Discord Oficial do Brasil Caminhoneiro. Entre e faça novos amigos!
Server-ul de discord al creatorului de continut Daffw! Canal: www.youtube.com/c/daffw Iti multumesc ca ai intrat pe server!
Hello there! Welcome to the eXtreme Super Stunt discord server! General Server rules are at #rules! FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ): 1. Q: Who can I trust? A: The most reliable / trustworhty members so far are: Moderator ; Global Moderator ; Board Management ; Community Support ; Community Management 2. Q: Does this community have a forum? A: Yes. URL: xss-server.com/forums 3. Q: Does the community have game servers? A: Yes, currently we own a SA:MP Freeroam / Stunt Server DNS: samp.xss-server.com; IP: Join us!
Discord du serveur Beyond - Cops & Robbers, Beyond est un serveur de type RPG basé sur le jeu GTA SAMP.
Servidor estilo Scavenge And Survive, Totalmente Português e novos sistemas Divirta-se jogando conosco, Scavenge And Survive
Vortex RolePlay Vortex RolePlay est un projet MTA:SA débuté le 20 Octobre 2019, ce projet consiste à la création d'un serveur roleplay francophone en se basant sur aucun gamemode ! Le gamemode sera 100% créer par nos soins. Le serveur aura donc des scripts inédits et une équie sérieuse. Nous rejoindre ? Le projet débute tout juste et nous en sommes toujours à la rédaction du cahier des charges, cependant vous pouvez désormais nous rejoindre sur notre discord. Nous recrutons également une équipe complète ainsi que des développeurs qui pourront être rémunérés lors de la sortie du serveur ! N'hésitez plus et rejoignez-nous ! L'équipe de Vortex RolePlay
Discord oficial do servidor de SA-MP Weiser City RPG!
San Andreas Multiplayer's Unofficial Discord.
West Coast RP Discord Server
Comunidad para suscriptores de Galaxy Games,únete para comenzar a interactuar con la comunidad!
Official Discord Server of Las Venturas Cops & Robbers GTA SA-MP Server! Server IP: play.lvcnr.xyz:7777 Website: https://www.lasventuras.net
(NEW) GTA San Andreas roleplay server! - Active admins & owners. - No OOC insults allowed among other nice rules that keep the peace of the server. - Refund: Level 2 + $500.000 + GoldVip for a month. - Factions available by now: SAFMD (paramedics), SAPD (Police), San News (Reporters) and Government. - Families available by now: Grove Street, Glen Park Ballas & Varrios Los Aztecas. - More families, factions and groups will be added as the server reaches a decent PB. Come join us and enjoy RPing with friends!
We offer you a whole different and new experience in the world of SAMP : From delivering a nostalgic ride through Vice City map to adding exciting features. You'll find a variety of twists.
Servidor de SA-MP, el cual cuenta con +80 jugadores diarios, entra y diviertete, encontrarás la ip dentro del servidor de discord, usando el comando: !ip Te esperamos dentro del servidor.
[Z]Group Multiplayer Servers & [Z-TR]Gaming Community
Polska społeczność SAMPa oraz MTA
BrownTurbo Gaming is Gaming Community which is running services on GTA San Andreas Multiplayer which had been Founded on Feb 2015 By [BR]John_Magdy and [BR]Maro using an ultra-h limited Server features... but We're always trying to improve our provided services. and We're currently running our own Dedicated VPS and the famous SATDM~RP which is originally created by Money$PimP and it's being developed recently by our special experienced team with our Loved moments. and we had rewritten most of it inside of bug fixes and unique updates. so we hope you're enjoying your stay with us.
𝕊𝔸𝕄ℙ & ℂℍ𝕀𝕃𝕃 ┌─── -ˋˏDescriptionˎˊ- ──┐ Here on 𝕊𝔸𝕄ℙ & ℂℍ𝕀𝕃𝕃 we don't focus on a specific server, moreover, we're building a community of people who overall enjoy playing on SAMP and share our recommendations while providing a safe place to chill. └───────────────┘ ┌─── -ˋˏServer Perksˎˊ- ───┐ ➤Friendly community ➤Server resources and reviews ➤Promotions ➤Applications for clan areas ➤ Active staff ➤Safe place to chill ➤Polished and regularly updated server └────────────────┘
Kar's Cops And Robbers