The Sierra Madre is a Fallout themed server that loves discussing all kinds of games and films. We enjoy shitposting and conversing with other people. We have a friendly community and a server that features many different bots and factions.
Welcome to The Elder Scrolls: Prophecies of the End This is an Elder Scrolls based roleplaying server. Based 100 years after the event of Skyrim; here you can make original characters and roleplay with them as well as watch other roleplayers (or by yourself if you want to) or you could discuss about TES. There are some emotes too as well as a suggestions chat where you can suggest to the admins on what we can improve on or change. We have a good staff team and we have fun bots like Yggdrasil and Unbelievaboat and we have the music bot Rythm. In this RP; people are free to create characters with canon spells and powers but also allowed to create characters with non-canonical abilities like pyrokinesis and cryokinesis as examples.
This is a server dedicated to the admiration and exploration of Inigo from the award-winning Inigo mod found on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is NOT related to the Inigo discord server "Friends of Inigo" found on SmartBlueCat's website. The key difference and motivation for this server is the allowance of NSFW chat and content, of which there is none on FOI.
Server associated with the twitch account WellMax81
Hunterfell is a Medieval/Fantasy Roleplay server that emphasizes on being able to RP using any fantasy genre fiction as long as it fits the criteria, examples of series are Monster Hunter, Skyrim, Runescape, etc. Hunterfell also has a very inclusive, friendly community.
A server focused around the 5th Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, mainly memes. Official discord server for the SkyrimMemes subreddit.
Lore: 60 Years after the events of TES V: Skyrim The World-Eater Alduin has been banished into the distant future by the Dragonborn using an Elder Scroll. Since then the Dragonborn passed through their life. The Civil War in Skyrim was ended with a Dragonborn-aided Empire executed Ulfric stormcloak and put all Holds excepted Solitude under command of Imperial friendly Nords. After this the Empire of Cyrodil grew in strength and took back Tamriel from the Thalmor, pushing them back to their territory and forcing them into a peace treaty, called the Adamantine Concordat. This returned most of Tamriel under Imperial control with worship of Talos being reinstated. After Titus Mede II’s assassination a new emperor, Nero Viranus. The new emperor is strong but cares about his citizens and empire. Under his guidance cane the fall of the Thalmor and the rise of the Cyrodillic Empire, also the reinstatement of worship of Talos.
A RP Server for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim with friendly staff, expansive roles and channels and people passionate about the game.
(Invite should work now)Open a toon channel to share his/her progress! | Expect regular updates as I slowly add what knowledge and notes I've compiled in years of study of being a necromancer. You can play however you like. I majorly play as necromancers. (Currently working on a sneaky archer.)
A place for discussing rpg style games and also for furries but you dont have to be both
Just a general server to share your interests and shitpost. Heavy emphasis on free speech.