Hey you, if your bored and want to talk to someone, come join here! We have - Interactive Bots - Counting Channel - Friendly People - AWESOMENESS! What are you waiting for, don't you want to be awesome or be a broom? Come join FlqmingPig's Server Today!
A whitelsited 18+ Java Minecraft Server
Play.EnderOyuncu.com - OPSkyblock
FuelMC - OP FACTIONS, Come along and enjoy the fun! Server IP: play.fuelmc.net Server Location: UK/US Version: 1.8 - 1.13.2 FuelMC is a new and improved 1.8/1.13 OP factions server! We have a lot of cool things to do in our server such as, react to messages to win rewards, open op crates, trench pickaxes, gen buckets and a whole lot more! We are a small based community right now but hoping to become bigger than ever! FuelMC has a number of thing to do so we can keep it interesting such as: Crates Advanced AntiCheat Trench GenBuckets React Messages Voting Bounties ………and many more. We hope to see you there!
Kawa is a Hamachi Minecraft Survival Server.
Servidor de Minecraft para jogadores desde a 1.8.x até a 1.14.x
SkyCraftPVP is a new KitPVP minecraft server for 1.8 - 1.14
RocketLands is a discord server focused in the minecraft server called RocketLands
A Discord Server For The Network DeadlyMC
✅ Active Community ☑ Active and Friendly Staff ✔ Giveaways ✅ Invite-Rewards
CubeLand Skyblock And Hub Minecraft Server
The Discord group for Kytrix, a Minecraft server.
Diamondsucht dein Minecraft 1.14.4 Server Mc.hrens.com. Germany
This server is for Immortal Realms Minecraft Server players!
Odyssea is a geopolitical Earth SMP server set in the Victorian era. Players can create their own nations on our 1:1000 Earth map, fight in battles, forge alliances, and conquer the world. Some of our features include guns, ships, and a live DynMap to see the world and its nations. Join today!
Minecraft server. Friendly, mature, community.
Server de empresa de jogos e servidor de minecraft
Hello There!​ My name is Ocualin and I am the acting manager for Ripstream. Ripstream is currently looking for experienced, professional, and mature staff members to further improve player satisfaction. Ripstream is a HCF server in development looking for players! We hope to see you there! We Need Staff! The vacant positions Platform Administrator - 0/1 Head Administrator - 1/1 Administrator - 0/3 Head Moderator - 0/1 Moderator - 1/3 Head Helper - 0/1 Helper -0/3 The requirements are as followed - At least 14 - Has working Microphone - Has prior experience - Comfortable working with others This is a Minecraft HCF and if you are interested in a position on the Ripstream staff team, don't hesitate and add me on discord, Ocualin#8749. The Server Is Not Out Yet https://discord.gg/v6rgDzu
A server made to help the Minecraft community create their very own server for free!
Brand new upcoming Hardcore Faction server!
Hiya! Welcome to the Official Vexerium Nation Discord Server! This discord is a social gaming server centered around the Twitch streamer, Vexerium and his Minecraft server! We are a RPG and custom survival Minecraft server. We have a very social and active community. Join our Minecraft server today at VexMC.anvil.pw - it is always in the latest version of Minecraft :)
Servidor CraftLife www.craftlife.com.br IP: play.craftlife.com.br
Az AvalionMC minecraft szerver hivatalos discord szervere. Tökéletes hely csoportos társalgásokra, zene/rádió hallgatásra, stb. Mindenkit szeretettel várunk!
If you are reading this, then congratulations. You have been selected, by invitation or otherwise, to the most top secret government foundation in the history of mankind, The SCP Foundation. We are a Minecraft community that's creating an SCP world in Minecraft, but we need your help! We have different roles for different jobs, and are still in progress of building the base. If you're in the building department, come help us with the building!
MiniCraft ist ein kleiner deutscher Minecraft-Server, der am 28.06.2011 gegründet wurde. Die ursprüngliche Idee des Servers war es, eine kleine Gemeinschaft aufzubauen, in der jeder jeden kennt. Mittlerweile ist MiniCraft jedoch deutlich mehr als nur ein kleiner Server: Täglich begrüßen wir neue Gesichter, was unsere nette Gemeinschaft allerdings noch nie negativ beeinflusst hat, ganz im Gegenteil! Darüber hinaus freuen wir uns über alle, die sich auf dem Discord oder TeamSpeak-Server zu uns gesellen und sich im servereigenen Forum aktiv am Spielgeschehen beteiligen.
🌟 SCHEAWEPPES COMMUNITY'E HOŞ GELDİNİZ! 🌟 👤 Bu sunucuya katılabilmek için sunucuda bulunan @SS | 🍀KAYIT SORUMLUSU🍀 tarafından onaylanmalısınız. Başvuru yaparak katılabilirsiniz. * Sunucuda çeşitli oyun turnuvaları ödüllü, ödülsüz eğlencesine her türlü turnuva yapılmaktadır, bu sunucu turnuva ve ücretsiz hediye sunucusudur. > TURNUVA BÖLÜMLERİ 🏆League of Legends Solo Turnuvası - Gizemli Kostüm Kutusu Hediyeli 🏆Mobil Pubg Solo Turnuvası - UC ve RoyalPass Hediyeli 🏆Roblox JailBreak Pubg Modu Turnuvası - Her kazandığın maç için 10 Robux > ÇEKİLİŞ BÖLÜMLERİ 🎁HİÇBİR KURUMA BAĞLI OLMADIĞIMIZ VE SPONSORUMUZ BULUNMADIĞI İÇİN ÇEKİLİŞLER TL ÖDÜLÜ OLARAK SAĞLANACAKTIR. > Ayrıca eğlenceli arkadaş ortamı ve dostluklar kurabildiğin bir sunucu seni de aramızda görmek istiyoruz. > YAYIN LİNKİ : www.dlive.tv/Scheaweppes > MC Sunucu İp'miz : scheaweppes.tk > Fivem (Direct Connect) Sunucu İp'miz : scheaweppes.tk
Minecraft community Discord server for everyone interested in Minecraft
In the Marauders, we're an upcoming Harry Potter adventure server. Our server will contain: Quests, Loads of buildings to explore, Cool wands and spells, Death eater trails Class system run by professors, A really friendly community. Also, we're actively looking for builders and professors to help the server!
A chill, nice, and fun Minecraft community under the server LeapCraft! LeapCraft is a bungeecord server soon to be released to the public.
A Pixelmon Reforged Survival Server - Pokemon Minecraft!
Welcome to the server. This is an ever growing smp server with an economy, custom enchants, land claim, friendly community, and much more. Its configured to be fun but also keep it close the the vanilla experience. Smp1.serverminer.com
@everyone THE EMPORIUM MC Collaboration of Eternal Pinas and MCPinoyZone Join our discord for latest updates: https://discord.gg/GQPaCdB
MilkyMC is a whitelisted vanilla style minecraft server with discord integration, originally based off the youtube series hermitcraft. We offer a non-p2w experience, w/ donation perks being strictly cosmetic! We have amazing builders, and a one of a kind community! LGBT+ Friendly!
Hello! Welcome to Cubiverse! We are an upcoming Minecraft Network striving to achieve complete efficiency in having fun and never getting bored of playing! We strive to make Cubiverse enjoyable to play for long hours across an extensive period of days! So what are you waiting for? Come on in!
Energy craft is a discord server for the minecraft server Energy craft. Check us out and you may find a new hobby :)
Minecraft skyblock server!