Just a place to chill with different people who enjoy different things, and obviously promote what hobbies you enjoy!
✯ [Dustless] Wondering if you should join this server? What can you do here? It's main purpose is for talking, but what if nobody is around? Then we have this for you: ➣ Listen to music, on discord? Yeah, why not? ➣ Play minigames, we have many fun ones. Which ones? Hmm ➣ Get roles that describe you ➣ Use our top-quality emojis ➣ Discover our great selection of interest-based channels ➣ Level up and climb up the ranks ➣ Chat with a bot ➣ Look at this goddamn fancy description #Looking for partner managers #More partner managers #You worthy enough to be a mod?
Here You can promote your YouTube channel/Discord server and more so come take a look!
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