Space Merchant Realms is a persistent browser-based multiplayer game with a sci-fi theme. You create a character, choosing from one of eight races, and then you can adventure through the universe. How you play the game is entirely up to you. Whether you want to be an explorer, a tradeship captain, a smuggler, or an alliance commander, the choice is yours!
Turn based strategy game with beasts! Free, open source and browser based!
The Chat is a small server located mainly in England, we play lots of different types of game and enjoy fucking about with them as well as some competitive. their are no rules just don't be too much of a dick
BOC is a realistic historical turn-based 4X strategy indie game project, Our main features are a global scale with a realistic world brought to life by our own multi-platform engine, hardcore tactical components, and a dynamic environment. Our approach will take players through the ancient world, starting in the Ice Age (55.000 B.C) up until to great's ancient empires era and the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Official Page : Discover The Game :
This is a memeing card game where you make cards battle people and have fun!! Disclaimer--There are some Homosexual jokes made within this game if you have a problem with that of any kind we recommend you do not join but in the end it's all for jokes and good fun don't take it seriously!
Left Unity Gaming is a non-partisan meeting space for anyone left-wing who enjoys gaming to find other likeminded people to share a hobby and fun times with.
Server for gamers built by gamers a devolping community looking for new ideas and fresh faces stop by and say whats up!
RTS, top-down shooter with an in-depth storyline. Find patient zero and save San Francisco before the cepheus protocol is enacted. ist ein Kostenloses Weltraum Browsergame is a Free Space Browser Game
Hello! This is Under Development a server which is a grand strategy political one, and needs dedicated server members to join our server. Many staff positions are open and we are looking for experienced staff, but we also welcome a community of people that want to role-play their nation! + dark eui
Basically a competitive Yugioh server..
unofficial Final Fantasy: War of the Visions community server
Civilizations of Discord is an encounter into a roleplay simulation of a nation where the player creates their own path manages a nation, wage wars for new lands, cooperate with other players, and much more!
It’s a conquest server that uses Unbelievaboat as the main bot. I’ve set up many roles, so you shouldn’t get bored anytime soon!
Strategy wargaming roleplay. Join to read up on what we're trying to do! Launches Sunday.
We are a friendly community of streamers, youtubers and fans of RPG Games, Strategy Games, Medieval Content and Videogames in general. You are allowed to self promote your channel/streams/videos on the "market" section, we really appreciate good quality and effort shared by the content creators. You can talk about videogames in the "headquarters", share your memes in the "stables" and have a nice chitchat on the "tavern". We also host giveaways in time to time so if you wish to win an Amazon or Steam gift card we recommend to check the "farm" section, and of course you can share or host your own giveaways there, post links, etc. You can organize a raid against a streamer for the sake of the knighthood order of the seven kingdoms, recruit your friends and other members and host your own raids in the Order Crussade.
Trading tools built by traders, for traders. Helpful community with a Kaizen mentality.
a place where all risk lovers can unite and play the game. we host many team games and 1v1's as well as pub and inhouse FFA's
Welcome to Fizbie! Fizbie is a community discord server created for people, blobfishes, you name it! the main purpose of Fizbie is to serve as an Unturned & SCP: Secret Laboratory gaming server, but, if ya want, you can join just to talk and make some friends!
RealPolitikRP is a worldbuilding server where you choose a spot on the map and then you can roleplay as that nation, develop lore, make decisions, wage war, etc. It begins in 2019 and you can play any nation you want as long as it isn't too big. There is limited space on the map, so if you want to join in the fun, come in and join!
Upcoming city-builder indie game.
Unturned, Arma (2 and 3), Insurgency, Insurgency Sandstorm, Squad, Space Engineers, Dayz, Rising Storm 2.
Are you tired of searching for friends to play with? We are, too! Join our server for instant Dead by Daylight SWF/KYF lobbies. We're a Discord made to be a close knit community to play together and make friends with common interests. Anyone is welcome, at age 13+ and any country. Advertise your YouTube, Twitch, other Discord servers, and artwork (commissions are also allowed). We have: • perk builds, share your favorite builds • rants, gripe about a bad match • bragging rights, show off a new achievement • debates, casually debate on any subject DBD related • memes • infinite voice-chats for KYF/SWF lobbies • looking to game channels for every platform (PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Switch) • survivor's rulebook for killers • bad tips • lore and theories • DLC giveaways, every 2 or so weeks • and more, we're constantly expanding!
Just bored need friends.
New community gaming/eSports server looking to increase it's active population! Come join us and have fun playing games and meeting new people! You can even come create or join one of our competitive teams!
Old school tactical shooters like the classic Rainbow Six series, SWAT, Ghost Recon, ARMA and more.
Todos os Jogos que jogamos : ARMA 3, Squad,HOI4,EU4
A gathering place for fans of ACG (Anime, Comics, and Games) where they can discuss anything and everything anime!
A community server for League's upcoming card game; Legends of Runeterra! In this community, you can expect a place where you can find friends who also like the game. On top of that, we also have channels where you can discuss with others about the state of the game or where you can share your awesome deck! We also regularly host events and giveaways, so if you want to earn some sweet rewards make sure to keep yourself updated about when the next event or giveaway is coming! Ready to join our community?
Markets, finance, geopolitics, and shitposting. What more could you need?
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