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Hie!! Welcome to Drag League! I'm Rufina Fox, the creator of this server made for the drag and crossdresser community! It doesn't matter if you're a drag queen, king, crossdresser, straight, gay, bi, trans, etc. This server is accepting of all kinds of people! If you don't crossdress or do drag, that's completely fine! Everyone is welcome to join (trolls excluded) We have: -Lovely members and staff -Self assignable roles -Polls -QOTD -General chat -Venting channel -Selfies -Memes -Channels for those to show off their talent -Beauty & fashion discussion -Channels for drag-related things And more!
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Beauty, Makeup & Fashion focused discord server to share. Change your life with a good fitness, nutrition and self-care plan.
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💖 Beauty Related Thing 💖 Hey Cuties! If You Love All Things Beauty Related This Is The Server For You. Join Our Server Where Everyone Is Welcomed Despite Your Race, Gender. ⭐️ Self Promotion ⭐️ Color Roles ⭐️
Art | Community
A Nail Tech / Nail Art Discord Server for all who are beginning to learn or experts at doing nails!
Community | Streaming
Celebrating You is an International Modeling & Talent Agency for Models, MUAs (Makeup 💄Tutorials), Hair, Nails and Beauty School & Store.
Anime | LGBT
Peglown is the newest and one of, if not the, greatest forums for makeup, beauty and fashion discussion! Share your passion here.
Art | Community
Practical FX is the first of its kind Discord server for discussing various practical effects such as body paint, prosthetics, makeup, puppets, and other forms of fooling people without CGI!