Furry | Community
A decent sized server filled with great people from Australia, New Zealand, and some international. Why don't you come join us? Aus & NZ furries has been around for over 3 years. People from Australia, New Zealand, and even Internationals are welcome! Come join our amazing and friendly members and staff, enjoy our dedicated Minecraft servers, game nights, and much more!
Gaming | Role-Playing
Borderlands Addicts Dedicated channel actively provides SHiFT codes for all Borderlands games. Reduce lag issues, minimise time-zone differences, connect with local players. Launched 17 Aug 2019
Gaming | eSports
A Discord server for League players in OCE!
Gaming | Social
Veed II is the reincarnation of Veed Laboratories. It is a server for SCP: Secret Laboratory that is hosted in Australia.
LGBT | Support
Gay lol
Community | Gaming
A community focused multi-game discord based in Oceania. Must have a good attitude.
eSports | Gaming
Welcome to the official Valorant Oceanic Competitive discord!
Gaming | eSports
R6 SiegeAU is for all ages, skill level and anyone from AU or NZ may join, The soul purpose of the discord is to get 5 mans going and for those people that want to find more friends to game with on siege. When you join you not see chats untill we give you the player role do not worry we are active.
Gaming | Community
[XGS]Xanthiserver Home of Clan [XGS] owners of the [AU/NZ]Xanthiserver game servers. Old farts and Whippersnappers hanging out and playing games / talking shit. Everyone is welcome.
Community | Gaming
This is a server based on ANZAC, this is a roblox clan/army, a community gathering everyone to come, active members, high ranks supervising, events, and we also have actual events we celebrate (ANZAC Day, Maori Week, etc) Accepting anyone!