Laid back art sharing server with games and music sprinkled in.
PC Games, no bullshit.
The Official Discord of my Stream! A place to hang out, chat, send memes, and play games!
Bienvenue sur le Discord de Rakkotsunami : Loup Alpha entouré de ses loups gris et noir. Merci d’arriver ici en n’apportant que ton respect, ton humour et ta bonne humeur.
Join the Zombie Game Hangout Discord Server! We have co-op voice lobbies, chat rooms, for most of the top co-op zombie shooters. (Dying Light, CoD Zombies, L4D2, and more!) We will also have weekly events in the future to build our community as well.
We ar a small Hobby-Team and we are creating a new Multiplayer-Shooter Game. Join us for new Updates or help us with our Game. We are using Unity. Have fun!
A fun and friendly community discord regarding the privately hosted Ark: Survival Evolved PVE server, and other games, hosted by TiklMyN1ps. – это не только один из лучших игровых порталов Рунета. Coop-Land – это дружная семья и огромное русскоязычное сообщество игроков.
We play different games each month, voted by our community! Rewards for participation via our FREE lootboxes.
Alliance Servers - Best Game Servers
Dragons Dogma Online (DDON) is a Japanese MORPG. Region-locked, but can be countered with easy workaround method, which we provide in the server. Inheriting the amazing action packed, non-tab targeting combat system from Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisens. Currently, we have 11 vocations (classes) to choose from, each with their own mechanics and plenty of skills and passives to build your own skillset. Combo counter attacks as Fighter, punch enemies and protect teammates with explosions as Alchemist, heal and kill with magickal arrows as Elemental Archer... and more. We provide assistance such as game files download, quick and simple VPN and workaround setup directions, and game advices. But usually, we are just here to chill and chat, meme and trashtalk.
Avapire's Shire is a friendly place to enjoy gaming with others, chat, post memes, and have a good time. We are small, but i hope that we could turn into a big community someday! This server is tied to Avapire's twitch streams, where they play various games and chat with anyone who feels free to join!
The Yera Team é um canal do youtube que contém um time de youtubers com o objetivo de trazer entretenimento de games com conteúdo de qualidade. Em nosso discord você pode se tornar um inscrito do canal registrado e conversar com os youtubers e conhecer outros seguidores da Yera Game Team
The World Unified Network (WUN) is a group of like-minded individuals that like all things gaming and being a positive force in the streaming world!
Discord oficial del servidor Sven Co-Op Argentina.
Division 2 aswell as a Elder Scrolls Online guild as of now, but might grow into even more games sooner or later!
Home of the Australasian Reborn FiveM RolePlay server.
TemTem themed server for players. Maintaining a positive vibe. Join today :)
A friendly server that has been up for a year and gone through lots of changes. This server is pure survival with only land claim plugin. Join server to get ip.
We are a small Ark and Minecraft community that have fun hosting interesting servers along with playing games with friends.
nouveau serveur a disposition pour jouer à des jeux comme hots dbd etc...
DARK SOULS PVP SERVER!!! Looking for people to play ds1 with? PvP? Co-op? Hell, maybe you already know half the player base and you'd be willing to help us out! If any of this sounds good, join the Fighters of the Kiln! We're a guild of Dark Souls PvP/Co-op players who search Lordran day and night for others to play with. We also have a bit of a community for Demon's Souls, Ds2 and Ds3!