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We are a new Minecraft hosting that breaks the boundaries of game server prices. The main priority for us is to provide end customers with truly quality services that we can offer quality hardware. We offer quality administration, which is fast and clear. Technical support is available to every customer, where we deal willingly with our customers and are able to meet even above-standard requirements.
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Solltest du also Bots coden können oder gut mit anderen umgehen können, dann bist du genau der richtige für unser Team. Solltest du dich bewerben wollen, mache dies bitte in Form eines Tickets auf unserem Server.
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Providing high performance and quality game servers in EU and US. Rowlt strives to provide the best cost for servers at 1GB/1$ and to ensure that you feel at home while using our hosting. Our team of specialized administrators work day and night to provide the best hardware and services.
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Slashy Hosting is a support/pre-sales server for our Website Hosting service.
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Server Hosting Company.
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vShield Services has been offering affordable, great quality Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) and Web Hosting solutions since 2017. This server is the official vShield Services Discord Server, where you can keep up to date with vShield and get in contact with the vShield Support Team. Check out our website, at
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Good server. Just join and let's have fun. - Hosting - Bot Development - Giveaways - Daily Giveaways - Events - Good Community - Fun
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IronRealms offers free Minecraft Servers, competitive with Minecraft Realms for you and your friends to easily create and play together. The experience is purely lobby-based, so there's no need for complicated server setup - we took care of that for you! We have a freemium business model, so servers are entirely free, however upgrades are available for your server for cheap! Our staff and admins are very experienced in the industry and features big names from other free server hosts. In the contrary to those hosts, we offer fun over funds. We are not looking to deepen our coffers, rather, host an enjoyable community experience! Lastly, we will soon host our own custom-coded games, as well as a custom panel competitive with Pterodactyl and Multicraft very soon!
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Dragon Hosting es uno de los mejores host en cuanto Calidad-Costo respecta, porque? por nuestros bajos costos Iniciando desde 1,5$/GB con la mejor calidad y potencia debido a nuestros procesadores de Gama Alta, Capacitados en potencia y nuestra ram DDR4 que siempre dara lo mejor
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Discord de minewool network ● ¡Servidor de Minecraft! ● ¡Únete a esta comunidad de Minecraft en la cuál podrás compartir con tus amigos en algunas de nuestra modalidades que tenemos! » IP: » Tienda: » Twitter: @minewoolnw
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Dark Fox Hosting yrityksen virallinen Discord palvelin! Me tarjoamme yhteisölle erilaisia pelipalvelimia. Mukaan lukien: • Minecraft palvelin • CSGO Palvelin • BeamMP Palvelin • LFS Palvelin Me myös mainostamme palveluitamme Discord palvelimellamme!
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1ère marque d'hébergement web en France à proposer enfin une alternative pour les ados, étudiants et associations. 🏄 #association
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Survival Game Hosting Community. We pan on hosting servers for various survival games friendly to the players.
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Welcome to Zandercraft Hosting! ! Owned by the creator of Zandercraft Bot, we aim to provide you the best web hosting experience you have ever dreamt of. It's free!
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Zyke Network is an organization of developers and hosting lovers, who aim to provide top quality services with great support.
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Free and Unlimited Minecraft Java Edition Server Hosting - Download our app to claim your free server.
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We are just the official support server for the free hosting platform at . You can get help here with your account or just with coding. We also love new developers and enjoy helping them.
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Affordable game hosting server for everyone
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VPS Alien, LLC provides VPS Solutions | VPS Reseller | Dedicated Servers | 10Gbps Ports
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A hosting company and gaming community. We welcome you to our community, to hang out with other gamers from around the world. Cloud Chaos, we provide web, and game server hosting. Promotional deals, and domains. Welcome to a life in the clouds. Cloud Chaos: Aim for the skies.
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Launch Your Dream with Xonos.Host. The affordable yet high-end hosting provider designed to beat other competitors in the market.
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Welcome to Hosting Paradise! This is a place for hosters to relax, get away, and chat with other hosters and other cool people! We have a pokemon league, other fun bots and games, and strive to be a community for pokemon related fun.
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NickStudios is an individual offering services from Discord bot creation, to hosting your own Discord bots. Join to see current services, or DM AntarcticRuler#1529 for custom services.
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We are bunch of gamers that are focused on creating an amazing gaming community that hosts multiple games and is full of awesome people.
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Crack that Website!
Technology | Design - Professional Website Hosting.
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A Web Design & System Administration Discord Server. Get Help, Give Help. Share.
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Hye Hosting: A minecraft server host with the mission of making excellent server hosting affordable to everyone. Hye Giveaways: Win epic prizes like Discord Nitro, Minecraft Servers, and More! Miners League: An amazing factions experience
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Welcome to RuneScape Chest Games! We are a new, fresh, RuneScape Gambling server more than happy to satisfy your gambling needs! We are a toxic free community and will not tolerate and BS! Come on in.
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With ELECTROHAXZ Hosting, you can reliably host your projects, test things, or use a PC in the cloud! Reliable and affordable hosting you can host your content with ease! Ideal for Discord bot hosting! We support many different payment methods, any operating systems, and even offer FREE VPSs!
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- Survivor Hosts - Gameshow - Competitive - Challenges - Youtube
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Hey! we’re Fryxel a brand new hosting company which offers quality services for normal pricing. Our focus and priority are on our customers which we want to guarantee the best equipment, support and scalability at a price which fits the budget. We offer low priced webhosting, Discord bot hosting, cloud storage and Minecraft hosting. Interested? See what people say about us:
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XTHost offers fast LiteSpeed web hosting with the intuitive DirectAdmin panel for extremely cheap prices. We also offer cheap and free Discord bot hosting with the Pterodactyl Panel. 99.99% Uptime on all services.
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Lets play dnd together!
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FireNode Is A Gameserver Hosting That Has Cheap Prices.
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Attoric Games is a growing gaming community of a wide variety of game genres. We self-host most of our own game servers and are actively looking for more help managing groups for various games.
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We offer cheap and reliable game servers. All of our servers offer ddos protection and full usage of a cpu core. We have 3 years backing up our work and offer 3 day money back if you are not happy with your game servers. We want to keep you happy no matter what. We are also cheaper and better then any other hosting companys. We charge .50 cents per slot on any game. We also offer 1 hour trials for all of our servers Come check us out
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Hello people! We are a group of people that sell many kind of digital jobs. We sell: discord server, logo making, video making, server hosting, custom bot creation. All of this with fast delivery and low prices! Contact us!
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Welcome to Web Pinger! This is Server for bot "Web Pinger#9061" which can Ping multiple Projects every 1 min giving 24/7 Uptime to all the Projects. Add your Project URL and have your Bot/Project 24/7.
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We sell and buy Crypto (Ethereum and Bitcoin), Hypixel Skyblock coins, we also host the cheapest VPS's. FAQ: Are you Scamming? No, we are not, but we dont gather all the Products ourselves. Why does this server have allmost no members? Its a new server, we have had multiple servers with 200+ members before. Can I buy in bulk and get better prices? Yes, of course you can, just offer us the amount and the price.
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Space Nodes What is Space Nodes? Space Nodes is a new hosting company trying to provide great services for cheap money. What makes this one stand out? We are not aiming at making as much profit as possible. (Even though we have to see that we at least make a little bit so we can scale and expand) Our services are cheap, but still offer good quality. We will often release coupon codes and host giveaways. Where's the catch? There is none. Many hosting services don't listen to their customers, but we try to be different. We are always open to suggestions and feedback. Where are your servers located? We currently have servers in Germany, but we will try to listen to your wishes about locations. Sounds good, where can I start? You can join our discord with this invite: or Our website is reachable at The client page: