Gaming | Entertainment
I'm a game developer who'd like to have a chat with his players and with other game devs. :) YouTube:
Gaming | Programming
Offical server for the award winning game development studio, Triangular Pixels. Creators of VR games such as Unseen Diplomacy and Smash Hit Plunder.
Entertainment | Gaming
1. Talk to other game developers 2. Posting your demo and get feedback from others 3. Receive the news about game industry 4. Receive tips on making games 5. Make friends with other game developers 6. Promote your game 7. Discussing marketing strategy Come join this discord channel !! Our main goal is to help game developers out ! feel free to join !
Education | Programming | Gaming
Game development for indies, students and professionals!
Entertainment | Gaming
Discord Channel for the devsfromspain community
Gaming | Business
The official server for Turbowave Games, maker of games such as Roblet Land!
Gaming | Community
A fun, friendly and open Discord server related to all things indie!
Gaming | Programming
The official CodeWritePlay discord server! We're talking about gaming, game development, streaming, writing, art, design, and more! All are welcome--come tell us what you're up to!
Gaming | Business
Focus on the game
Streaming | Gaming
Content creators, Game Developers, Players of all games, and everyone in between can be found here. We help you grow, find buddies to play with and offer tech support of all varieties!
Gaming | Role-Playing
GIVING AWAY 2 DE'VINE STEAM GAMES TO ANYONE THAT JOINS. STAY 1+ DAYS FOR ONE AND 10+ DAYS FOR THE OTHER! A growing discord server dedicated to the De'Vine: Universe of games for PC. Two completed games and one WIP called Heavenly Acres. An RPG Farming Sim. Promote anything you wish to promote! Laid back!! Stay up to date! Automatically be eligible for Developer's giveaways!! RPG Discord Games! Advertise your server!! Fun bots!
Community | Programming
Welcome to the GameDevs Café, a chill, game development & beginner-friendly server, Please read the rules and guidelines! Have fun developing together!