Gaming | Social
Targerts for server: Chill place for stay and chat; Promotions and Giveaways share; Trading Channels; Place for searching CO-OP players.
Community | Gaming
We are a Community that enjoys memes, gaming, streaming, and just having fun, I stream on twitch I made the server to build a Community around my twitch channel and to be able to give back to the people who support me with monthly giveaways, I do giveaways each month to give back to all the wonderful people who join my server and support me well that's all I can think about for now I hope you decide to come on by :)
Community | Hobbies
An accepting interest and gaming community. Hosted movie and game nights, contests, and streams. LGBTQ+ Friendly. Custom roles and colors. Wattpad, webtoon, youtube, and twitch promotions.
Streaming | Community
This is my discord for my twitch, but can also be used to connect with others, chat and connect with other games and play games with. There heaps to do, lots of bots and things to do..This is streamer friendly we promote other streamers in this discord. Music bots and a command text channel. Music Bots: - Rythem Bot - Groovy Bot - Dyno Bot - Adults 18+ text channel and voice - Twitch Shout-outs and promos - Appreciation text channel - memes channel - pets and selfies text channel - Streamers Voice channel - General Voice Channels - Gaming Voice Channels - Music Booths Voice Channels Also looking for discord mods and twitch mods. Please apply by messaging the owner.
Growth | Social
Welcome to Advertising Hub!! We offer ➟Fun bots like Dank Memer,OwO,Idle Miner,etc.. ➟ Advertising channels with no slowmode. ➟ Many Emojis to use on this server.
Music | Community
Open Music Production Server for Producers, Rappers, or New Learners. Feel free to join without experience, We have many experts and many members willing to teach others for overall improvement. APPLY FOR COLLECTIVE GROUP PURTIYWRLD
Community | Social
Promote yourself here.