Gaming | Community
The official Discord server for LUNA The Shadow Dust, a fully hand-animated Point&Click puzzle adventure, brought to life through wordless storytelling, beautiful cinematics and a breathtaking original soundtrack.
Gaming | Hobbies
Takoway is a perspective-based puzzle game that is hard on the outside but squishy on the inside. Follow Tako the hexapus as she goes on a six-legged journey to find belonging away from captivity. Six tentacles, one goal. Tako ‘bout going against the current!
Gaming | Art
Gamers, Game Dev, Artist, Anyone
Gaming | Entertainment
Active developer looking to get feedback, beta test, gather opinions on how to make this game better
Programming | Entertainment
A server for indie gaming
Gaming | Social
Let's co-create a game, be the first one to play our new game and debate about the gaming industry (and bash EA).
Gato Roboto Randomizer - Just what it says on the tin™!
Gaming | Community
Welcome to the official discord server for the Chronicles of Darkness game, in this server you can have greater contact with all game updates and even post your fan arts!
Gaming | Role-Playing
Nexus is the chat server that follows the development of the upcoming action role-playing game 'Nexus' based on a Cyberpunk theme that blends technology and magic.
Gaming | Design
Circadian City is a pixel art indie life simulation game for PC and consoles. The game takes place in a big city where you improve your hobbies, make friends, craft your personality and find a purpose to life. You play the whole 24 hours which means dreams are playable as well.
Gaming | Community
Get FREE access to the updated alpha build of Signs of the Sojourner, a new narrative based deck-building game from indie developer Echodog Games!
Gaming | Entertainment
Stone Reverie is a Survival Game set in the Stone Age time period.
Gaming | Community
The official Chimera Box Discord server. A competitive arcade shooter where tiny test subjects compete for survival as they mutate into fierce animal hybrids.
Writing | Community
A server for creative discussion and criticism of an independently developed RPG called Deadrelic!
Gaming | Community
Official public discord for the indie game "Piscary" On a deserted island, with no troubles, enjoy the experience of catch and release fishing. Come join the team and become part of the development process.
Gaming | Community
The official Discord server for Limelight Studios (Pty) Ltd. Join me as i develop a metroidvania game set in ancient Japan, chat with others about game development and just hang out with us. Share your own are, music and games with everyone
Gaming | Entertainment
Quiet Little Feet is a game developer working on Where Birds Go to Sleep, an interactive story game.
Gaming | Technology
Official Ogre Pixel Discord server! Creating fantasy stories in form of indie videogames since 2014
Gaming | Technology
Official Necromancer's Gift Discord server! A game inspired by Nuzlocke Challenges + Slay the Spire PvP Online/LAN included Release date: late 2021
Gaming | Community
Mars Endless War is an upcoming multiplayer Roman Era slasher. Create your soldier barbarian or roman with more roman era factions to come and join the battle. Experience multiple immersive game modes, destructible environments, fast-paced, immersive fighting and an intense multiplayer experience.