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/r/goth offical discord. The only goth focused server on Discord! Tons of members, giveaways, music, you name it! What's your favorite Bauhaus track?
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Talk about frugal fashion. Getting the best bang for your buck
Community | Gaming
We are an active, friendly discord server. We are based off of our roblox studio, DJE Studios. We post both games and clothing, daily.
Appease your needs. Roblox Clothing Company.
Gaming | LGBT
Bubble gum simulator and other games Trading & giveaways We are new and looking to grow with the community we are friendly staff And love all things games related. We support are LGBTQ community We offer clothing requests from roblox All at low price of $5 robux or any donations Giveaways get better the more members we have and also looking for nitro boosters We offer custom roles also
Design | Gaming
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚*a clothing group* ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ hi! you should totally pop on over to our snazzy server, with a name created by two ✧ very indecisive ✧ people! what are we? we're a roblox based group looking to expand, and engage with many others; attempting to make the server more universal so that anyone, absolutely anyone can pop in regardless of what they do! you can chat with other members and whip up some new friends in either our own general chat, or by using that really fascinating bot that lets you phone other users! ♡ we really hope that you check us out and be apart of the members that'll continue to boost our activity and engagement levels, can't wait to chat with you : ) ♡
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chill server
Gaming | Entertainment
Roblox group that makes good clothes and is enjoyable to just come and chat in the discord group.
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We are a community of people that fight against replicas.
Design | Programming
Roblox clothing server for everyone to see our cheap prices!
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The most reliable, cheap and friendly slot server on the market!
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iFruity - Clothing & Medical Supplies