Hello ! And welcome everyone to the server ! This server is the community server for RyanS1555 for his Twitch and YouTube channel ! But it eventually I would like for it too become so much more !!
The Realm Of Tamriel - A Serious role playing Discord for The Elder Scrolls Universe. - Open world role play, with multiple channels all across Tamriel. - Welcoming to both experienced, and also newer role players. - Focused on detailed Posts, typically multiple paragraphs long. - A Growing community of role players, writers, lore experts, artists. - Lore friendly style role plays, with a focus on realistic characters. - Currently looking for more role players, as well as potential staff. - Also welcoming to Elder Scrolls fans in general, for game discussions. - We have a friendly staff, willing to answer questions, and help you out. Feel free to jump into our Discord, we are currently hosting a role play set during The Great War, but you are free to tell your characters own story, interact with other characters, and also various NPC’s across all of Tamriel.
A discord server for sharing Skyrim: Special Edition modpacks/mod organizer profiles.
It's an Elder Scrolls rp server set in Skyrim (plan to add more nation's later) that's set 100 years sense the death of the last dragon born
Server associated with the twitch account WellMax81
Hunterfell is a Medieval/Fantasy Roleplay server that emphasizes on being able to RP using any fantasy genre fiction as long as it fits the criteria, examples of series are Monster Hunter, Skyrim, Runescape, etc. Hunterfell also has a very inclusive, friendly community.
A server focused around the 5th Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, mainly memes. Official discord server for the SkyrimMemes subreddit.
A RP Server for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim with friendly staff, expansive roles and channels and people passionate about the game.
(Invite should work now)Open a toon channel to share his/her progress! | Expect regular updates as I slowly add what knowledge and notes I've compiled in years of study of being a necromancer. You can play however you like. I majorly play as necromancers. (Currently working on a sneaky archer.)
The Sierra Madre is a Fallout themed server that loves discussing all kinds of games and films. We enjoy shitposting and conversing with other people. We have a friendly community and a server that features many different bots and factions.
This is a server dedicated to the admiration and exploration of Inigo from the award-winning Inigo mod found on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is NOT related to the Inigo discord server "Friends of Inigo" found on SmartBlueCat's website. The key difference and motivation for this server is the allowance of NSFW chat and content, of which there is none on FOI.
Just a general server to share your interests and shitpost. Heavy emphasis on free speech.