CivilizationCraft is a game that allows you to create your own Civilizations in Minecraft just like Sid Meiers!
CivilizationCraft is a game that allows you to create your own Civilizations in Minecraft just like Sid Meiers!
A Minecraft server which offers a vanilla-based experience with minor enhancements to gameplay.
Memes in the Basement is a discord server fille'sd with a variety of memes varyi'sng from dank memes to surreal memes to ironic memes to simply put, many different memes. If you’re looking for an epic discord meme server with a community filled with active memers this is the place for you.'s
This is an emote server meant to provide all 55 OG UNO Cards as Emotes for Discord Nitro Users. Have fun ruining friendships!
Hardcore Minecraft survival server, semi-frequent events
Blossom Empire! A community server focusing on chatting, anime and kpop!
Advertising server that is sister server of Nerdy Unity and Nerdy Roleplay!! Hope to see you soon!
Descubra a melhor comunidade de Apex Legends no Brasil! Aqui você vai encontrar aquele squad campeão e mais, temos serviços premium como mostrar seu level Apex em tempo real no discord e tudo que você quer para jogar Apex com seus amigos ou conhecer jogadores tops do cenário, só falta você!
Welcome to Team Rapid! We are a Fortnite Community & Clan and have recently opned our Discord Server for the public.
A place to chill with a friendly community (:
The Squat - Minecraft is a new cluster of server made for adult that are mature and friendly and seek to play with keen people. We're looking forward to grow our community and expand our servers to offer better gameplay and higher quality.
Servidor discord oficial da TeneBRa Gaming
Serveur Minecraft
- TheGangster 22.12.2017 Tarihinden bu yana siz değerli oyuncularımızla gerek yeni dostluk edinmek, gerek dostlukları pekiştirmek amacıyla hepinizi de yanımızda görmeyi istiyoruz. Büyük bir oyuncu topluluğu hedefi ile kurulan TheGangster, bizimle birlikte kalan oyuncularımız, desteğini esirgemeyen yetkililerimiz ile devamlı büyüyeceğiz. TheGangster'ın bir parçası olan herkese teşekkürler...
About Server ••• 57.ALAY Sunucuları İp Adresleri ••• ⭐️ 57.ALAY ☆ Pro/Public => ⭐️ 57.ALAY ☆ Aim & Awp & FY => ⭐️ 57.ALAY ☆ JailBreak => ⭐️ 57.ALAY ☆ Saklambaç => ⭐️ 57.ALAY ☆ Eşyalı Saklambaç / PropHunt => ••• 57.ALAY 'a KATIL ••• ⭐️ 𝟱𝟳.🅰🅻🅰🆈 Web: ⭐️ 𝟱𝟳.🅰🅻🅰🆈 Discord: ⭐️ 𝟱𝟳.🅰🅻🅰🆈 Facebook: ⭐️ 𝟱𝟳.🅰🅻🅰🆈 İnstagram: ⭐️ 𝟱𝟳.🅰🅻🅰🆈 Steam Grubu: ⭐️ 𝟱𝟳.🅰🅻🅰🆈 Twitter: Related Categories: Gaming | eSports Server Website:
Türk Discord Sunucuları Kataloğu. - Her çeşitte, kategoride sunucu server bula bilirsiniz. - Kendi veya bildiğiniz serverleri de eklemek, önermekte servestsiniz. - Veritabanımız hergün büyüyor. - Amacımız kaliteli türkçe sunucuları bir araya toplamak - Türk +18 sunucular
The server made by you, for you. We are an awesome, small community that is dedicated to improving your gaming experience with our extraordinary dedication to our craft. We welcome any person, animal, or robot of any creed all with our unparalleled love for what we do.
Du suchst Bots weißt aber nicht was diese Können und brauchst deshalb hilfe? Dann ist dieser Server genau richtig. Er erklärt dir was Bots können welche Prefixe sie haben und eine Eigene Meinung zu jedem Bot.
Bu discord Türklere ayitir...
Discord pour les Français! :)
The Brighten Development Official Discord! Here, you can get support for our software, participate in cool events, and ask any software related questions to the many developers that reside here.
We provide cheap web hosting service starting at $5 lifetime! We also have reseller plans, so you can make money back!
Wolves of Chernarus DayZ discord
Join the Bizzy Bunch! a fun community looking to make new friends? play games with others? or even just post memes and share stories? well the Bizzy Bunch is the server for you. Join today and lets grown this community together!
Foaler's Help discord
Kazmuh's Creative Discord
nucleaR.outsidE Exile Gaming DayZ Server
Galactic Void MC is a community open to everyone. We are a link for connecting gamers to various communities and building long lasting gaming friendships. Our Discord server offers a way to communicate with gamers from Minecraft and allows users to join us in creating a Minecraft server as we progress through the early stages of our server development. We have various ranks and titles to offer those who join our community and team. We have committed much of our time to creating this platform for gamers and mine crafters alike. In order to offer a clean and polished experience for all our users. We welcome Minecraft streamers and producers as well as freelance builders and artists. Creators are a valid resource we appreciate and promote. We also value unique personality’s and people with feedback and support for our community and server. Please join the one and only GALACTIC VOID MC!
Tenemos la intención de ser uno de los servidores más grandes y más divertidos de la comunidad de Minecraft de habla Hispana.
French minecraft serveur
We are a server that focuses on item editing in Minecraft. We like to exercise our creativity by utilizing features integrated into the game, which ultimately results in making something unique. Although we primarily focus on item editing, we also chat about a variety of topics other than Minecraft/item editing, so there’s something for everyone. We want to give you a sense of the item editing community is like while providing a fun place to stay and talk. As a server dedicated to being friendly, everyone is welcomed here, regardless of everyone's backgrounds. New features will be added on a regular basis, as we are always looking for ways to make the CEC a fun place to stay.
Discord do AetherisMC, um servidor de minecraft com mods na versão 1.12.2
🎮 ─⦗––– 𝐇𝐘𝐂𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐄 𝐍𝐄𝐓𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐊 –––⦘─ 🌀 Desde los inicios de Hytale, somos una futura red de servidores hispana. ¡Prepárate para navegar por el mejor universo de Hytale! 👥 Comunidad 🎉 Sorteos 🥇 Concursos 🤖 Bots Propios 🎶 Música 📊 Niveles 💰 Economía 🍂 ¡Locos por Hytale! No lo dudes más, te estamos esperando!😄
Hallo, dit is de DusTeVeel discord veel plezier met spelen. Check ook zo even onze Minecraft server, Ip =
We are an art server but we are also a roblox server. Here you get your art rated and get critique. We also hold art contests where the winners get robux or giftcards (sometimes). WARNING: An auto mute system is installed to prevent bad language because art is for all ages. But the main purpose is to just have fun and relax!
YaraPVP is all sorts of Pvp server. You can play Kitpvp, factions and much more.
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