Art | Design
The Art Club is a community of artists that are all in a similar field. Whether you're painting a canvas, sitting in-front of technology or strutting your stuff across the dance floor, we want you!
Design | Art
¡¡¡Bienvenidos al servidor de Graphic Design!!! El servidor todavía sigue en mantenimiento por lo que habrá cambios futuros y constantemente, por lo que no se quedará como está... El servidor recién abre sus puertas para compartirles momentos en el que uno se sienta a gusto estar, ya sea en cualquier canal de texto o voz. Por eso el servidor les brinda diversos canales obviamente tanto de voz como de texto para que se sientan a gusto y un agradable clima. ¿Que canales contiene el servidor? 1- Canal de noticias. 2- Roles semi-automáticos (colores y profesiones de diseño). 3- Roles comerciables mediante un bot (UnbelievaBoat). 4- Bots de música + canales específicos de música para escuchar música 5- Canal para buscar jugadores de juego (No tiene nada que ver con el diseño) Solo para cambiar de aire. 6- Mercado para comprar o vender piezas/productos de diseño. 7- SORTEOS Y EVENTOS: Próximamente
Art | Support
Vous avez besoin d'aide sur le logiciel GIMP ? Ce serveur est fait pour vous !
Art | Business
Photoshopping thumbnails, Logos and Banners.
Streaming | Social
╔═☆════════════☆═╗ Cabras Locas ╚═☆════════════☆═╝ 🐐 ¿QUIEN ES CUYBA? Cuyba es un talentoso Diseñador Gráfico, Animador e ilustrador que comparte su trabajo día a día en streamings donde hace practicas dibujos, conceptarts, fanarts y comisiones. Su canal es de entretenimiento y guia-tutoriales así que no dudes de preguntarle algo de arte ó diseño mientras la pasamos fenomenal en sus directos !! 🐐 ¿QUIENES SOMOS? Y ¿QUE OFRECEMOS? Somos una comunidad artística y gamer conformada por distintos miembros provenientes de diferentes partes del mundo. Contamos con un Servidor para todas las edades: un Staff preparado y amigable; moderación automática las 24 hs; variedad de Bots; Categorías de Videojuegos: Lol, CS:GO, Fortnite, PUGB, Minecraft. Banner: [ 🍹 Ping @here ] Enlace Su canal de Twitch:
Design | Art
World Of Articity is a community server for Design & Motion Design, such as logo makers, banner makers, logo and avatar makers, intro makers etc. Each seller in the server gets his own text channel for his shop, and then people can look at his portfolio and contact him faster if they're interested in his work.
Design | Programming
This is a design-related server owned by Killer(me). I've worked for tens of people including MyUsernamesThis the popular youtuber/streamer. If you're intrested in purchasing a gfx/UI here's the place to go.
Education | Design
For those who are new to graphic design and want to learn, experienced people to show, talk and sell, or people to buy services.
Anime | Role-Playing
We are nice people that like Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai and sometimes the owner Photoshops for fun
Design | Art
Servidor brasileiro sobre GIMP. Junte-se a nossa comunidade!
Art | Hobbies
Animation Plantation is home to many talented, amateur, and even beginner animators! The server also includes voice actors and actresses, musicians, writers, and all types of artists! We encourage all forms of art, and we're dedicated to collaborating, giving tips, and helping each other out on projects. We also love playing games, eating junk food, and participating in contests! Age 13+ only!
Design | Art
Design Lab is a server built fundamentally on creative learning and making friends. Here you can find almost everything you need to fulfill your creative needs. Not to mention our awesome monthly contests and giveaways! Win some awesome premium graphics. Top notch, I tell ya! It's basically heaven, let's be real. Spread the word, stay a while, tell your mum!
Art | Entertainment
Come one. come all! This server is a place for artists and circus-lovers alike! Here, you can sell commissions, post art, and talk about anything appropriate! Why not give it a try?
Design | Business
Hey! This is the discord server for my Graphics business called WCM Graphics. I sell Photoshop Logo Templates, Custom Logos/Graphics and Esport Logos for low prices, we're adding new content daily! Join my discord and also check out my store.
Art | Community
Salut à toi camarade! Dict'Art est un serveur dédié à la création numérique et artisanale. Sur Dict'Art tu peux discuter avec d'autres membres, poster tes créations, demander de l'aide et aider à ton tour en donnant tes avis et conseils. Le but de ce serveur est de permettre à des passionnés de tous horizons d'alimenter ses connaissances dans un domaine général qu'est l'Art, tout cela dans une ambiance spécifique choisie par la modération. C'est l'occasion pour toi de discuter avec des membres qui n'ont pas le même degré d'expérience que toi et d'en apprendre plus (ou, qui sait, de permettre à d'autres de progresser !). A bientôt en Mère-Patrie camarade!
Gaming | Entertainment
Hey, I made a server with my friend Forzurda where we create, share and discuss about in game and irl photography for games like forza, would you like to join?
Design | Gaming
Hello! On my Server you can play or buy Designs made by me. Here is my YouTube Channel
Community | Gaming
Crimson is a community server for anyone looking to meet new people, play games, VC, share photoshops, and just generally goof off. Hope you enjoy your stay!
Art | Design
Retrouvez sur ce serveur les créations d'Adri526, artiste 2D / 3D, postez les vôtres, et recevez des retours !
Art | Technology
An Adobe discord for people of all skill levels. Just started using Adobe? Professional with Adobe softwares? You're welcome here! Adobe Systems Community (ASC) invites all skill levels and may be a great place to get help for and understand Adobe softwares such as Photoshop, After Effects, and the like.
Design | Art
Welcome to Defolt Graphic Design Server, I am a professional Graphic designer, I have worked for many private people and Organisations! This is also a Graphic design and Visual effects Community design and editing server where all editors and designers of all skill levels can come together! You can advertise your own work, receive and give feedback to others, participate in contests, etc!
Design | Sports
A server focused on graphic designers who work in the sports industry. Chat with other designers, discuss your work, and learn from each other!
Design | Art
Still Learning is a friendly server focused on art & design; graphic design, web design, illustration, and more. Members are free to share their portfolios + links to social profiles, exchange ideas, submit designs for feedback, share tips & tricks and just hang out and chat. Join us today!
Design | Art
Graphics Designers, free and paid work. Community requests, stocks including backgrounds, icons, fonts, textures, assets, etc. Chill community.
Art | Design
Fortnite Blender, Photoshop help.
Artist's Cubby is a server where artists can hangout post their art and have a good time, there are channels for commissioning so if you want to sell art feel free, It is also a social interaction server so you don't just have to make art you can actually interact with the people inside artist's cubby whether your a 10 year old artist who is just starting looking for help with art, or a 25 year old artist amazing at art your welcome in artist's cubby.
Art | YouTuber
Photoshop Goodness.
Art | Technology
GFX server looking for members and people who need designs
Art | Hobbies
Aesthetic its a staring community, where you could find people that like, create and decicate to Photoshop and Art design. The thing here its that, you can ask and talk with people in the server, for help, or any kind of advise. We are friendly, and we talk diary about anime, memes and life. You're Welcome to Join on our little community. :D