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The Morrowind Modding Community is the main server dedicated to both the gamers and designers who play and mod The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.
Gaming | Hobbies
Takoway is a perspective-based puzzle game that is hard on the outside but squishy on the inside. Follow Tako the hexapus as she goes on a six-legged journey to find belonging away from captivity. Six tentacles, one goal. Tako ‘bout going against the current!
Education | YouTuber
The fan community server for Extra Credits. Because Learning Matters!
Business | Design
Services Providers
Community | Tabletop
The San Antonio Tabletop Game Designer's Guild is a place where game designers can get together and learn about game design while building a supportive community. In addition to learning from other designers and players' input, they will have a chance to market their games and sell them.
Gaming | Design
This server is for anyone who has an interest in Game Design/Development, programming, art, or anything else in the world of Game Development. My goal is to fill this discord with as much useful information for developers of all skill types. Like tutorials, game design videos, interviews, podcasts, and anything else that can help us becomes better at whatever aspect of Game Dev we love the most.
Gaming | Programming
Servidor de discord hispano con enfoque en el desarrollo de videojuegos
Gaming | Design
Simple to use, you're able to pretty much make exactly what you want in Tyranobuilder Visual Novel Studio. This server helps by introducing you to the awesome Tyrano VN community.
Technology | Gaming
The official Discord Server for, The browser-based platform to prototype, simulate & hand-off game systems. Easily visualize & communicate game systems, eliminate guesswork and iterate faster. Take the gut feeling out of your game design choices and join in on the conversation.
Community | Education
We are a server that assists you in all your game developing needs!
Art | YouTuber
3D Modeling, Animation and FX tutorials, community for 3D artists, studios, game developers, prop modelers and more.