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A new community for Creators - The Playerstate discord server is an Early Access server for the Playerstate Platform. The Playerstate Platform will provide a place for creators of all types within the games industry to connect and collaborate with each other on projects and also provides creators with opportunities to connect and collaborate with Game Studios in order to make money.
Art | Programming
The programming, art, game development, browser game, helmet heroes... Homeless Hotel? Anyone who's homeless, come along!
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Takoway is a perspective-based puzzle game that is hard on the outside but squishy on the inside. Follow Tako the hexapus as she goes on a six-legged journey to find belonging away from captivity. Six tentacles, one goal. Tako ‘bout going against the current!
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GAMED3V é uma comunidade brasileira de desenvolvimento de jogos!
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mystice games ############### Game Development
Programming | Gaming
Welcome to Whoepz Studio, This is a Community where all Progammers and Game Developers are in one place. Everyone has there own skills. Like 2D Games, 3D Games, Everything you want or need to know about Unity. Feel free to join the server.
Technology | Programming
Server brasileiro que reúne desenvolvedores brasileiros todo o mês em encontros realizados próximo da ultima semana do mês!
Streaming | Gaming
The Roabros is a community server of the streamer Roasiac but also dives into game development of several games!
The official Discord server for BlockTanks, a simple and explosive multiplayer tank game! Join other players in a fast-paced and destructive team deathmatch. Collect weapons and defeat the enemy team using strategy, cooperation, or good old-fashioned brute force. Play as a guest or sign up for an account to track stats and level up.
Gaming | Entertainment
We want to build a community who will play together, share ideas, be informed about progress and be part of our game progress. With your help, we can do everything.
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Small Indie Roblox Game Studio
Gaming | Role-Playing
Nexus is the chat server that follows the development of the upcoming action role-playing game 'Nexus' based on a Cyberpunk theme that blends technology and magic.
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Hello, are you someone that wants something to happen in their lives? IFuture is server that will let you to talk about: Writing Programming and game design Games Art Here at IFuture, experience isn't life, we don't care your kdr is 0.1 or you don't know what an isp is. The only thing that matters is that you **want** to do what you couldn't before. Maybe you want friends? Or maybe you want to make a game? IFuture doesn't restrict your chances of future success, we only intervene if something isn't right. We have a custom bot made by FluxedScript#6358 meaning we don't have basic and common bots that all servers have.
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this server is a community about our game, which is in development, enter to participate in the discussion, and even decide to change the game, which is provisionally called project dungeon
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Basically a place where I post game updates, memes, memes, and memes.
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Game development for indies, students and professionals!
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I’m a Software Engineer, Game Developer, Streamer, Artist, and much more… Here you can find information about me and the things I do.
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Are you an artist wanting to boost your skills to be like those artists you admire? Looking to find the right audience to commission your work? Have you been struggling to find the right artist for a project you have in mind? Look no further and join Art Squad! We feature photography, game development, 3d modeling, 2d art, writing, and animation! We host weekly prompts to challenge and help develop artist's skills in the respective fields And we have an active community as well a variety of social channels to help you take that break from that 24 hour commission.
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The Official Discord for Evac.Net Come join us on our adventure through our latest games development, Duck and Cover. Duck and Cover is a First-Person Shooter, but with a twist. You're a duck with arms that have bulging muscles. Yeah, you heard me right. Sounds like something you would be interested in? Come join us!
Programming | Design
A great place for Game Devs and Artists
Community | Programming
Europe Godot Community development Projects. Chill server. Join!
Gaming | Programming
Cyberless Discord server for Cyberless Game Series. We are creating Video Games for PC on Steam. This server is "Customer Service" for Cyberless Game Series.
Gaming | Design
This server is for anyone who has an interest in Game Design/Development, programming, art, or anything else in the world of Game Development. My goal is to fill this discord with as much useful information for developers of all skill types. Like tutorials, game design videos, interviews, podcasts, and anything else that can help us becomes better at whatever aspect of Game Dev we love the most.
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Roblox based game development group
Gaming | Programming
ProfessorDJ's dev blog is about game development struggles, and a learning experience all over. This is a great opportunity to learn what a developer goes through, and get you exited in this new world. Praise.
Anime | Programming
Server about making a Jojo game
Business | Tabletop
Do you like D&D and other TTRPG's? Want to get in on the development of a new TTRPG and other Video/Card/Board games? TMG is the place for curious players to gather as well as other things. Come see whats going on.
Technology | Programming
ASOwnerYT's Discord server. We are a tech group, doing things like coding, Roblox development, ethical/white-hat hacking, and animals!
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The official Strega Games Discord server!
Gaming | Programming
The official Discord Server for Gismo Games! Creator of indie mobile game Void and more!
Gaming | Community
Official public discord for the indie game "Piscary" On a deserted island, with no troubles, enjoy the experience of catch and release fishing. Come join the team and become part of the development process.
Gaming | Art
This server is for the development of a 2D pixel RTS where the community will be able to see how it develops and have some influence over it. Pixel art , Game development, Games , 2D , RTS, real time strategy
YouTuber | Programming
This is the official Discord server for Clayton Does Things. Find more about Clayton Does Things at !
Business | Gaming
Game Development Company
Community | Programming
Death Awaits is a game that I am currently working on. It is a roguelike-like in a very limited 3 color palette. Come here to see what I'm up to, and give feedback on the project.
Community | Programming
This server allows you to hire, sell, advertise and many more! You can start your roblox development career here, and whenever you need help you can come to us.