Hello My name is kevin andrews, you are wondering why I made this server my friend is called Theo she is also the co-owner, but I made this as we have movie nights every friday and the members can vote on what time, we have venting channel where you can say your problems and no one will judge you,gaming such as rainbow six siege rust,anime, this server is for teens to date on and mostly social chatting.
**Micro-verse!** Are you a fan of shooter games? Come and join us now! Features: > Amari: Leveling bot w/ roles > YAGPDB: Self assignable roles > Many more! Games we currently have: > Minecraft (Not a shooter but who doesn't like Minecraft?) > Overwatch > Rainbow Six Siege > Escape from Tarkov > Call of Duty > Apex Legends > Fortnite > PUBG > CSGO Join us here now: https://discord.gg/hb56AEB
Welcome to Dash! Here you can find awesome people to play your favorite games with. We have a competitive rainbow six siege team and we are looking for members for the rosters. Feel free to participate in our tryouts! Heres our twitch: twitch.tv/dashtvlive
Friendly and fun server full of fun people to play with. Streamers can have their stream advertised in our channels. Includes streamer rooms! Join up for a variety of high quality voice chat rooms! Long term members get perks! XP Roles. Color Roles. R6 and OSU Bots. Always open for more suggestions. More to come! Clean and well organized server.
Fortnite Competitive, COD Competitive, R6 Competitive, Recruiting, GFX/VFX, Content Creators
Funny, laid-back and relax type of server with competitive gamers and non-competitive gamers.
A Rainbow 6 Siege server who's purpose is to bring players together for ranked and etc.We are hoping for active player to join and help us grow. Thank you for choosing Team Stryker!
A multi-game community, primarily for PC Rainbow Six Siege players. We play casual and ranked games, hold community events and tournaments, as well as focus on helping to build each of our skills. We are a community focused at having fun while getting better at the games we play. Join today and make some friends!
www.igsq.org | Global PC Gaming & Social Community | 145+ members | Rocket League, Minecraft, R6, CSGO | Exclusive bot, Pokécord & MEE6 | Weekly Movie Nights | Tournaments | 24/7 MC Server
INCOGNITO Esports -Rainbow six seige scrims -Active staff -No toxicity -Will help new players -Any rank can join a team -We can help you grow as a player by having you play against same skill level
Salut la populas', bienvenue sur le serveur de la communauté DXT. Vous pourrez y retrouver des joueurs de tout jeux et styles de jeux confondus venant de toutes plateformes (PC-PS4-XBOX-SWITCH-...) mais également des YouTubeurs / Streameurs (vous serez prévenues a chaque début de live et sorties de nouvelle vidéos dans un salon dédiée). N'hésitez surtout pas à rejoindre, personne ne mord !. Enjoy :v:
Deutscher Gaiming Server auf dem ihr jeder Zeit mit euren Freunden Sprechen könnt.
R6: Siege eSports Team
Our goal is to connect users across discord to create the superior gaming experience.
Bryceisanerd's official Discord server!
Servidor de Discord de la comunidad TopGamers, donde encontrarás de todo. Encuentra a más usuarios para jugar con ellos, hablar, etc.
Welcome to R6 FOR PRO OR NOT, here u can play with players in all on the world, lets come !
A Serious Meme Themed Rainbow Six Siege Discord!
Grupo gaming português
Rainbow six siege team based in Australia
FR : Ici, c'est le serveur de la communauté ZCore qui est une équipe eSport de Rainbow Six Siége crée par F4Mas ET Oihan Ps : Le serveur est ouvert a toute les personnes, même celle qui ne font pas partie de nôtre équipe :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EN : Here, is the ZCore community server which is a Rainbow Six Siege team, created by F4Mas AND Oihan Ps: The server is open to all people, even those who are not part of our team :)
Rainbow Six: Siège server.
Buenas, os presento un servidor de Rainbow 6 español. Es muy nuevo asi que estamos abiertos a sugerencias.
au server looking to grow community and trying to build up for tournaments with cash prizes, also if u want to stop solo q'ing come join and make some new friends
Los Turcos Rainbow Six Siege severler için, büyük ödüllü turnuva düzenlenen ve isteyenlerin ranked oynayabileceği discord topluluğudur.
Servidor Focado em Streamers e Gamers
Servidor do Canal DrpGamePlay
Welcome to the Evo Esports Rainbow Six Siege Tournament Discord! This Rainbow Six Siege Tournament will happen every Sunday at 2pm GMT!
STRIKER Gaming Discord STRIKER is a German E-Sports Organisation with Teams in Fortnite Battle Royale, Apex Legends, Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Siege, You can talk to some of the Players of find new Friends to play your Favorite Games Together!
Hello! Welcome To My Discord, It Is Mainly Gaming-Based You Could Find People Who Play The Same Games You Play Like: PUBG, Dead By Daylight, Rust, Deceit, And Many More! We Hope You Will Join And Stay In Our Growing Community!
This is a brand new server based around rainbow six siege We offer LFG, Ranked voice chats, Teams, and once more people join we will offer private skrims, possibly with a prize pool We are in early days and have very few people Anyone is welcome and as we grow we will consider adding more games and making it a gaming server
Nova Community est un serveur discord francophone (France, Belgique, Suisse, Québec,…) convivial dans lequel se retrouvent différentes personnes de différentes personnalités et qui ont un ou plusieurs points communs. Que tu sois Gay,Bi,Hétéro,Lesbienne,Transgenre et tous les autres pour ne pas tous les citer, tu peux rejoindre notre serveur ! (Oui oui c’est sérieux) Nous avons quelques centres d’intérêt comme les jeux vidéos pour ceux qui sont passionnés, nous avons même une section dédiée à l’eSport pour ceux qui aiment. Les passionnés de musique peuvent également partager leurs morceaux favoris ainsi que leurs compositions personnelles et bien d’autres encore !
Sacrifice of the Sincere is an open and welcoming gaming community, with many game servers, in game Guilds, and friendly members. We appreciate teamwork, good communication, and the ability to have fun.
↣ ΣUREKA est un server regroupant de tout, mais surtout, un centre de discussion où tous les sujets et centres d’intérêts sont acceptés et partagés en ne tenant compte d’aucune différence ! ↣ Faites parts de vos centres d’intérêts, créations et situations de tous les jours librement. Ici vous pourrez faire de nouvelles connaissances tout comme raconter votre vie (●'◡'●) ↣ Nous souhaitons nous développer afin d'acquérir une grande expérience et vous proposer un contenue toujours à la hauteur de vos attente. Notre développement nous permettra par la suite de vous proposer d'autres fonctionnalités inédites. L'ambiance, la cohésion et la persévérance sont les mot clé de la réussite.