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Talk about frugal fashion. Getting the best bang for your buck
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-----------------Sky Notify------------------- Why Choose us? Sky notify has a team a active and dedicated staff here to help you turn resell into a career. With our large amount of features we can point you in the direction of checkouts and make your resell game explode. -Features- >24/7 Support >Release Guides >Exclusive groupbuys >Alerts >Monitors >Free Giveaways >Resell advice >Drop info >ACO >Pre Orders >Investments >Flips >Bot rentals Twitter:
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Helping members secure every release while increasing their monthly Profits.
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Free Cook Group that will help you earn a sustainable living off of selling sneakers and streetwear from the comfort of your home. The server comes fully equipped with many tools to take your reselling to the next level.
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Community | Investing
We are Space Notify, a new reselling cook group that is on the mission to show and help everyone cook out on profitable drops. (In BETA)
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・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ :calling: :bulb: :tada: :calling: :electric_plug: :calling: :package: :package: :bulb::electric_plug: :bulb: :electric_plug: ˚˖˙ KicksFromthe609 :tada: ˚˖˙⌜ what we offer ⌟ ↷:calling: ・━━━━・ʚ:heart:ɞ・━━━━・ ˚˖˙ ⌜ :cloud_rain: ⌟・daily stock ˚˖˙ ⌜ :cloud_rain: ⌟・Buyer page ˚˖˙ ⌜ :cloud: ⌟・Reseller page* ˚˖˙ ⌜ :cloud_rain: ⌟・friendly members ˚˖˙ ⌜ :cloud: ⌟・No Seller/Buyer Fees ˚˖˙ ⌜ :cloud_rain: ⌟・daily deals ˚˖˙ ⌜ :cloud: ⌟・cute server emojis* ˚˖˙ ⌜ :cloud_rain: ⌟・level + reaction roles ・━━━━・ʚ:umbrella2:ɞ・━━━━・ ˚˖˙⌜ join us now to be in sneaker heaven:calling:, growing the sneaker community day by day ⌟ ↷:cloud_rain: ˚˖˙ ⌜ :cloud_rain: ⌟
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Investing | Financial
We are a server dedicated to getting you into the Best Cook groups so you can be reaching profits over $1k+ in no time!
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We are some Enthusiasts with Sneakers and streetwear too. Also about the cooking and about making new friends too. We help generate Early Nike Links for SNKRS too for FREE! Yes, free! Don't be silly to pay for Early Links when you can get them for free. Feel free to ask any questions! We are a fully-owned Asia/Singapore Server. Starting to expand to the states and EU! Feel free to invite your friends too, sharing is caring! Will have more stuff coming in the future too! Come in and chill with us! Go to #VERIFY to gain access to all the channels! Do remember to read the RULES before verifying! Have a pleasant stay :D