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Financial | Crypto | Investing
Join a stock market options trading stock trading discord server with over 26,000 like minded individuals. We are discussing the next market move 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get trade signals around the clock!
ZTRADEZ Options Trading Discord Server Banner
ZTRADEZ Options Trading Discord Server Banner
ZTRADEZ Options Trading Icon
Financial | Crypto | Investing
Join a stock market options trading stock trading discord server with over 26,000 like minded individuals. We are discussing the next market move 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get trade signals around the clock!
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Gaming | Anime
Wuthering Faves is a SFW discord server dedicated to the upcoming game called Wuthering Waves. This server is a discussion-based server for all Wuthering Waves content. What we offer: - kind and engaging community! - approachable Staffs. - unique emotes/stickers. - giveaways. - fun quizzes! - Server Owner is always active when they're not sleeping! The server is new so it is not that active. Hopefully, that changes when Wuthering Waves release! So, come join our server now for a good time ^_^
Solar Systars (18+ Sci-Fi RP) Icon
Role-Playing | Anime
Solar Systars is a Sci-Fi fusion RP with a touch of space faring, a dash of cyberspace hijinks, a spritz of post apocalypse, a pinch of cyberpunk hellscape, and a lot of lasers. Though aliens, robots, mutants, and mechs are all fair game, god-like super characters are not. No immortal space furries here. Skilled characters will be skilled because they've practiced their craft, not because they were born with super powers. This server places emphasis on literacy, organization, lore, and most importantly: character driven scenes~! There is a dice-based combat system, but it is simple, and merely functional to eliminate combative god-modding. It is avoidable if you lack interest in PvP. Story is priority, not consistently one-upping each other. The server is 18+ to ensure all players are mature, competent, and literate adults. While we do allow for ERP, this isn't a server where you merely meet up and diddle people in your DMs. You must engage with the canon and play in server.
Imperial League (18+ Fantasy RP) Icon
Role-Playing | Anime
The Imperial League (IL) is an open world mid-fantasy roleplay. When I say "mid-fantasy" what I mean is all characters will be on fairly equal footing in regards to their abilities. No one here will be playing cosmic furry demon gods with the ability to bend time and control your mind. While magic and fantasy races are in existence, everything is still relatively grounded as far as most Discord fantasy roleplays go. The goal is to create a fantasy RP that doesn't quickly become a super hero RP or a power contest. There's no grand demon lord of an evil kingdom to defeat. Instead, the RP is a character driven space where players can interact in a world that is defined and orderly, yet remains flexible and malleable to the actions of those that are willing to work alongside a multitude of other players.
The Open World Icon
Role-Playing | Gaming
- GTA Online Inspired RP. - Develop your character in a unique roleplay environment with limitless opportunities and experiences. - Economy and a 5 tiered level system - Over 30 different career paths to choose from! - Friendly community - Lots of mission, quests, and opportunities to enjoy
LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) Icon
Gaming | Art
Discord server for LOTRO geeks and explorers of this open world Middle-earth. Artists, photographers, solo players, you're all welcome. A place to discuss, share reshade presets and to serve as an archive about the game. Feel free to join! The main features of this server: - share screenshots and videos, share your reshade with the community! - not oversaturated with group/class channels: so might be a better fit for explorers, newcomers, solo players etc - a news feed that includes dev posts, official news and summaries of dev streams, all in one place - discuss lore, exploration, the world, housing, outfits, roleplay etc - an archive space for the game (like the old concept art or game soundtracks, you might also learn some curious things) - an alternative safe space for fans of the game, whoever you are and regardless of your opinions. If you find other spaces not to your preferences or too cluttered, give our server a try - also... you can talk with Gandalf!
Realm of Caelestia Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
In the beginning, from eggs laid by a long gone legendary creature, hatched divine beings of great power. With this great power, they used it to create a world in cooperation with each other, of which they named Caelestia. The Realm of Caelestia is an open world roleplay in which any race or species are welcome. You can create your own adventure story or just have slice of life within this fantasy world. We are very new and are looking for members. We have places open for high society such as Kings/Queens and if you are interested in slice of life you can set up pretty much anywhere!
Gaming | Community
ENDS is a single-player gritty action adventure with RPG elements, where players are given the opportunity to make crucial choices while navigating through a powerful story about the slums of London. To bring the most authentic London based experience ever brought to gaming, we have collaborated with real UK talent from influencers to content creators, artists and clothing brands. All of which will be integrated within the game.
Million Lords Icon
Gaming | eSports
Million Lords is a riveting, breath-catching MMORTS where the whole world can be yours. Whether you prefer slaying everyone standing in your way or making alliances, to be a merciless or a merciful Emperor: everything is possible. Fight for what is yours and build a true Empire, by yourself or with your clan at your side.
WRTA - Worcester Transit Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Welcome to the WRTA, or Worcester Regional Transit Authority! We strive to be the most realistic, open-world bus simulator on Roblox! We're still in development and need your help. Come join today!
Total Miner Icon
Gaming | Community | Art
Official verified server for Xbox/Steam game Total Miner
? there be dragons ? Icon
Tabletop | Gaming
a homebrew dnd server including 50+ classes +100 races new playing system and many more
Deifos: Warriors of the Gods Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Official Discord channel for Deifos: Warriors of the Gods, an open-world adventure game inspired by titles such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but also mixes in the concept of collecting playable characters such as in Pokemon, and the combat mechanics of MOBA titles such as League of Legends.
e-Chat Lounge Icon
Social | Community | Gaming
Active community with over 100,000 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and giveaways!
e-Chat Lounge Discord Server Banner
e-Chat Lounge Icon
Social | Community | Gaming
Active community with over 100,000 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and giveaways!
MultiGamingTV [GER] Icon
Community | Gaming
Wir mögen den Spaß & Erfolg im Spiel. Respekt und Anstand sind uns sehr wichtig.
Juniper Exodus Icon
Gaming | Community
Survival Adventure Indie game by day, psychological cosmic horror by night. A 5-year ongoing project still in the works by a solo developer looking to build a multilingual community together with passionate fans of the arts of all kinds.
Deadsight Icon
Role-Playing | Social
We are a forum based roleplay with a growing discord community. Our story is based on an after zombie apocalypse setting where the world is rebuilding and a good number of countries are thriving. Our story is based on the conclusion of a story we started back in 2005-2020 and set in the year 2053. Our main focus is giving every character a plot to be able to participate in, in any way they would like. We consider ourselves a casual roleplay but we have plots and areas set up for action and if requested a storyteller will build a narrative with or for you. Our forum is 18+ but our discord is not. If you have any question please drop into our discord at any time and one of our staff will take care of you.
Wuthering Waves Unofficial Icon
Gaming | Emoji
Are you looking for a server for the game Wuthering Waves? Well look no FURTHER! Welcome to Wuthering waves unofficial server! Here you can find latest information and future updates info about the game and also a community of people to join the hype with, not to mention we also offer a variety of emotes! so what's the wait for? Join Now!
Beyond Enchanted Lights Icon
Role-Playing | Writing | Community
Beyond Enchanted Lights is role-play server based around the fantasy and magic genres. As a server, our aim is to give members a fun, feature rich space to escape reality for all those who join. Our role-play is structured around its own forever expanding lore, ceremonies, religion, and plots with additions of unique currency, store, familiars, and bloodline systems. From our fiery battling backstory, to casual, friendly interactions with other witches; there is a wide range of variety to get your hands stuck in to. If this sounds like something you're interested in, please feel free to join us!
The Immortal Isles Icon
Role-Playing | Entertainment
RP Fantasy server. Create your own character follow your own story and participate in the realm lore. Make friends and team up with others. Mod positions are open as well. Join different factions withing the realm of the Immmortal Isles and take on great quests.
Block Party Icon
Gaming | Community | Role-Playing
The Ultimate Social Playground of Voxel Life! 🎮We are currently recruiting a group of early testers to dive into our game!💰
Arniqua Icon
Tabletop | Hobbies
Hello there! Are you, like many others, a player with countless character ideas and not enough campaigns to try them out? Are you maybe a Forever-DM that wants to enjoy being a player for once? Are you looking for a chance to fight an actual Ancient Solar Dragon? Arniqua has you covered! Arniqua is a literate text roleplay TTRPG server for D&D 5E! We have a map with several different ecosystems, diverse encounters, shops to buy everything from mundane to legendary items, a great community, a time-friendly leveling system, and a completely open schedule! If this seems like your cup of tea, please feel free to click join on in and an Administrator will help you shortly. We hope to see you soon! 🐉
Izanagi-No-Mikoto Icon
Role-Playing | Anime
this server is about a upcoming game called izanagi no mikoto, this game is lore rich and has permanent character loss. it also dives into exploration with some pve and pvp elements to top it off
EldrEnSvell Icon
Programming | Gaming
Let me introduce you to EldrEnSvell, a new and upcoming Game development studio! Founded by Frenox, we are currently working on an open world game focused on Norse Mythology! Wanna find more information about it? Feel free to join the server!
Wildfront Studios Icon
Programming | Gaming
On this you maybe can find an (3D)artist or a developer that helps you answer questions and maybe you find others that want to help you with a project! Besides that, this is the Server of Wildfront Studios. A, at the moment one man studio, thats developing Newland, An Open World, Survival, RPG game.