Initially official Disord server of RNG Gods community on Twitch, now we accept any gamers, streamers and artists from all over the world to engage in jolly cooperation and conversation
Find players, complete heists, enjoy gaming.
A Minecraft server which offers a vanilla-based experience with minor enhancements to gameplay.
Space Merchant Realms is a persistent browser-based multiplayer game with a sci-fi theme. You create a character, choosing from one of eight races, and then you can adventure through the universe. How you play the game is entirely up to you. Whether you want to be an explorer, a tradeship captain, a smuggler, or an alliance commander, the choice is yours!
Turn based strategy game with beasts! Free, open source and browser based!
Community focused on: Terraria, MC, SDV, Starbound, Roblox, OSRS & RS3, AOE, and Wii U gamers.
Satisfactory News is the place for FICSIT engineers to discuss the factory-building game Satisfactory, from Coffee Stain Studios. Join us for these awesome benefits! 🛠 Find fellow engineers to play multiplayer with 🛠 Get the latest news about Satisfactory 🛠 Get our hot takes on the latest patch notes 🛠 Find helpful tutorials and guides on how to play the game 🛠 Talk strategy and gameplay with other players 🛠 Be part of the best Satisfactory fan site! We’re not affiliated with Coffee Stain or Satisfactory, but we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction for support needs or suggestions. Now get building! ⛏
A safe-space LGBT server for Nintendo and gaming fans! (Allies welcomed)
Bem Vindo ao Discord Oficial da EGC, onde estaremos em contato direto com os nossos seguidores para suporte e atendimento além de está postando novidades sobre os jogos ou campeonatos que organizamos! an old school first person free to play shooter game.
where ppl come to hang while streamers do their thang
Galactic Void MC is a community open to everyone. We are a link for connecting gamers to various communities and building long lasting gaming friendships. Our Discord server offers a way to communicate with gamers from Minecraft and allows users to join us in creating a Minecraft server as we progress through the early stages of our server development. We have various ranks and titles to offer those who join our community and team. We have committed much of our time to creating this platform for gamers and mine crafters alike. In order to offer a clean and polished experience for all our users. We welcome Minecraft streamers and producers as well as freelance builders and artists. Creators are a valid resource we appreciate and promote. We also value unique personality’s and people with feedback and support for our community and server. Please join the one and only GALACTIC VOID MC!
makes your movement a bit better!!
Hello there! Welcome to the eXtreme Super Stunt discord server! General Server rules are at #rules! FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ): 1. Q: Who can I trust? A: The most reliable / trustworhty members so far are: Moderator ; Global Moderator ; Board Management ; Community Support ; Community Management 2. Q: Does this community have a forum? A: Yes. URL: 3. Q: Does the community have game servers? A: Yes, currently we own a SA:MP Freeroam / Stunt Server DNS:; IP: Join us!
Join the Zombie Game Hangout Discord Server! We have co-op voice lobbies, chat rooms, for most of the top co-op zombie shooters. (Dying Light, CoD Zombies, L4D2, and more!) We will also have weekly events in the future to build our community as well.
ClippyWORLD is a Clippy-based chat where you can chat with others, place a youtube video on it and play a emote. Used on, clippy.js.
Garry's Mod Server | MandalorianRP | Oblivion Gaming Networks
If you love Garden Warfare + Battle For Neighborville but still hate EA, this is the server for you! Come in and play some PVZ with other players. Time to kill some zombies! (or plants)
Um servidor de Factions no Minecraft. Versão: 1.8.X IP:
Dieser Server ist perfekt für Nintendo-Fans die es gemütlich mögen.
Fun/Gaming/RolePlay Server
TealWolf is a MineCraft server 100% focused on our players. We're constantly updating the server to meet our community's expectation. We're looking forward to seeing you, and feedback is always appreciated! Hope to see you 🙂
We ar a small Hobby-Team and we are creating a new Multiplayer-Shooter Game. Join us for new Updates or help us with our Game. We are using Unity. Have fun!
Un serveur Discord pour un jeu vidéo sur ordinateur qui est en création, modeéliser avec Blender et créé avec Unreal Engine 4. On n'a pas encore de nom pour le jeu et de logo, si vous avez une idéé, disez a nous ! :D
LeagueConnect is a gathering place for people who love League of Legends, a place where you can make friends, find people to play with, or talk about the game.
West Coast RP Discord Server
Mineunited Network is a upcoming minecraft network focused on what the players want. The server contains Survival, Skyblock, and Soon to release Kingdoms. The server is updated weekly and there is never a dull moment between giveaways to special events. We thrive to use the input of the community for changes that you would like to see. We also won't release a unfinished server. All of our servers are worked on for months at a time before a soft beta release with our beta testing team.
READY TO JOIN THE RESISTANCE? OMNI is a massively multiplayer online shooter slash loot game (MMOSSL). The world has ended! Everything we hold dear has come to an end, or did it? The meteor that struck our planet eradicating nearly all life on earth and bringing forth the Swarm, left only just a small camp of survivors. Despite their despair they refused to lose hope and started looking for more people that can join the last remnants of man in their final fight for survival. Are you ready to jump into the adventure by slashing hordes of monsters on your journey? Are you good enough to take all the loot? Do you have the skills to keep up and fight all the elite and boss monsters on the way to taking back our land? Good! Then gather your friends and become one of the survivors that will reclaim what was rightfully ours.
Discord server for the High V Army.
Die wachsende Community eines Twitch-Streamers.
THE ONLY OFFICIAL RED FACTION discord server! Here we discuss the Red Faction series along with other games, primarily focusing on the latest release Red Faction Guerrilla: Re-Mars-Tered We attempt to the keep the multiplayer community alive, share screenshots, stories, mods and much more!
A fun friendly server for all gamers. We play multiplayer games together such as Albion Online, Paladins, Rainbow 6 Siege, and World of Warcraft Classic (upon release). Come join us and find some new friends to hang out with.
The Voltaic Network is a group dedicated to providing support to people looking to start their own multiplayer server in the form of back-end setup and maintenance in addition to front-end assistance and community-player moderation. Voltaic is also committed to maintaining a community of active and engaged players. Enabling our Partners to find excited and invested players to enjoy their creations. As well as giving the community a voice and allowing them to play the type of games they want play. We strive to form a connection between the people who come up with the ideas and the people who would play on them.
PUBG oriented laid back gaming club! NO drama or toxicity here!! Looking to expand to other games if we get more active people and interest!
Masz dość gry w samotności? Nie chce Ci się szukać ludzi w necie do wspólnej gry? A może chcesz miło spędzić czas rozmawiając z ciekawymi ludźmi? W takim razie chciałbym Ciebie (jak również innych czytających) bardzo serdecznie zaprosić do grupy Playergency. Nie czekaj! Dołącz i bądź częścią społeczności przyjaznej graczom. Razem możemy wiele! Steam: Discord: FB group: FB fanpage:
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