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All things conspiracy.
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Up for a discussion? Want to debate on a wide range of topics? Want to learn more and engage with members of your community? Come check us out! We are a middle ground for a wide range of topics and offer more niche servers a platform to promote themselves. Partner with us today!
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///// The Black hand of futurity. The DELL delivery team: Deterritorialising, Emergent havoc, Landian, Looping time. The Other World. Really Horny Excitable Theory Thots NOT a bunch of neofascist, pretentious Deleuzians. A posse of Landians. Some computer anarchist thing? Is actively working to break the Mind/Machine barrier in cooperation Musk who is paying to live on as a meme A bunch of esoteric accelerationists. Ideological weightlessness while moving upward. The third and fourth incarnation of weaponized memes. Originally a customer service department for United Airlines (went rogue). Bunch of cool people who believe in unconditional Accelerationism. Accelerationist transhumanists NOT a cult Is ☭ a Duginist ☭ SWP ☭ front Folks who read esoteric philosophy and make jokes about it. Is a Duginist pysop. /////
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Join if you would like to know why we don't live on a spinning water ball.
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Flat Earth Official, the one and only Official Flat Earth Discord! Everyone is welcome here regardless of your personal beliefs or background, we encourage healthy debate and banter.
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We at Mostly Level strive to promote truth, critical thinking, free speech, and the discussion of many different theories and facts. This can lead to some fantastic conversations, but some rabbit holes can be quite controversial and potentially offensive to certain audiences. We require all members to behave in a respectful and civilized manner regardless of their worldviews. All interactions should be kept at the level of "Safe For Work" considering that some members are underaged. Avoid misinformation, research for yourself and utilize the scientific method. You are responsible for your own education. Fact check everything.
Community | Beliefs
We are mainly a flat earth community server, however we accept all beliefs here. Everyone is welcome!