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Australia's premiere discord server, with quality users and quality chat. AusChat is an exclusive server, where only the best will do. Featuring discussions both serious and light-hearted, about all things Australian, and everything beyond. Eccentric or creative people are very much encouraged to join. Featuring: Channels for Music, Books, Health, Film, Computing, Gaming, Sports, Politics, Game streaming, Audio chat. Channels for every Australian capital city (and state), so get to know your neighbours.
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♦ NSW RolePlay. ♦ White listed emergency services. ♦ Mature Staff. ♦ Amazing RP. ♦ Server IP:
Community | eSports
Arena Bred. Competitive Gamers
Gaming | Hobbies
Gaming Network that is focused on a non toxic community environment.
Entertainment | Hobbies
freedom of speech is a small growing community where people from around the globe no matter who you are can feel comfortable, make friends and find someone with similar interests. there is no ban of anyone ever as you are free to text or voice chat anything you want to anyone you want. freedom may also be used to promote your own servers not a problem at all :) enjoy your time here and i hope you like it lets get into it. also you fuckin dirty cunts can chat whatver the shit is u fuckin wanna talk about have a great time here ;0
Gaming | Entertainment
Australia & New Zealand Virtual Reality community server - we love VR and play VR games with others in Oceania.
Social | Community
Discord for people who live in Brisbane/ SEQ. Meetups pretty frequently, friendly semi active chat.
Launched 17 Aug 2019 If I build it, will you join?
Streaming | Gaming
Just an itty bitty tiny Discord for my streaming stuffs. Not much to see here......
Gaming | eSports
A Discord server for League players in OCE!
Gaming | Social
Veed II is the reincarnation of Veed Laboratories. It is a server for SCP: Secret Laboratory that is hosted in Australia.
Technology | Community
A community discord server for members of the Waze Australia editing community.
Community | eSports
The Oceanic hub for Fortnite. The most active and largest server in the oceanic community. Providing game updates/info, LFG, events, giveaways and more.
Gaming | Hobbies
A chill and casual PS4 community made for OCE/ASIA players!
Gaming | Meme
The Madhouse - Yet another Australian gaming community, currently growing at a slow rate looking for members and people to help moderate our communities.
Social | Gaming
Just a chill server for people in Australia to chill n talk to other people wanting to play games or just talk shit n wot not. Just started so join soon before it gets massive:)
Social | Community
Adelaide Hangouts is a social server for meeting new people and making new friends, We aim to achieve this by running in person meetups, Sharing social opportunities with others in the community and maintaining a friendly social space online!
Gaming | Role-Playing
We are a NSW Australia based FiveM roleplay community which is based around a DOJ style roleplay. We are a small community growing as time goes on.
Gaming | Community
Z Special Unit is an Australian/Oceanic gaming community with a solid clan at it's core - in fact we're one of the largest and oldest non game-specific communities in Oceania - we're all about playing games to have fun, and being around like minded people! We're all about living our core values - Teamwork, Comradery and Respect.
Gaming | Streaming
The discord server for the BlueBirdRP GTA V RP community. Join for information on how to play, support and to become a part of the community.
Gaming | eSports
Battalion 1944 OCE Australia New Zealand
Gaming | eSports
Hi, and welcome to the largest Oceania, Overwatch PS4 group! We have a large community, accept all ranks, and regularly host PUGs, Leagues and Scrims for teams that you can easily join. Feel free to join just to try it out!
Gaming | Community
OCEANIC Based Gaming community established in 2013. Our aim is to connect players with each other and overall just have a blast.
Social | Beliefs
Witchcraft, Wicca and Pagan server
Gaming | Community
ANZ Dad Squad is a brand new community, designed with one thing in mind. To connect geeks and gamers in the same crazy stage of life; Fatherhood. A huge part of what makes ANZ Dad Squad great, is the goal that no Dad does life alone. Here, we can connect, game, ask for advice, vent, or simply share about ourselves and family! Unfortunately, I was searching for a place like this, but any Dad based communities seemed to be based in the US. Eventually I decided that if there wasn’t one already, I would get the ball rolling and start this thing myself. From there, ANZ Dad Squad was born. Now, our community is growing with great people who want the same thing. To connect and grow together! Please note: You must be a Dad, or Dad-to-be, to join!
Entertainment | YouTuber
The official Discord server for the Drizzle Animations Youtube Channel!
Gaming | Community
OCEANIC GAMING REPUBLIC. "Arte et marte" For all people of the Oceanic Region. Synthesized information on current events within the Gaming community. Reviews and Youtube channels posting allowed and encouraged. This is a group made by devoted Gamers from Brisbane, Australia. Everyone in the Oceanic region is accepted, we only ask you follow a simple set of guidelines and try to maintain a positive attitude. RULES: #1 No ostracizing other platform Gamers. #2 Political and/or social debates prohibited, keep it gaming related. #3 We will not tolerate people being attacked. Differing opinions is fine but it has a line. Don't be a d**k. Popular Games * Rocket League * Rainbow Six Siege * Rising Storm Vietnam * Ring of Elysium * 7 Days to Die * Stellaris * Apex Legends * Total War Warhammer
Social | Support
An Australian discord server dedicated to the Aussie people. Mostly for being social
Gaming | eSports
Oceanic discord server for AOE II. We are a friendly bunch, are very active and hold the occasional tournament and IRL events
Gaming | Anime
gamers looking for some peace
Community | Role-Playing
G'day and welcome to Imperial Australia! This is a community, where you can make friends and join political parties that you like. Includes: 【▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬✮▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬】 -Join political parties and vote in polls. -Meet new people with similar views. -Fight against other nations 【▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬✮▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬】 Good luck on your journey from Down Under. Long live Imperial Australia!
Gaming | Entertainment
Gaming , intoxicated convos , movies , reality , and anything really
Gaming | Community
Hangout and meet the community Play FPS, grinding & PVP games Hosting Pickup Games Hosting movie/ tv binge nights
Hobbies | Social
A newly established motorcycle riding discord based in Sydney Australia. If you ride or have a passion for bikes, and live in Sydney, please welcome yourself to our discord. We try to have a positive all welcoming atmosphere for all races, genders and bikestyles. 18+.
Gaming | Anime
TemTem themed server for players. Maintaining a positive vibe. Join today :)
Community | Entertainment
Gday Chads, Kiwi server is a relaxed community that is focused around fitness, gaming, memes and just making some new friends. If you are looking for those things drop on in Hope to see you around brother