Gaming | Social
Hello! This is a small but quickly growing community of Fire Emblem fans! We have a variety of chats, and lots of reaction rolls courtesy of the wonderful Zira bot! We also have Miki bot for fun ways to interact with other members, Oifey bot for seeing stats on FE characters from all over the series, and the very fun Nintendo Trivia bot! Hope you enjoy!
Gaming | Entertainment
Fire Emblem Heroes! Come chat with us!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Welcome to the Garreg Mach Monastery! Here, we teach our students how to fight and learn in a mixed environment! Together, we build the future people of the land of Fodlan. This is a server based on an AU that doesn't fully follow any of the four routes of the game. It's a way to see the story through a new perspective and to try out new things. We have a friendly staff and a rather interesting plot made behind the scenes! We are an OC and Canon friendly server, so you can be one or both as you spend your time here in the server!
Gaming | Art
Do you love Dorothea? Check out this server made just for her! We worship the lovely songstress here. Features: **Art Channels** Both for posting art of Dorothea and anything else you like. There is also a channel that auto posts from the subreddit if you need more Dorothea in your life. **Dorothea Discussion** A channel to talk about how much you love the songstress. Level up system The more you talk, the more you level up! We are working on having more roles and badges to the system. **Starboard** A starboard to save the best posts here. **Events** We plan on hosting events soon! Such as games, movies and more! We love to have you join us!
Beliefs | Community
All things conspiracy.