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16+ Only ➵ Paragraph to Novella Writing ➵ SFW & NSFW ➵ Self Roles ➵ Lots of Info ➵ OCs & Canon Characters ༻✧༺ ༻Come Check us out!༺
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a server for interactive aus on twitter!! we currently have 6 in the server (infamyau, skzgossip, mixtape hj, code: error, orenda, cinema) but feel free to dm the admins to add yours <3
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Hi. Welcome to the UndeRyan Official Server. What's UndeRyan, you ask? Well, it's an AU/fan-game that adds a new kingdom or whatever. This is in early development, which is why you'll see things change dramatically or whatever, I'm a forgetful little egg. Also, you won't see much of it, since the fan-game isn't even finished yet, nor did it even pass a playable stage of development. Anyway, so if you're interested on how this goes, then join this little server. But, until then, peace out.
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Welcome to the… Modern-day Fire Emblem RP! This is a canon only literate roleplaying server where you can use any modern au head-canons you want for the character and bring them into the RP! We currently have Fire Emblem Awakening, Fire Emblem Fates, Fire Emblem Echos and Fire Emblem Three Houses as the game's characters that the server is based around. This server is while not directly ERP based it will touch on mature subject matters thus making the server 16+ with a special role for those 18 and older.  we have:  Helpful and Kind Mods Literate Role-players Slice of life RP LGBT Friendly Fun Future events A kind and welcoming community Come and Check it out!
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Welcome to the Garreg Mach Monastery! Here, we teach our students how to fight and learn in a mixed environment! Together, we build the future people of the land of Fodlan. This is a server based on an AU that doesn't fully follow any of the four routes of the game. It's a way to see the story through a new perspective and to try out new things. We have a friendly staff and a rather interesting plot made behind the scenes! We are an OC and Canon friendly server, so you can be one or both as you spend your time here in the server!
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Aboriginal fan club
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Hello and welcome! This server is based around an alternate universe for the warrior cats series. Its a place to talk about warriors, roleplay, come up with other AU's, etc. The AU is basically just warriors but rewritten! Trying not to spoil anything ill keep this vague. Sunning Rocks is shared between Thunderclan and Riverclan, Jake and Tallstar are mates and are the dads of Rusty, Nutmeg as the surrogate mother. The family tree has been fixed so there's no direct incest! The characters are alot more diverse, and minor characters get proper arcs! Come join if you're interested, or just want a fun place to hang out!!!
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Appleclan is a custom AU i made last year. Our set of clans is Appleclan, Leafclan, Petalclan and Treeclan. We all come from the great Natureclan (Who is now like Starclan). Instead of the Moonstone we have the Naturestone, it being a rock covered in vines and leaves placed in a valley. Treeclan is like the villains. We have an Amino called Appleclan Official, which is where the discord is from. We started in the Warriors Amino as a chat but that died and now we are rebuilding our clan in our discord server and amino! We are LGBTQ+ and a kid friendly community! Please keep it to warrior swears!
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Welcome to the official Valorant Oceanic Competitive discord!
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R6 SiegeAU is for all ages, skill level and anyone from AU or NZ may join, The soul purpose of the discord is to get 5 mans going and for those people that want to find more friends to game with on siege. When you join you not see chats untill we give you the player role do not worry we are active.
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[XGS]Xanthiserver Home of Clan [XGS] owners of the [AU/NZ]Xanthiserver game servers. Old farts and Whippersnappers hanging out and playing games / talking shit. Everyone is welcome.
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>We are a laid back server >Friendly staff and friendly users >You must be 17+ years old >We are a Australian server >Come join us!
Role-Playing | Furry
A Warrior Cats AU in which magic has allowed the clans to grow, but have also driven them apart. Four now seven, new challenges face them. Will they be able to handle them without aid from the gods?
Role-Playing | Gaming
A Undertale AU Roleplay.
Anime | Role-Playing
Next Gen heroes is an My Hero Academia RP server. It takes place in an alternate Universe where instead of UA would be heroes attend EC. Come join this friendly environment~
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We are a new Among Us Community Server! Join our Server to have fun with your friends or other members! We offer: -Enough voice chats -Fun -Support -Giveaways and more..! Invite ur friend for more fun!
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Adventures in Appleclan is a roleplay server based on an amino community i am the creator of! This is a new universe with a new set of clans, new villain, new prophecy and different version of the moonstone and Starclan!
Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS. One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.... After years a hope arrived, that hope was the human who brough freedom to those monsters and gave them the option to chose... But, the human wasn't satisfied... And so errors and glitches and stuff happened. Stuff that shouldn't happend, now it's your turn to fix it! ✦ We are Completely SFW! ✦ Were Always Open for Partnerships! ✦ Fun bots! ✦ We have a Rp section with several Undertale Locations! (We allow only OC's) ✦ We are looking for staff members (We currently have only one staff member) ✦ And lots of fun! ....
Role-Playing | Writing
The Avengers are dead. The world is falling apart, and the only hope the world has is the children of the heroes we used to know. In this 18+, AU server, join the next generation of heroes. We are an OC based, 616 and MCU inspired server, looking for all sorts of characters and writers of all backgrounds. Come check us out!
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The Multiverse is a multi-universe roleplaying server where you can make an original character from any universe and bring them into a world where fantasy, science fiction, and other worlds combine. Will you fall through the fabric of reality and enter the world of worlds?