Community | Art | Music
An empowering creative community. Facilitating art, design, music, development, writing and other content creation.
Community | Art | Music
An empowering creative community. Facilitating art, design, music, development, writing and other content creation.
Community | Art | Music
An empowering creative community. Facilitating art, design, music, development, writing and other content creation.
Art | Design | Community
The Art Club is a community of artists that are all in a similar field. Whether you're painting a canvas, sitting in-front of technology or strutting your stuff across the dance floor, we want you!
Art | Mature
Hewwo!!! We are a server with an interest of meeting and greeting fellow friendly individuals who are cute LIKE U!!!
Design | Art
¡¡¡Bienvenidos al servidor de Graphic Design!!! El servidor todavía sigue en mantenimiento por lo que habrá cambios futuros y constantemente, por lo que no se quedará como está... El servidor recién abre sus puertas para compartirles momentos en el que uno se sienta a gusto estar, ya sea en cualquier canal de texto o voz. Por eso el servidor les brinda diversos canales obviamente tanto de voz como de texto para que se sientan a gusto y un agradable clima. ¿Que canales contiene el servidor? 1- Canal de noticias. 2- Roles semi-automáticos (colores y profesiones de diseño). 3- Roles comerciables mediante un bot (UnbelievaBoat). 4- Bots de música + canales específicos de música para escuchar música 5- Canal para buscar jugadores de juego (No tiene nada que ver con el diseño) Solo para cambiar de aire. 6- Mercado para comprar o vender piezas/productos de diseño. 7- SORTEOS Y EVENTOS: Próximamente
Programming | Gaming
The Brighten Development Official Discord! Here, you can get support for our software, participate in cool events, and ask any software related questions to the many developers that reside here.
Art | Community
All about those wallpapers.
Gaming | Design
Official D:saster Studios discord, we make, play, and discuss tabletop games!
Gaming | Programming
The University of York Game Development Society. Come join us, we have cookies!
Art | Design
A discord server that provides design work to customers. We even do some for free!
Art | YouTuber
Game Dev, Design, Sound, Music and more.
Art | Hobbies
A place for like minded creative people to hang out
Design | Business
Johnny's Market is a place where you can get anything that you need (design, discord setup, marketing and much more)
Anime | Gaming
A community of Gamers and Anime Fans.
Art | Gaming
Tasarım Hizmetleri
Community | Technology
#shitty-ideas Share what you're working on!
Design | Technology
Eine deutschsprachige community die sich rund ums Thema UX/UI Design austauscht. Geschrieben und gesprochen wird in "denglischer" Sprache :) Jeder der interessiert ist, ist herzlich eingeladen an unseren Wissenstransfer teilzunehmen. Ob Anfänger oder alter Hase, man lernt nie aus.
Design | Business
Kostengünstiges Grafik- und Webdesign für Social Media (YouTuber, Streamer, Influencer, ...)!
Community | Business
Design | Community
Comunidade, Designer, Fun, Song
Technology | Programming
A Discord Community for Digital Systems Design. Hi everyone, After looking around for an existing server for this subject and finding nothing I have created a new Discord server for anyone passionate about homebrew cpu's or other digital systems such as VGA display drivers, Sound Synths, or just about any other thing you can think of. There are text and voice channels both. The intent of the server is to be a community where people of any skill level can just get on to hang out and talk about the digital world, help solve problems people may be having with their projects, work on group projects, link helpful resources related to digital design, or just share their own work. Digital hardware of every level is talked about and worked on. I hope we can form a strong collective of like minded people to take some of the burden out of the wonderful hobby/career of digital design.
Technology | Design
FNAGEER.COM WEBSITE AND APP BUILDER Create awesome mobile-friendly websites and apps for free! Using Websites, You Can Choose A Plan That Suits You.
Design | Community
hey there! we are trying to build a community of designers to come and join us and explore the amazing world of design.
Community | Social
Die Idee Vision Venue ist ein Discordserver, auf dem ihr euch mit anderen Leuten mit den selben Interessenbereichen austauschen könnt, neue Sachen lernt und eure eigene Projekte mit eurem Team leiten könnt. Unser Vorsatz Hier werden alle Menschen als Menschen angesehen und euch steht eure Menschlichkeit zugeschrieben. What? Alles hat einen Anfang und wenn ihr neu seid, braucht ihr Zeit euch einzufühlen. Möglichst leicht wird es, wenn alle auf dem selben Level dargestellt werden und sich die wesentlichen Unterschiede erst in den einzelnen Themenbereichen ausfindig machen lassen. Und jetzt genug gelesen, ich denke du bist nicht deswegen auf dieser Seite, oder? ^^
Community | Art
This is my design server. If you are interested in what you do and prices you can find me here. Thanks.
Design | Art
Community that provides a lightning fast connection between freelance creatives and employers.
Twitch-Community-Server von Shigarl
Art | Community
🖐️ Hello from Creativity Captivated! A new creative community, based on art fields including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and more. Share your ideas, ask for help, help others or just chill with us. All levels are welcome. Let's share our passion and grow together! 💛
Hobbies | Community
We are a Server for Nerf players and Nerf Modders.A Nerf Modding Community.You can share your Projects and Nerfs here :)
Social | Anime
This is a community server where everyone is welcome regardless of their race, sexuality, gender or religion. Everyone is accepted and we have channels where you are welcome to post your content such as art or your photography. We have very kind and welcoming members.
Bienvenue sur le Discord de Sruo Twitch. Retrouve les plannings de live, les best of des moment du live. Rejoins la communauté de viewer et partager avec eux.
Community | Programming
Codes Forum - молодое IT-сообщество по теме информационных технологий, занимающееся их обсуждением, популяризацией в СНГ, а так-же поддержки новых поколений и их начинаний.
eSports | Design
I'm building up Valorant casual team and later compositional team.
Community | Art
Davet Et Ödül Kazan
Design | Art
World Of Articity is a community server for Design & Motion Design, such as logo makers, banner makers, logo and avatar makers, intro makers etc. Each seller in the server gets his own text channel for his shop, and then people can look at his portfolio and contact him faster if they're interested in his work.
Gaming | Technology
Merhabalar RiG Team ailesine hoşgeldiniz. Ben Mudjekeewis, yayınlarıma hepinizi bekliyorum. Sevgiler
Community | Business
We design awesome discord servers, logos,posters