Our Warcraft 3 Reforged community is based out of North America and are players whom have played on USWEST / USEAST. We also welcome other players who will be playing on the Americas server. The discord has multiple clans combined into one group and each clan chat channels relay back and forth for continuous communication. Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Warcraft3ReforgedNAC/
We greeting you! You are on the channel of the Command & Conquer 3: Kane´s Wrath game — the main purpose of this channel is to find the players for online gaming and discussion of news and other events in CnC Universe etc. Before you start using this channel, make sure you read and understand the Rules and server-navigation.
If you are ever looking to play a game and you dont know people to play it with we might have some peopel for you to play with come join us and find out! Some of our games we play are Hearts of Iron IV, CSGO, League of Legends, Rocket League, PUBG and fortnite.
RTS, top-down shooter with an in-depth storyline. Find patient zero and save San Francisco before the cepheus protocol is enacted.
Добро пожаловать на материнский корабль русскоязычных фанатов Homeworld! Здесь встречаются и общаются те, кому интересна серия игр Homeworld и ему подобные игры. Мы, маленькая точка на карте галактики. Мы как большие дети совершаем большие глупости. Развязываем войны, уничтожаем, разрушаем. Восстанавливаем мир и спокойствие. Создаем великолепные произведения искусства и забываем про них в тысячах курганов под землей. Мы не идеальны, но нами движет огромная жажда познаний и пусть в галактике еще миллиарды загадок, придет день и мы разгадаем их все.
The official Discord server of Million Lords, a new MMORTS on Early Access for Android and iOS. Global release planned for Spring 2019.
This is a new server that intends to be a chill out social place to find others who love this new wonderful remake of classical Warcraft 3. To find guilds, mates to play and just to share thoughts! 🔥 Self assigned roles 🔥 Social 🔥 Guild recruiting 🔥 Love for Warcraft and Blizzard!
Discord server for the streaming community around Foxman150!
a place where all risk lovers can unite and play the game. we host many team games and 1v1's as well as pub and inhouse FFA's
We have a friendly community with the purpose of bringing gamers together so that we never have to queue with those pesky randoms ever again! Join us to find new, chill friends to play games with :)
Oceanic discord server for AOE II. We are a friendly bunch, are very active and hold the occasional tournament and IRL events
Todos os Jogos que jogamos : ARMA 3, Squad,HOI4,EU4
Talk about your favorite Real Time Strategy game!
Comunidad dedicaca a los video juegos de RTS relacionado a la segunda guerra mundial y Transmisiones de MrSipan.