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This was formerly a Rise of Kingdoms Guild but died due to inactivity. Join us rebuild the server.
a Discord server for Light of Thel Games.
Gaming | YouTuber
High Elven Society is a discord centralized around Valar Gaming with special focus on Raid Shadow Legends, with intent to branch out to other games such as Epic Seven, Dragon Champions and other mobile games.
Gaming | Community
Discord server to discuss everything related to the Idle RPG for mobiles Rage Realm. Request to join or invite to your Legion, talk about the best combinations of equipment and pets, give your suggestions on how to beat a really difficult boss, talk about the lore and the mighty creatures you may find in the realm. Play now:
Gaming | eSports
PubG - Kerala Clan Official Discord Server. Where Malayalis play PUBG
Gaming | Anime
A gacha based server, featuring many popular gachas like Fate Grand Order, Dokkan Battle, and Fire Emblem: Heroes! Focused around your gacha lifestyle.
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Mahilig ka ba sa mobile games o kahit anong laro na maisip mo? May iba ka bang ginagawa tulad ng Drawing/Singing/Dancing ? Gusto mo ba makakausap at makakalaro ng mga disenteng tao online? Sawa ka na ba sa mga server na puro landian o kabastusan lang ang inaatupag? Hindi ka ba tamad magbasa? Kung Oo ang sagot mo sa mga tanong na yan, sumali ka na!
Gaming | Anime
A server for a variety of mobile games such as Girls' frontline and Azur Lane.
Gaming | eSports
International Discord server for the "most wanted" mobile game at the moment. Join us and enjoy!
eSports | Gaming
Mobile Clan for the game Area F2.
Gaming | Community
1up is based around a group of people who all have a love for gaming and helping others in those games.
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Este é um servidor focado na interação entre os membros, interação essa moderada e divertida. Aqui é permitido zoação, memes, batalhas de rap, entre várias outras coisas. Fazemos eventos semanalmente para aumentar a interação entre os membros e entretenimento contínuo. Aqui reunimos pessoas de todas as idades, desde crianças até adultos. Variando entre otakus, gamers, geeks, nerds, introvertidos, extrovertidos. Aqui não temos filtro para membros, apenas entre e se divirta conversando sobre as mais variadas coisas, com as mais variadas pessoas.
Gaming | Entertainment
Join the beta for our indie mobile title, Hilt Arena! Arena-fighter meets beat ‘em up for a one-dimensional action game with depth! Hilt Arena focuses on intuitive, fast-paced, and challenging gameplay that rewards reflexes, skill, and knowledge of in-game mechanics. Customize several different fighters with cosmetic armor and weapons, and add enchantments that grant unique powers. Then, compete against other players in multiplayer matches that span dozens of unique events, or play solo to complete challenges and earn special rewards.
Anime | Gaming
Wu-Tang Clan is a Mobile Game, Anime watching, Light Novel providing Discord community with a dash of Wu fandom.
Gaming | Meme
THE CN NETWORK is an epic Discord Server which is designed in order to ensure that you get the best experience one can possibly obtain from a Discord Server. We hope to hit the charts and ensure that you can have fun on Discord with one of the best growing communities! The community has a lot to offer! Below ares some of the features YOU can expect from us! :gem: 💎 『 THE CRAFT NATION 』 💎 《《《There are a range of different features!》》》 ✅: Play on the OFFICIAL MC SERVER ✅: Participate in GIVEAWAYS ✅: Watch STREAMS from the community ✅: Get our MERCHANDISE ✅: Create a partnership between servers ✅: Mini-Communities for Gamers ✅: 3 GLOBAL CHAT Channels ✅: Best Server BOTS for the best Experience ✅: SUPER FRIENDLY Staff ✅: Now Hiring! So? What are you waiting for?!?! Help us grow into a community!