Anime | Gaming
Welcome to Estalaria Pokemon Academy! In this academy students strive to become the best trainers, coordinators, rangers or researchers when they become adults.. The academy is run by 8 talented and experienced professors, with the mastery over Pokemon to match that of even the best Gym Leader. But the academy is more than that. It is a hub for the youth to be together, become friends with each other, challenge each other, and become closer to the Pokemon they hold dear by strengthening their bonds as they grow together. And, they might even discover the secrets the island of Estelaria holds, hidden away in its vast forests, and temple ruins. For an ancient Pokemon sleeps within one of them. A Pokemon that some people might want to get their hands on for not so honorable purposes. Come and join this wonderful Academy!
Gaming | LGBT
The Realms of Pride server in the video game Conan Exiles (PC) was created for LGBTQ+ players and allies. On the Isle of Siptah, we offer optional role-playing, PvP player regions, PvE player regions, ERP, and relaxed building rules compared to other servers.
Community | Gaming
A general public unofficial Discord server for Second Life® (all-around topics, public text/voice chat, information management, safe for work, third party).
Anime | Mature
My very own fan server of Doki Doki Literature Club! Discuss about the game and find new people to hang out with! Also this server has both an English and a French section so don't hesitate to join if you wish to learn either language!
Gaming | Technology
Gaming, Events, Tournaments, and More! Join T.O.G. Network Today
Gaming | Role-Playing
Darkest Dawn Online is an MMORPG based on the themes medieval and magic. Play with whoever you want online. Fight unique monsters and collect the most random item names. Go on a quest to find buried treasure. Cut down trees. Anything else? It's all sorted right in front of you. Play Darkest Dawn Online today at to start your adventure! ████████████████████████ ► Discord: ► Forum: ► Game: ████████████████████████
In summary, this is a medieval fantasy roleplay that takes place inside a life or death virtual reality video game.
Anime | Gaming
A server for all kinds of people. From those who like anime and those who enjoy gaming! Must be 13 years or older to enter as per Discord ToS
Streaming | Gaming
Server criado para unir viewers do canal
Gaming | Community | Programming
The official ColorBlend FX Discord server. This is a metroidvania game where Splatians must return the stolen colors back.
Social | Gaming
Welcome to the video game club. Come join the video game club! Chill with friends, listen to music or just have a conversation with people in the server.
Gaming | Community
Official public discord for the indie game "Piscary" On a deserted island, with no troubles, enjoy the experience of catch and release fishing. Come join the team and become part of the development process.
Role-Playing | Writing
A community for people who want an outlet for Touhou roleplaying! The world of Gensokyo is a large and fantastic place! We have a fairly lax environment, just remember to read the rules channel, fill out the form and introduce yourself if you'd like! Just be aware we require coherent, third person literate roleplay. You should have some understanding of how the world of Touhou operates. Our approval process for a character depends upon how fleshed out we feel the character is and how they fit into the setting. This is a 16+ minor friendly server, so there will be no NSFW. This extends to Sh/ta and L/li. This server is LGBT+ friendly and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. Before being given a role to speak in other channels, this form must be filled out. Tell the mods when it is filled out so they can check (requires email sign in).
Gaming | Community
Gaming, sandwiches, memes... What else do you really need?
Art | Programming | Financial
Looking for somewhere to post for commissions? Looking to recruit people for your projects? Just want a place that you can share your work? Paid or unpaid, small or big, advertise here! C: Growing community of +200!
Gaming | Community
a place to buy cheap game and cheap DLC of Steam and origin maybe more too
eSports | Hobbies
Notre discord est orientée vers la sympathie et l'amusement. Nous regroupons des personnes de tout les horizons et de tout jeux différents. N'hésitez pas à rejoindre , de nombreux giveaway seront organisés !
Gaming | Programming
Evolution of The Red Town
Gaming | Technology
Official Ogre Pixel Discord server! Creating fantasy stories in form of indie videogames since 2014
Gaming | Technology
Official Necromancer's Gift Discord server! A game inspired by Nuzlocke Challenges + Slay the Spire PvP Online/LAN included Release date: late 2021
Gaming | Entertainment
A server for the free browser game Delhanro. A game where you can play as over 100 heroes. You can play it here:
Streaming | Community
Make yourself at home in my garden! You are here because you are either a fan of my Twitch streams or you're one of my friends. ✿✹ᴗ〜
Gaming | Community
Mars Endless War is an upcoming multiplayer Roman Era slasher. Create your soldier barbarian or roman with more roman era factions to come and join the battle. Experience multiple immersive game modes, destructible environments, fast-paced, immersive fighting and an intense multiplayer experience.
Gaming | Meme
A friendly gaming community with events, giveaways, contests, emotes, and more. Make friends, find players, and interact with a family sized community.
Gaming | Programming
Oceanox is a survival game where you can Build, Unlock achievements, Complete Quests and unlock the story, learn more by playing.
Gaming | Community
The main server exclusively for players of Mario Kart Wii on Wiimmfi, a community-ran replacement matchmaking service for the deceased Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
Gaming | Community | Entertainment
Des discussions toujours amusantes et pas de prise de tête, un staff à l'écoute pour tout question ou problème, de nombreux serveurs de jeux sont mis à disposition pour votre plus grand plaisir de gamer !! L'équipe NVOB vous accueille à bras ouverts !
Gaming | Community
The unofficial Discord server for the MMO Spiral Knights!
Gaming | Streaming
Join a fun and buzzing community for all gamers. PC, Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo all are welcome here. Browny is an upcoming streamer playing a variety of different games. Discord community on the rise! What we got: Memes! Giveaways! Community Events! Streams! Music! Bots!