**Welcome to Advertising Town!** Looking for a new place to advertise your Discord? Reddit? Twitch? Youtube? Well come on down and join our server! Here’s a list of our features: 🏠 Advertise anything to our members! 🏠 A fun community to talk with people in 🏠 Find staff or partners for your server 🏠 Many more cool features incoming! What are you waiting for? Let’s get this server going! https://discord.gg/tBzdPR3
The Advertising Network is a community where you can: • Advertise your own server in one of our many channels. • Ability to choose a role colour for your profile, and which pings you want to receive from our server. • Applications open every so often, giving you the chance to work for us! • An active team of staff, on hand to help you grow your own servers. • Server Spotlights. The more you use our network - the more chances you have. So why not join us today, and start networking your own server?
A server to advertise all kinds of stuff and to meet great people!
A place where All Minecraft Players are Welcome!! - Share your server by advertising it! - Share you AWESOME! Minecraft builds or Team Builds. - Share your super sweet Custom Plugins! - Find your next FAVORITE Minecraft Server!
THE GROWTH EMPIRE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Looking for a place to advertise your Discord server? Maybe want to gain some more followers on your Instagram account, Twitter account, or even Facebook page? Then TGE is the place for you! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ TGE Information ➣💸 Cheap Paid Advertising to gain more views to your server. ➣👋 Chill and welcoming community & Staff. ➣🔱 FREE Premium and VIP advertising. ➣🎉 Daily events and giveaways. ➣🤖 Our very own Custom Bots. ➣⚠ Allied in **two** major advertising groups! ➣❤ Join today to start your advertising and growth journey! Give us a try, you may even like it.
A great place to advertise anything you want! With professional made server, custom made bots to better your experience and easy to find channels to promote your servers and anything else in! Helpful staff with many opportunities for you to join our team! Join today.
Chat, Chill, Advertise, listen to music.
__/ENTREATY ADVERTISING\__ WHAT KORANDO ADVERTISING HAS TO OFFER | | $->) :warning:NSFW Features | | $->) Giveaways! | | $->) Advertising Channels | | $->) Support/Help Channels if you have any questions | | $->) Great Staff | | $->) Music Channels | | $->) Chats and Socializing Opportunities | | $->) V.I.P Lounge's | | $->) Applications | | $->) Lists | | $->) Cool And Fun Bots [Aki/Pokecord] Etc.. | | $->) Tons Of Obtainable Ranks: | | $->) Cool Events [QOTD and Other] | |$->) Guides | |$->)Level Ranking Systems | |$->)Social Media Advertising | |$->)Premium Social Media Advertising | |$->)V.I.P And Premium | And There's Even More too Come With you around! So What Are You Waiting for? JOIN TODAY https://discord.gg/DfR8yBU
Advertising hub is an advertising server where you can easily post ads and gain members. Here, you will meet a friendly user-base and a helpful staff team. All you have to do is post your server advertisement (without a ping) to one of the specified channels. Enjoy!
The best place for a Gamer to advertise their stuff.
Weebs Union is a community for the public, not only weebs. ═══════════════════════════ ✪ - We make friends and grow many friends ✪ - We're all about making friends and feeling at home. Weebs Union is a safe community after all. ✪ - We wanted this server to grow, so a bunch of members can get new friends. We hope this server grow into the greatest one ═══════════════════════════ Things this server has to offer! ௹ - Giveaway for weekly ௹ - Gambling with our server eco ௹ - Invite to get free account [Roblox, Minecraft Java, Fortnite, Spotify] ௹ - Anti raids! ௹ - NSFW available ௹ - Free advertisement [1 ad / 15 minutes] ௹ - Official Bot ௹ - Self-role ௹ - Coloring your name ௹ - Reddit memes ௹ - Games Categories / Make your private categories! [Ask owner/admin] ௹ - Partnership ௹ - Music channel and bot [Over 80+ commands] ═══════════════════════════ ௹ - And Many More!-௹
Surprise Mc List is a discord set up for help and supporting the website https://surprisemclist.co.uk a new server listing website for minecraft.
Global Advertising 🌐 International-Scale discord server where everyone from all across the world can advertise and make new friends! 🌐 💝 We offer you: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👑 Free Advertising 🎩 Partnerships 🎀 New well sorted Server 📌 Tips & Tricks 💻 Discord Advertising 🎭 Social Media Advertising 📑 Loads of channels ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 💎Join us and let your community grow 💎 Here's the invite: https://discord.gg/vnCVpJj
A place where you can meet many new people, join some amazing servers and chat with the entire science community all at once!
Global Advertiser or "GA", is a server that allows you advertise your servers! It also gives you the ability to search for jobs, partners, and staff! Ehat are you waiting for! Join Global advertiser now!
An all platform advertising service.
Hello! We are a brand new advertisig server we hope you will add to your list! We don't have much at the moment but we do have some concepts like level unlocked advertising channels!
Advertise your discord servers and social media!
Simple and easy discord server and social media advertising platform.
Psst, hey you, yes you! Are you running low on members or subscribers? Need a hand on creating projects and want to talk to great people! Well you're in luck! **🐉Dragon Advertising🐉** has found you! It's your lucky day now so sit down, relax and check out **🐉Dragon Advertising🐉**! Here at **🐉Dragon Advertising🐉** we have lots of awesome features, channels and great people to meet you! We also love to giveaway ranks, perks to our server and pretty much anything you need! We have a advertising channel for everyone here! Whether it's an anime server, a community server or a server for friends, no matter what it is, it's here!
Welcome to Discord Server Central {DSC} where you can list all your various discord servers, advertising platforms, streaming platforms and social networks We are the home of DSC - an easy to use advertising bot that broadcast 2k+ server bump advertisements to 200+ servers SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! Join today whether it is to post your server or invite DSC bump bot, we have mature yet friendly staff on hand to assist
Fun filled experiences. Make friends. Lots of partnership. Grow your server! Have fun!