Gaming | Growth
This is a server specifically designed to be a group of players on Landroval of LOTRO that are working to create a community even in these no in-game chat times. It is also used for raiding and other important events.
Gaming | Community
This is a discord for Crickhollow Server on the Lord of the Online, a community of players on the server to help out others with Crafting, quest, raids/instances, events, advice and more! we strive to make a great, friendly community here for the players!
Programming | Streaming
Technical_13's personal server including bot development, userscript creations, and livestreaming!
Community | Gaming
The official Unofficial Lord of the Rings Discord server! Check it out!
Gaming | Role-Playing
A welcoming, active community for all role players (RPers) on the Laurelin server (world) of The Lord of the Rings Online MMORPG since 2017. Whether you are new to LOTRO or RPing, or a veteran of both, you belong here! Just curious to see what we're about? Come on in and say hello, and we'll help you in any way we can. With an active, dedicated Staff of moderators, weekly giveaways, channels dedicated to in-game RP events, RPer resources, LOTR lore, player art and other projects, and with over 500 members, this is your RPing home on Laurelin!
Role-Playing | Gaming
Do you like Tolkien? Do you like LotR? Are you a roleplayer? Are you not? -- Then we're just perfect for you! With Laurelin Gateway we encourage members to discuss things ranging from Geography, History, Linguistics and Mythopoeia to Roleplay and LotR styled content!
Writing | Gaming
Rohan and the Wild Hills is a server dedicated to roleplay in Rohan, Dunland, Enedwaith, and their surrounds on the Laurelin LotRO server. Our goal is to connect players & characters who roleplay in these regions—whether native to these lands, settled from afar, or simply passing through. We promote events, plots, kinships, and more—anything that supports roleplay growth in these regions. We’ll discuss Rohirric and Dunlending culture, compare our experience RPing characters in these regions, and share more of our love for each—or either—land. We look forward to RPing with you! For Rohan! For Dunland!