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Best Discord Trading Server for Stocks, Options, Forex and Crypto! Top analysts on Discord giving you daily trade ideas, insights and education helping you succeed.
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Investing | Financial | Community
Best Discord Trading Server for Stocks, Options, Forex and Crypto! Top analysts on Discord giving you daily trade ideas, insights and education helping you succeed.
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eSports | Community
Discord grubumuzun temel amacı online oyunlarda kendinize birlikte oyun oynayabileceğiniz arkadaş bulmak ve oyunlar içerisinde sesli iletişim kurarak daha sağlıklı oyun oynayabilmektir. Yaş ortalaması 25+ olan topluluğumuzda kurallarımız oldukça katıdır.
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Gaming | YouTuber
Official Discord server for Xbox Kai Fam, an Original Xbox online gaming community.
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Gaming | eSports
Comunidad Española de juegos Online. GTAV, 7 days to die, BattleBit, y otros juegos multijugador online.
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Gaming | Community
Der Discord ist der deutsche Community-Discord für das online Game SimRail. Wir helfen dir gerne bei Fragen weiter und laden dich gerne zu gemütlichen Ausfahrten in SimRail mit uns ein.
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Gaming | Programming
? An awesome Indie Game currently in development! ?? Join our community, its fun and we play online ?
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Gaming | Streaming
Multigaming community, english/greek/french speaking
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Gaming | Social
We are just a new gaming/chatting server that mainly focuses on rocket league and fortnite and what else you will encounter on the server is call of duty and GTA
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Gaming | Role-Playing
somos um servidor que procura ajudar a encontrar companheiro para seus jogos favoritos, temos canais do csgo, valorant, warzone, lost ark, path of exile e muito mais futuramente, iremos trazer sorteios, eventos e varios outras novidades, vem com a gente
Gaming | Entertainment
ADD our New Re-Activated “GTA5 Stats Bot” to your Discord Server, for FREE! There are no discord bots which provides stats for GTA online, having ours on your server provides you with direct url links to your own stats, provided your account is made public. You simply provide your gamertag l, which of 7 available stats you want to view plus the platform of which your account is played on and the bot does the rest! This bot allows users to retrieve their GTA online statistics directly from Rockstar by generating URL links rom whatever inputs you give to the bol The new and reactivated GTA five stats but is available for download directly from our portal page:
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Gaming | Streaming
Crystals MU Online Dracarys x5000 - Opening February 3 We've been working on the server since December of 2021. We made lots of changes in gameplay. With our Custom Quest System and Achievement System , our server became one of the most interesting Season 6 projects. Some Changes in the Castle Siege. Now, in addition to the winner of the castle, the second place will be determined - the guild with the most seconds on the active crown during the siege. We assign a prize fund from the administration in the amount of $5,000 (130 000 Web Credits) . Each siege, until the prize pool is exhausted, the winner will receive 4000 bonuses, the guild runner-up 2000 bonuses. In-game quest system with 300 tasks, and more quests coming soon. For competing tasks, you will receive different rewards like : Zen, Wcoins, jewels, boxes and additional stat points that you won’t lose after reset or grand reset. The total amount of stat points, which you will be able to get after completing all quests is ar
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Gaming | eSports
🇧🇦🇭🇷 🇷🇸 ⚽- redovna organizacija liga i turnirskih takmičenja u video igri eFootball (ranije PES) 💡- kreativne ideje u osmišljavanju koncepta/formata takmičenja 💥- rangiranje takmičara (glicko rejting sistem) 🏆- bodovna lista (pehar i robne nagrade za najbolje posle svake takmičarske sezone) 🤝 - dobrodošli isključivo ljudi koji zrelije doživljavaju učestvovanje u društvenim igrama, i kod kojih je podrazumevan način komunikacije: kulturan, zreo, i razuman 🇬🇧 ⚽ - regular organization of leagues and tournament competitions in the video game eFootball (formerly PES). 💡 - creative ideas in designing the concept/format of competitions. 💥 - ranking of competitors (Glicko rating system). 🏆 - points table (trophy and money prizes for the best, after each competitive season). 🤝 - only people who approach participation in social games more maturely are welcome, and where the assumed mode of communication is: polite, mature, and reasonable.