Entertainment | Music
BeNeLux & Beyond is a relatively new server created by a couple of people from the Benelux, focused on entertainment, music and chatting with people from all over the world.
Gaming | Social
FearMC is a new and upcoming Minecraft Server.
Gaming | eSports
We talk play games host events for real prizes etc. Join now and win :)
Social | Gaming
Bored during quarantine?? Well come join the best discord server to pass time. We offer mini-games such as connect 4, tic-tac-toe, and russian roulette. We also offer a fully autonomous economy system that includes gambling and buying and selling. Use our MEE6 bot to jam out with others in our public voice chat rooms! Also use us to find teammates for your favorite game or maybe find your soulmate here! We have something for everyone so come join!
Gaming | Streaming
Discord du serveur Minecraft français Hyseria
Hycade Network
Gaming | Social
Mineclaps provides a unique Survival world in which you have the option to play Minecraft as it is, or to explore an engaging story with quests for you to complete. These quests will lead to other segments of the lore while rewarding you with some elegant goods! Together with these quests, you can achieve an extended universe of achievements, which you can showcase in your Trophy room. Furthermore, you will be able to train skills by the use of MCMMO and higher enchants. This way, Mineclaps provides an MMO/RPG experience through Minecraft. Not interested? We offer a wide variety of Minigames for you to climb the leaderboards!
Community | Gaming
Constellation is a friendly community discord server that hosts Minecraft minigames and discord server events. These can be participated in to win a range of prizes or just have fun! If this isn't your thing thats okay because we also provide a place to socialise with others and meet new people! We welcome anyone so don't be shy! I would love to see you around.
Entertainment | Role-Playing
Servidor Minecraft.
Community | Gaming
This is a community-based active growing server with text channels, vcs and minigames!
Gaming | YouTuber
Compete in various Minecraft Minigame Events (such as our monthly Dippy Olympics) to win cool IRL prizes such as Discord Nitro. Home of the Dippy fandom.
Anime | Gaming
this is a server that i made mostly made for an community im trying to build, it isnt that alive yet but you can help! its about gaming and anime mostly with some fun events and minigames in it. feel free to join and have fun!
Gaming | Community
Joine GrapGames now and experience the game like never before Thanks to our many cool and self-made plugins, GrapGames really stands out. Fantastic Minigames like: SkyWars Hide and Seek Bedwars MLG-Rush and Murder Mystery [+] a super cool self-made minigame [+] Welcome to GrapGame's V2 http://discord.grapgames.net/
Role-Playing | Mature
This Server Is For All Gamer's And Roleplayer's A Like , We Have Mini-Game Bot's For Everyone And We Are A Fun Kinda Server We Love All And We Don't Judge Other's , We Are An Open Community That Welcome All With Open Hearts And We Don't Judge Others Past Actions , BUT WE DO NOT ALLOW RULE BREAKER'S , And We Also Do Livestream's And Allow Youtuber's You Must Apply Within The Server So We Can See Your Application , We Also Have Poll's And Other Cool Stuff , I Am Working On A Bot So Be On The Look Out On Our Server To See My Bot Coming Soon! Please Make Sure To Read The Rule's And Out Term's Of Service/Term's And Condition's In The #rules Channel!
Anime | Art
Welcome to Anime!Hideout This server has: • Pokécord • Good Community • Anime, Weebs, Otakus • A Lot Of Game Bots (RPG, Mantaro, Tatsumaki, Mudae etc...) • For Some Reason, A Bunch Of Music Bots (Rythm, Wakk, Astolfo etc..) • Greatest Memes Known To Man • Sum Hawt Joosey NSFW • Last But Not Least, Your Favourite Discord User, A BOT https://discord.gg/TZQM9fW
A fun Minecraft PE server
Gaming | Social
Community | Gaming
A family friendly Terraria Mobile Discord community
Community | Bot
Der offizielle Discord Server vom Cookie Network
Gaming | Meme
gaming, lots of roles, memes, a hangout zone without hookup drama
Gaming | Entertainment
In this server, you can play Discord minigames with your friends and other members!
Community | Hobbies
Hledáš discord server bez nějakého speciálního zaměření? Tento by mohl být pro tebe! - spousta místností s nejrůznější tématikou - music bot - giveaways - zpětná vazba k uživatelům - private místnosti - podpora V.I.P. - zdarma reklama (bez everyone pingu) - nábor do a-teamu
Social | Music
𝐼𝓉'𝓈 𝓇𝒶𝒾𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑔, 𝒾𝓉'𝓈 𝓅𝑜𝓊𝓇𝒾𝓃𝑔 ☔ Searching a place to seek refuge and to escape from the daily life?
Gaming | Community
We help to serve the community for the MMORPG RuneScape! Come and hang out with our friendly members, take part in activities surrounding the minigames community, ask for help with tasks, or just relax and have fun! We are the main providers for Mazcab Supply Run (goebiebands) and Raven locations! Have any questions? Join the server and DM an Admin or Discord Helper! server owner: @Miley#8154
Community | Anime
Wondering what is the purpose of this server? It's for chatting with people, because that's what we're all about on here, right? But, but, we have other stuff too ;o
Gaming | Community
Hi! We are a community striving to become bigger and have a fun and loving community we host mini games and keep everyone up to date on what is happening in the server... Please Join our server!
Gaming | Community
Hi! This is an arcade server where you can chat with friends and the community. This server includes: ->Custom Roles ->Different bots ->Mini-Games based on bots ->Strict rules about racism and discrimination ->Easy way to get good ranks(ex. MOD, CO-ADMIN, ADMIN and others) Please let us now what you think.
Gaming | Community
The general concept is for everything we do in the server to be self-contained within spawn. Each player kills mobs for their loot in exchange for emeralds. They then use these emeralds to purchase armor and weaponry. They then fight in the PvP arena that is routinely & masterfully updated.
Community | Entertainment
We are a fun community with many fun things to do in the server and minigames & events. We also host giveaways often!
Gaming | Entertainment
REDE NEVERLAND - INFORMAÇÕES Venho lhes mostrar a melhor Rede de Servidores atualmente Servidor de MiniGames SkyWars e KitPvP, kits diferenciados, mapas novos, server muito bem configurado. Servidor FullPvP Economia HARD, itens edits só até PX conquistados com Almas, eventos novos, mapas Gladiador e Killer inéditos, VIP por R$ 15,00 - Servidor Raiz! Servidor de Treino P4 Em Breve! RedeNeverland (@RedeNeverland) Informações básicas do servidor: IP PvP: neverland.jogar.la IP MiniGames: neverland.redemc.xyz IP Treino: EM BREVE Loja: discord.gg/ywPRGAb Discord: https://discord.me/RedeNeverland Youtube https://youtube.com/RedeNeverland Twitter: https://twitter.com/RedeNeverland Instagram: https://instagram.com/RedeNeverland Facebook: https://facebook.com/RedeNeverland
Entertainment | Community
Join and make it a bit more alive.
Do you want to join a different type of server? In this server every 2 weeks we have a special minigame. Unlike most servers which have many mini games which split up the player base this one only has 3 or less. Permanent mini games are Skyblock and Survival. Every two weeks we have a special game mode. In the future if we get more funding we can do cash prizes for whoever wins. But it is all up to you to support this server. Join the Googio Minecraft Server discord. The minecraft server info will be posted soon. https://discord.gg/DP8VKj4
Gaming | Entertainment
Hello there! our server has a bunch of cool features, we allow self promotion, we have a chatting channel, and we even have minigames in our server! if you join with us you will feel a part of the family!
Community | YouTuber
Você quer interagir, jogar com os amigos e conhecer novas pessoas? Faça parte da nossa comunidade! Aqui você pode aproveitar de nossos canais para conversar, jogar minigames, ouvir músicas e melhor ainda, nós temos uma série de cargos incríveis que você pode conquistar de forma justa e divertida enquanto interage com as pessoas. Nós também fazemos parceirias com canais do youtube de forma gratuita, venha ser um de nós :D
Gaming | Meme
Discord server with updates and news surrounding OrionMC. An ambitious minecraft server with minigames, Murder Mystery, Skyblock, and a custom MMORPG with magic and more!
Gaming | Social
About ParadoxMC Games: ParadoxMC is a Minecraft server looking to grow our community. Our server is always looking for new ways for you to have a great time. Play with loads of players, YouTubers, and a vibrant community willing to stand tall. We are always looking for new people to call our friends who want to be involved in our community willing to play. We offer many features. Some of these may be new to you, and some may be similar. We have listed some below: KitPVP Arena Factions Paradox Games Skills Economy AND! Thriving Community - We are here to make sure everyone has a good time, bring your friends and make some new ones! Our IP: play.ParadoxMC.co
Community | Gaming
A community server to chill in and have fun
Gaming | Hobbies
We are a chill discord comunity that plays a bunch of discord bot minigames, chat, hold events and much more
YouTuber | Role-Playing
Hallo, Ich bin der Owner von der Cube Community! Dieser Server ist mein Community Server für meinen YouTuber Kanal, Jo Cube! Ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr mal vorbei schaut! Danke
Gaming | Social
O Game Company é um servidor focado em jogos que busca reunir os mais variados gamers para jogatinas e conversas. Caso queira conhecer novas pessoas para bater um papo ou jogar, não deixe de dar uma passada em nosso servidor. ♡
Community | Hobbies
Nice Cooles Server zum Chillen und Abhängen Eine Lounge/Lobby!
Gaming | Community
A discord server primarily designed and created for the purpose of a community CS:GO server in which mods such as MultiGames, Surf, DeathRun, JailBreak, AWP, BaseBuilder or AIM are being played.
Community | Meme
This server is a fun based server where we focus on lots of fun and gaming. We have giveaways, events, lotteries, dank heists and a lot more. We focus on the best service to our members.
Gaming | Social
MiniGames on Discord bot
YouTuber | Gaming
Hey there! My name is Priyanshu aka Arated Gaming, i am a youtuber streaming pc and mobile games such as minecraft fall guys pubg many more! Dont Forget to follow me on social media. Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7eU-yyiLAhYpeWy21hH-9Q Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/priyanshu_0p/?hl=en Twitter : https://twitter.com/AratedG
Community | Political
We have minigames, a meme channel, daily questions (ranging from food to politics), events like Jackbox & Among Us, server emotes/playlists
A discord server for the minecraft server 'Minchy'
Gaming | Programming
› FR/EN • An open multi-games project on FiveM. 🌟 - 🪂 Battle Royale, - 🔪 Murder, - 🚗 Sumo Survival, - 🚙 Car Race, - 🙈 Hide & Seek ... *Soon, a lot of games will be created.*
Anime | Community
Kris's Lounge is a new discord chatting server where you can chat with others or play fun minigames.
Gaming | Community
JrTDG Network is a server for an upcoming Minecraft SMP server in which you can join right now!
Emoji | Community
Variety Server, carefree place for relaxing after a tough day at school or work. SFW server with minigames and lots of fun bots. Regular giveaways and events!
Community | Entertainment
Yo join this server we have • Minecraft server • Fun polls • Free game notifications • Tons of colors and self-roles • Level roles up to lvl 70 • Spam, art, and venting channels • Fun minigame bots • Partner channel • Self-promo channel for lvl 5+
Gaming | Community
This is polish minecraft server community and support discord! If you join you can party with us :))
Business | Community
Hello, we would like to welcome you to our server, Let me describe it for you! we have made our server for people who are interested in these topics, Roblox, Economy, Trading, Developing, Marketing, Minigames And more! Come check us out!
Sports | Community
This is the server from @footballbiz on tiktok (420k followers). Its a football/fifa server, you can talk about football, watch live football(scores) and get alot of info about current football leagues. There are mini games, general chats and much more! Plus we do give-aways with real money, FIFA stuff, gift cards.
Gaming | Programming
We're an anti-cheat based community, however, our discord server is for communication with the community & as for support. Leading development anti-cheat soon in the market.
Gaming | Community
Welcome to the Raveolution, newcomer! We're a small server with big dreams! However, we can't fulfill it completely on our own so we would appreciate you joining us on that journey! We offer a chill environment for you to spend time in, a lot of fun bots, roles per level and much more besides that! Once again, welcome and we hope you'll have a nice time! Give us a chance you won't regret it. ;)
Gaming | Entertainment
OpusCraft is a brand new Minecraft economy, towns and mini-games server promising to never become P2W, and always focus on the community.
Community | Music
Relax, talk about music and books, play minigames, help with homeworks, advertise your server and listen to music! Join now to get the limited "Founder" role!
Gaming | Entertainment
Looking for minigames hosted at random islands on AC New Horizons? Then this is your place! Our main concern are minigames, but we also do giveaways, polls and other events like fashion shows, tours, etc. Hope you join! :D
Social | Entertainment
Find friends, Midnight Deeptalks, Minigames, and much much more.. Help us to grow up
Hi, this server offers: 🔸 Minigames 🔸 Subject areas 🔸 cool Community 🔸 a German & English Chat Join the server and convinse your self.
Gaming | Community
RustyMain is a Rust-Dedicated Community. We are trying to deliver the best user experience on our servers while still being amateurs.
Community | Gaming
The official discord for the OberonMC network Minecraft server. We are trying to grow our discord community while in development stages to have a seamless and better launch for our community. Come drop in and be apart of our community and leave some suggestions on what you would like to see in our network server. Hope to see you there!
👋 Willkommen! Unser Server bietet: 🔴 Minispiele 🔴 Aktive Voices 🔴 Nettes Rudel 🔴 Themenbereiche Unser Server ist relativ aktiv und wir sind öfter mal im Voice, außerdem gibt es mehrere Minispiele und Channel. Komm einfach rein und überzeuge dich selbst 🙂.
Anime | Social
The original Nezuko Bot, perfect and adorable with more than 80 Actions, Moderation, Minigames, Memes, Leveling and much more.Kimetsu Gifs!
Anime | Streaming
Noch ein kleine Communtiy die mit Deiner hilfe wachsen kann. Der Server ist ein Mix aus Gaming und Anime macht es euch gemütlich^^ Jetzt mit 2 neuen Anime Bots für Minigames. Live Stream mit Verschiedensten Games wie Shinobi Striker, Rocket League und andere Games.