This server is home to fans of Fire Emblem.We focus on rping Awakening, but we have a great community outside of that as well. Come on in and check things out!
THIS IS AN 18+ Server. Please do not join if you are under 18. Please do not come in here to advertise or ask for partnerships. Please! Read the rules before you enter. Read the character list and post an Introduction. Thank you ^^) /❤️ We are a humble community trying to build up our RolePlay community/experience. *KH Updates *RolePlay Channels *Art Channel *Gaming; Smash, League, Splatoon, etc. *Persona, LoZ, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Anime and so much more *LGBT Friendly Here at Paopu Kingdom we treat everyone with respect, we are here to make long lasting friendships and have a positive impact on those around us. We strive to create a community where everyone is accepted for who they are. We spread kindness, not hate. A Safe Place for everyone. We are a loving, positive community. In this house we support the LGBT community.
Welcome to Three Houses, a server about the newest Fire Emblem game! We welcome new and old fans of the game series, and hoping to grow our small, positive and supportive community up into a big one. We also welcome regular Discord members that just want a place to go and hang out in. We have many channels open for discussions, art and writing postings, rant and support channels, and of course, memes. 𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐃𝐨 𝐖𝐞 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫? ♦ Tons of fun bots! ♦ Self-assigned roles that revolve around Fire Emblem. ♦ Selfie/Cosplaying channel. ♦ Gaming rooms. ♦ Lots of voice channels and voice calls! We also have private rooms! ♦ Plenty of text channels to make friends in. ♦ A very friendly and welcoming community. ♦ Non-toxic staff. Toxic stuff is yucky. Come join us today!
Fire Emblem: Warriors RP server -> Story events (does not require having played the game) -> Other events such as boss fights and colosseum fights -> Seasonal events (e.g. Christmas celebration, Halloween, etc) -> Up to 4 muses!
Welcome to the Hylian Community! Join us and share your prefered media, food and pets and communicate with us daily, on a friendly and open minded basis. We're looking forward to play Pokémon SWSH, Animal Crossing NH, FEH, ACPC and other Nintendo Games with you!
Welcome to the company! In this server, we cover many topics, from Fire Emblem to Devil May Cry, and many more. If you're looking for a community, you have one! Join the team today!
Hi! This is a server dedicated to the best girl in the Fire Emblem franchise, Eirika! In this server we'll chat and discuss about fire emblem (heroes as well), feel free to join!
A chill server. Regular banter. Gaming focused, from leisurely games like Minecraft to more competitive games like Smash Ultimate! We like games, we like anime. We generally focus on PC games and Nintendo Switch games.
We are a tight knit community mainly focused on art and gaming.
This is a server for LGBTQ+ folks who are interested in Fire Emblem! Feel free to join and chat :) In this space we: -Respect everyone's pronouns, names, experiences, and identities. -Actively work to eliminate and mitigate homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, islamophobia, etc., from our space and from our words. -Do not post sexually explicit content. Fan service is ok, but only if it is not explicit and is not of underage characters. This is a space for LGBTQ+ people, and supportive allies. Know however that if you are not LGBTQ+, although this is a space that welcomes you, this is not a space that was made for you and if you are disruptive to our group or disrespectful towards our identities you will be kicked. The purpose of this discord is to to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ Fire Emblem fans. LGBTQ+ art, stories, and discussion of Fire Emblem games and media are encouraged!
This may not be the greatest Server on Discord. But definitely not the worst. It’s a server created with the idea to be a place where even Outcasts feel welcomed. We have channels for: - History, Mythology and Culture stuff - Game discussion, like FE, Skyrim etc. - Anime, Manga, Cartoon, Comic, Movie and Book Channel - SCP Fondation, Horror and Creepypasta, Memes, Music, Pet and Animal Channels and many more. And if requested we gladly add Channels for more stuff.
!Welcome to Celestial Circuit, a close-knit and welcoming galaxy! We are a social group of people, and we play a variety of games, voice chat, share memes, discuss anime, and even more! Roles are fair and easy to obtain. We're very laid back, and we'd love to have you.
Fire Emblem Heroes! Come chat with us!
A roleplay server that utilizes the HaruFE bot, the setting is something akind to a Khaganate
We have an art channel, a place to mess with bots, a spot to promo your youtube, twitch and social medias. We even have channels specific for certain games, so feel free to check them out!
Just a place for fire emblem fans to talk about fire emblem. We started to die and only have a few active members left, but we hope we can come back from the dead
Looking for a big smash community to make new friends and grow as a player? Look no further than because Smashin' n Relaxin' is the best place for you! What SnR offers: -The largest and best Smash community of all of discord! -3100+ members -A fun friendly community welcoming all people! -Tutors for every Smash Ultimate Character and School -Smash Tournaments that are free with prize pools! -$100 monthly free to enter prize pool Ultimate Singles tournaments! -Splatoon Tournaments (Free to enter) -Mario Kart Tournaments (Free to enter) -Pokemon Tournaments (Free to enter) -Minecraft Nights -Crew battles against other servers! -And many more! Come join Smashin' n Relaxin! We can't wait to have you aboard!
Server for people who like gaming, memes, anime, etc. Pretty much anything. We don't take anything seriously.
Serveur basé sur Fire Emblem : Three Houses ! Système de classes comme dans le jeu, choix de Maisons et évents qui assurent la compétition entre elles !
We are a Fire Emblem Heroes RP group based on the Emblian Empire! We have dark, gritty themes and are very character development focused. We would love to welcome new members into our family! Please read our rules and masterlist before joining!
Welcome aboard The S.S. Soupy! I’m your Soup-erb Captain, Maridash. From me and all of the crew, we wish you a fun and enjoyable stay here! Our ship is the perfect place to make new friends and chat over a nice, hot bowl of your favorite soup. While you're on board, we can provide you with many amenities. - Self-Assignable Roles - Venting/Support - Anime/Gaming Chat - Musical Theater Chat - Karaoke - and much more! But...why soup of all things? Why are we so obsessed with soup? Well, why not? The crew and I hope that you'll consider riding on The S.S. Soupy soon! We promise: it'll be a soup-er fun experience.
Hey y'all! Looking for a cool server? You have been invited to The Neko Squad, a friendly place to be! What we have to offer: - Karaoke - Self roles - Open staff applications - Self-promo channels - Different roles for different clubs (And of course, GachaTuber) What this server is about: Just a chill server, a few roles are linked to NerdyHinoka's Youtube. There are members from different places, so we are friendly to all. What are you waiting for? Join the Squad! Most information is in there, it's heavily based off fire emblem. Honestly just a fun time, magic, battles, classic and fun medieval kingdom fighting. It'll be fun and chill bois.
A very welcoming and relaxing server devoted to Nintendo and all-purpose chat. We play Smash Ultimate/Mario Kart 8 regularly. We also host nearly 150 unique nintendo-based emojis! 😊
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