The Color Palette

We are a community art server, but being an artist is not a requirement to join! We have a growing community and many friendly artists for you to interact with!

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We are a community art server, but being an artist is not a requirement to join! We have a growing community and many friendly artists for you to interact with!

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Watch and draw!

We're going to be watching a movie and drawing together on Friday the 12th! Come in and draw with us, share your art after or just watch the movie!

Discord Nitro Giveaway

I plan to give away a month of discord nitro to 5 people in this server once we hit 500 members ^-^ all you have to do to enter is give the announcement a reaction to enter!

New server role leveling system!

That’s right, a new server levelling system has arrived! Complete with fun colors while still allowing for the luxurious colors we allowed you to choose from before, we introduce in our Color Palette fashion the levelling system!

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