RuneScaped is a fantasy multiplayer online role-playing private server. Play for FREE today!
This server is for all PS4 Tenno out there! Here you can recruit for missions, trade, join or grow your clan, and help each other become a stronger Tenno. Players can even post their own creations in the server.
FreeSO (“Free Simulator Online”) is a reimplementation of The Sims Online™’s game engine, using C# and Monogame. TSO is a Massively Multiplayer Online version of The Sims "1" edited by EA and developed by Maxis.
Hey, we’re a friendly server about gaming and being fun. Mostly MMOs, Rpgs, Gachas, Horrors, Indies, and Sandbox. Come join us! We’d love to have you here.
Sick of the official Temtem discord? Looking for a smaller, nicer community? Look no further than our server!
An innovative HyTale server in the works. Follow us for news and exclusive offers for our upcoming release!
Legends of Ultima is a community server of the game Legends of Aria, dedicated to bringing the 'sandbox MMORPG' playstyle of Ultima Online into the modern era.
A:IR Ascent Infinite Realm EU serverlerinde Türk oyuncuların birbirini bulması Tek Irk - Tek Guild altında toplanması ve yardımlaşması amacı için discord ailemize bizimle beraber oynamak, yardımlaşmak ve oyunla ilgili tüm gelişme, bilgi ve haberleri almak isteyen kardeşlerimizi davet ediyoruz.
A general public unofficial Discord server for Second Life® (all-around topics, public text/voice chat, information management, safe for work, third party).
A Discord server for the game Subspace-Continuum. Subspace-Continuum is a top down multiplayer space shooter, and one of the longest-running online action games in the world. You can download Subspace-Continuum on Steam for FREE!
Play, talk, post your stuff, have a spoontacular day!
Welcome to Insyder Online, a fictional play-by-post forum fantasy MMORPG. In the real world, you can play as yourself or a fictional person; but in the online game you play as your avatar in the MMORPG Insyder Online.
This is a discord server for a Free Base in the game StarBase. Free Base is an open place for all individuals, factions, ships and groups to dock, trade, issue missions, recruit and do whatever social activity they want.
We are Misute Rareta, a small gaming guild who hopes to grow and help others. We accept all kinds of gamers from casual to hardcore. Any genre is welcomed here from PC to Smartphone or RPG to FPS. We also help roleplayers and Dungeons and Dragons players.
Server Oficial da Pagina do Facebook e Canais do YouTube, Twitch e Etc.!!! Intuito do servidor do Discord: Unir os Players e Seguidores ou Não da Pagina e Canais, afim de melhorar as comunicações intra games!!! "Vamos nessa que Ta só o Ouro!" Acesso da Pag.:
Bem vindo a família do KATiorro, aqui você poderá interagir com toda a rapaziada, conversar sobre suas coisas favoritas, falar muita merda e dar aquela gastada haha!
The (UnOfficial) Official Discord Server for the Crystal Data Center in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV)
We have: 11 Roles 22 Channels 3 Sections We also have channels for chatting, voicechatting, suggestions and commands aka spam. The server is fully configured by TheodorAndrei.
OCE/SEA based Albion Online Guild.
The official Discord server of Million Lords, a new MMORTS on Early Access for Android and iOS. Global release planned for Spring 2019.
Core Exiles is a PBBG based Epic Space game. You play the part of the Captain of a small vessel cast out into the Galaxy to make your fame and fortune. Unlike many browser-based games, CE is a persistent game and therefore does not reset.
The official Discord server of the 47th Legion:
We are a nice server with active staff we are currently creating a MMORPG game on roblox.
We play different games each month, voted by our community! Rewards for participation via our FREE lootboxes.
Outward bietet ein klassisches Rollenspiel-Erlebnis mit realitätsnahem Gameplay sowie belohnenden Herausforderungen für die abenteuerlustigen Spieler.
Towny MMO is not just a game but a community, YOU make yourself here, will you be the social butterfly or the grinder seeking a mastery in a specific field or the wealth some could only dream about. Towny MMO is a community project in state of active development with the developers being people who genuinely care about bringing others together, we have a burning passion for games and communities and in our opinion there is no better way to do this than through games which most of us here on discord have all come to love.
oob Squad is a small, friendly, active server looking for new friends and teammates. We aim to build a vibrant community of all noobs alike! Whether you are an Xbox gamer, PC gamer, mobile gamer(?), you are welcome to join us. We plan to start hosting local events for server members and hopefully building it into a Noob Squad team! All are welcome to participate. Events are most likely to be PC side. Other things we offer: - Little to no moderation - Moderated as necessary - Server emotes (custom server emotes soon™) - Custom patch-notes - Integrated Youtube posts - Currently League of Legends Skin Spotlights - Any others can be requested and will be fulfilled, as appropriate - Weeb chats - Lewd chats - Memes - Music bots - Misc bots - Custom roles - Level ranks - Streaming advertisements - Can be automated upon request, or post custom ads yourself
We are a chill server for adults who have a love and passion for WoW Classic. Come hang out, talk about the game, ask "when is the release date?!" and have a good time!
An MMORPG focused community for fans of the MMOByte YouTube channel or just MMORPG gamers in general. Come find some friends to play your favourite MMORPGs, chat, hang out or just lurk :)
A Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE Online private server community.
A community for meeting up with and playing .hack//fragment
This is a discord server where you can play pokemon all you want and battle gyms to get badges. Also you can hangout and play with your friends!
READY TO JOIN THE RESISTANCE? OMNI is a massively multiplayer online shooter slash loot game (MMOSSL). The world has ended! Everything we hold dear has come to an end, or did it? The meteor that struck our planet eradicating nearly all life on earth and bringing forth the Swarm, left only just a small camp of survivors. Despite their despair they refused to lose hope and started looking for more people that can join the last remnants of man in their final fight for survival. Are you ready to jump into the adventure by slashing hordes of monsters on your journey? Are you good enough to take all the loot? Do you have the skills to keep up and fight all the elite and boss monsters on the way to taking back our land? Good! Then gather your friends and become one of the survivors that will reclaim what was rightfully ours.
Welcome to the Mabinogi Nao Server! Our goal is to provide new, returning, and veteran players a place to feel connected with each other in a wholesome and respectable environment. We also provide support, assistance, mentoring, and guides for casual and hardcore players. Our server will always ensure a respectful and enjoyable environment, to allow players of all types to socialize in a comfortable community.
Twitch community for Veetus!