Anime | Gaming | Art
Welcome to Penguin's End! A fun and friendly discord server for anime, gaming, fashion and cosplay. We have color roles and a wide array of fun server bots. Make friends, share your works, chat and have fun! Join today!
Anime | Gaming | Art
Welcome to Penguin's End! A fun and friendly discord server for anime, gaming, fashion and cosplay. We have color roles and a wide array of fun server bots. Make friends, share your works, chat and have fun! Join today!
Anime | Gaming | Art
Welcome to Penguin's End! A fun and friendly discord server for anime, gaming, fashion and cosplay. We have color roles and a wide array of fun server bots. Make friends, share your works, chat and have fun! Join today!
Community | Music
/r/goth offical discord. The only goth focused server on Discord! Tons of members, giveaways, music, you name it! What's your favorite Bauhaus track?
Community | Social
We are an 18+ chill community server with a focus on horror, gaming, chatting about tech, metal music, and visual kei music.
Community | Hobbies
• A place to chat, share music, art, photos, memes, etc. • We’re a new growing server with 100+ Friendly Members👪 • We have channels such as Art, Music, Images, and more. • Self roles - Various options to describe yourself🙋‍♂️ • Come hang out with us!
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Hey there cool cats. Are you a fan of the vintage? You like classic movies, old hollywood, retro fashion, swinging music or just modern history in general? Well then this is the place for you!
Entertainment | Music
A server for those who want to discuss/share stuff with each other. This server's main focus is kdrama and kmovie, but we also have room for other topics like kpop, manhwa, anime, learn Korean, Asian drama/movie, international movie, international music, fashion etc.
Hobbies | Community
LoveSick Cutie is a menhera/yami kawaii/Lolita/j-fashion/alternative fashion server focused on improving mental health and making friends! Many dere roles, small friendly (highly moderated) community. Join us today!
Art | Social
A small but growing community based around self-promoting original art/photography/music/socials and discussing fashion trends/aesthetics/outifts/vaporwave/streetwear/drug experiences/internet culture.  ADVERTISING YOUR ORIGINAL WORK WILL ALWAYS BE FREE :) IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BECOME A MODERATOR DM ME! RULES: 01. You may only post 1 time every 24 hours per channel. 02. Make sure to delete your existing ad before you re-post! Any violations will be deleted without prior notice. 03. Make sure to post in correct categories. 04. Do not post out side the social promotion channels. 06. No bitch bois 07. 18+Only
Community | Fitness
If you want to become more stylish, this server is for you. We have a wide variety of members and we can help educate you on men's style. Already well versed? Let's just talk, then!
Community | Art
Formerly partnered with the Subtle Asian Aesthetics Facebook page. Community server based around Asian Aesthetics including fashion, art and design, photography and beauty and skincare with monthly events and other future events. We also have a bunch of off-topics such as gaming, karaoke, cars, music, confessions and a few more! Mostly Asian members, non-Asians are welcome but yellow fever is not.
Design | Social
This a new server trying to get as much members as we can , The rules are not really strict just follow discord normal rules , that does not mean you should not read the rules although the rules are not that strict you should still follow them , If you are sensitive dont join , dont take anything seriously or personally . Just have fun and talk about whatever you like but keep it classy and glamorous
Art | Entertainment
server made by beal
Community | Gaming
[ RƎD House ] is a server where the objective is to bring together a community of people with different interests and perspectives. This is a safe place where everyone can come together to just talk about anything and chill out. We are aiming to make our community a safe and friendly place where our members can join and easily find and make new friends with people of similar interests. We are a small community at the moment, but we hope in the future we can grow big enough to share this great experience with others.
Art | Design
Content/media based server revolving around general art and design. The aim is obliqueness and obscurity.
Community | Art
We're a friendly streetwear community that welcomes everyone to discuss releases, sneaker hype and anything fashion-related.
Community | Social
We’re a new positive community-based server with the goal of connecting all sorts of people together. No matter what your interest or hobbies may be, The goal is to build a community together where people can share their experiences and truly create a positive impact in- as well as outside of our Discord server. We have: • Colour roles • Music Bots • Arcade • RPG • Channels for art, fashion, Social media, Health and Wellness etc. • Lots of bots with fun features • Welcoming and supportive staff If you’re looking for a welcoming and striving community let's do so together!
Anime | Gaming
Anime, Manga, Gaming, Music, Social, Comics, and Actives ! 16+ community of laid back friends. Not strict and wanna meet new people ! Mostly NA and E, Almost 2 year Anniversary ✨🏄‍♀️
LGBT | Hobbies
Hie!! Welcome to Drag League! I'm Rufina Fox, the creator of this server made for the drag and crossdresser community! It doesn't matter if you're a drag queen, king, crossdresser, straight, gay, bi, trans, etc. This server is accepting of all kinds of people! If you don't crossdress or do drag, that's completely fine! Everyone is welcome to join (trolls excluded) We have: -Lovely members and staff -Self assignable roles -Polls -QOTD -General chat -Venting channel -Selfies -Memes -Channels for those to show off their talent -Beauty & fashion discussion -Channels for drag-related things And more!
Art | Design
Come one come all to discuss art and share your work! Fully customizable server with myriad roles, rss feeds from the art world, a channel for each creator type including photography, videography, illustration and even cooking! Come share with the community, get constructive feedback, learn tips from masters of their craft. Challenge prizes, reputation awards, and fun bots. Enjoy your stay!
Entertainment | Community
Appease your needs. Roblox Clothing Company.
Social | Community
Welcome to sneakers, a discord server dedicated to the sneakerheads of the world! 11k+ members discussing new drops, games, fashion and more! Come join us and see why people love to call it home!
Social | Hobbies
Beauty, Makeup & Fashion focused discord server to share. Change your life with a good fitness, nutrition and self-care plan.
Community | Hobbies
A 18+ community for those with the following interests; Streetwear fashion, with focuses in styles such as alternative, goth, e-girl, and more, Programming, with focuses in languages such as Python, Java, and HTML/CSS, Tattoos & Piercings, Art, Writing, and more!
Art | Music
Artists networking, promoting and commuting.
Community | Social
💖 Beauty Related Thing 💖 Hey Cuties! If You Love All Things Beauty Related This Is The Server For You. Join Our Server Where Everyone Is Welcomed Despite Your Race, Gender. ⭐️ Self Promotion ⭐️ Color Roles ⭐️
Business | Community
CREEM Networking is a brand new community that is dedicated towards freelancers, entrepreneurs, influencers, music producers, DJ’s, musicians, and many more!
Art | Community
A community of artists and friends who love making music and videos. We love design, philosophy, and intellectual discussion. We provide a chill space where you can share whatever you would like, or learn from others. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your skill level or experience. All roles are equal and it is a fair society.
Gaming | Art
Huge active gaming/chill community with user-friendly interactions
Community | Writing
Regalless Unyverse (Pronunciation: Regal-less Universe) We are an online content creating a community for all types! Need help creating art, music, fashion, etc? We can help you! We also are heavy supporters of LGBTQ community. You don't need to have a hobby to join either we like talking and meeting new people too. is a proud mini-community within Makuwro. Regalless Unyverse is a community to accept all people regardless of how weird they are. Be positive and accepting of others regardless of how different they are without judgment.
Community | Anime
Hello. My name is Abdul and I'm the server creator. I present to you this server. You can chill here, talk with other people, find new friends, post your content, talk with friendly Community. We enjoy quarantine here, because of its fun. SFW content :)
Community | Fitness
Are you interested in skincare, haircare, makeup, fashion, nutrition, fitness, books, mental health, or overall self-improvement? Then this is the server for you.
Community | Hobbies
The Watch Analytics is your one-stop site for all market analytics and specifications for watches.
Community | Gaming
Community with friendly staff, useful bots, giveaways, music bots and parties thrown by the staff, gaming channels, and more.
Anime | Gaming
DISCORD FOR COSPLAYERS, ANIME LOVERS, COSPLAY LOVERS, GAMERS. We are always looking for fun active people to join. We have game nights, movie nights, calls, video chats and more. Come and show off your cosplay or advice for a cosplay in the works. Look for your new gamer buddy. We are a very supportive fun group. Thank you Moriko.
Community | Support
A server delicated to Menhera fashion and art.