Everlasting Summer Online
Gaming | Role-Playing
Finnish community for the Elder Scrolls Online players.
Gaming | LGBT
JFF is a predominantly furry run community that welcomes anyone and everyone from all over. Join us, make friends, play games, and have fun. Share art, and life with the rest of the fantastic people in Just Fur Fun.
Gaming | Mature
Division 2 aswell as a Elder Scrolls Online guild as of now, but might grow into even more games sooner or later!
Gaming | Hobbies
ESO EU Guild
Gaming | Streaming
Discord do @pandadosgames e dos Melhores Inscritos™ - e também da Guilda Prometo! A Maior, Melhor e Mais Antiga Guilda Social em Atividade no Elder Scrolls Online PC NA Junte-se a nós e venha participar dessa aventura!
Programming | Gaming
Social Programming group. memes :)
Gaming | Social
ESO, Elderscrolls Online, gaming, XBOX, EU
Community | Gaming
Discord community for Twitch Streamer Kurraku0. We have monthly giveaways, art contests, cosplay contests, challenges for prizes and more! Feel free to promote your own streams, videos, artwork, and more in the appropriate channels. We also have monthly Cards Against Humanity game nights, Karaoke nights, and movie/anime watch parties. Come join in on the fun!
Gaming | Technology
Are you into gaming, simulation, modding and emulation? Then the RAT Media Discord Hub is the perfect Discord server for you! We are a gaming community that is based on a WIP organisation RAT Media. If you want to be a part of the fantastic, friendly and fun community, then join us today!
Gaming | Social
A small group of mediocre gamers looking to make some more friends and expand our gaming pool. WARNING: Contains gamers, memers and The British
Gaming | Political
Just a friendly gamer trying to build a community that isnt about crying all day and weird anime discussions. God Bless
Gaming | Social
[XBOX/NA][PC/NA][PS/NA] Join The Dominion Party Dojo! This is the Discord server for the Elder Scrolls Online in-game guild, The Dominion Party Dojo. We are a new 21+ only woman-led, LGBTQIA+ friendly, and neurodiverse-friendly casual/social guild. Our goal is to foster a warm and encouraging environment in which you can pursue your ESO dreams whatever they may be! Everyone is welcome from Day 1 players to seasoned vets. As a purely social guild we have no requirements. We will never ask for your parse or require certain sets. We will never judge or shame you for your preferred build or class. This is a positive place where you can play with mature, like-minded gamers. We value patience, support, and kindness.
Role-Playing | Social
Just a guild for mainly ESO and FFXIV. I hope you consider joining I hope to see you! Born in freedom, live in freedom, die in freedom.