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Flat Earth Official, the one and only Official Flat Earth Discord! Everyone is welcome here regardless of your personal beliefs or background, we encourage healthy debate and banter.
Community | Education
➡️ Searching for a perfect server for interesting topics all about our planet and environment and even more?. Discuss and talk with other users about climate change, global warming, plastic... 24/7 news around the globe (Reddit & New Yorker Times).
Gaming | Role-Playing
Odyssea is a geopolitical Earth SMP server set in the Victorian era. Players can create their own nations on our 1:1000 Earth map, fight in battles, forge alliances, and conquer the world. Some of our features include guns, ships, and a live DynMap to see the world and its nations. Join today!
Military | Role-Playing
Semi-roleplay server about running or living in a country. Have fun!
Gaming | Political
Globecraft is a new, Swedish-based but international minecraft server! The server is a towny one, based on an earth map. Create your own town, your own nation and go to war! Roleplay, fight and trade all you want, play the game however you want to play it!
Community | Growth
Clean My Planet is a communication hub for youth who care about the environment. We believe that the best way to tackle climate change and environmental degradation is by bringing people together.
Community | Science
All about the world 🌍 and the tools and ideas to make the world a better place ⚒️ We still search for Discord Legends and admins for our little server 🏆
Role-Playing | Community
Long ago, God created several realms. Realms to separate the 3 main races: Humans, Angels and Demons. War had broken out amongst them long ago, and -tired of their pointless fighting- divided them. He created Earth: a lush place full of animals, humans and many more species such as elves or dwarves. In Hell, the demons resided: it was a place full of varying temperatures before falling cold apart from one place. At last, Heaven. A luxurious, more advanced place full of the various angels- and the area God himself resided in. However, some of the barriers between realms were broken apart by powerful beings and chaos ensued. Until, after a series of events, peace and balance was restored to the universe.... But it won't stay that way. Not if people are there to stop the evil lurking in the shadows- or will you join them and destroy everything? It's your choice. Everything is up to you to decide.
Education | Science
We try educating people about the Amazon rainforest. We give tips on how anybody can help.
Gaming | Science
flat earth concave earth donut earth dinosaur earth cube earth superglobe all welcome come discuss what shape and size your floor is here today, regardless of the shape the floor is MOSTLY LEVEL!
Community | Social
Salut ! Bun venit in the New Earth ! Noi suntem o noua planeta ce accepta supravietuitori. Simte-te liberi sa incepi o conversatie cum doresti, dar va trebui sa respecti niste reguli.
Gaming | Gaming
PixliesEarth is a 1.14 minecraft server, that focuses on politics, wars etc. on a 1:1000 scale map of the earth.
Gaming | Social
Opzoek naar Nederlandse Minecraft Earth spelers? Of in voor een babbeltje met Minecraft Earth spelers? Wees welkom!
Anime | Meme
Avatar the Last Airbender & Legend of Korra
Community | Gaming
Welcome to the International Airport of Earth, This is a small friendly community trying to grow, Join us and have a safe flight!
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Flat Earth ■ Truth ■ Conspiracies ■ Ice Wall ■ Divine ■ Spirituality ■ COVID-19 ■ Coronavirus ■ Earth ■ Shape ■ Globe ■ Politics ■ Research ■ Debate ■ Knowledge ■
Entertainment | Community
Active voice and text channels! 4 elements // 4 teams // 4 weeks. Fire, Water, Nature and Air; all competing against each other for prizes, perks and pride! How it works: Every four weeks, all four teams come together to find out who has come out on top and who has the most points. Why? Because when the four weeks are up, prizes are given out to the winning team by the handful! Everyone welcome! 🌊🌳🔥⛅️
Gaming | Community
EMS Earth Modded Survival, A 1.15.2 Minecraft Bukkit SMP Server, with additions that include: Citizenships Active community Economy Factions Creative Skyblock Kits Some donation based roles and kits! (more details can be found by asking admins) If interested please join the discord and follow what the bot tells you in our welcome channel!
Community | Science
Welcome to Green World! Green World is an environmental-based server for anyone who wants to be more eco-friendly.
Community | Social
NEW: COVID-19 Discussion Flat Earth To scale The Ice Wall that stands between us and build a thriving community by means of friendship, research and respectful dialogue.
Community | Gaming
Deutsche Community, schaut doch mal vorbei ---------------------------------- Unser Server besteht nur aus einer Community die gerne Spiele spielt. Wir sind sehr neu und haben unseren Server erstellt damit wir eine sehr große Community ziehen können.
Community | Social
Flat Earth To scale The Ice Wall that stands between us and build a thriving community by means of friendship, research and respectful dialogue.
Welcome to ExcaliEarth! We are a towny minecraft server that has a map of the earth! Play with your friends or just some people in the server! Have fun!
Community | Beliefs
We are mainly a flat earth community server, however we accept all beliefs here. Everyone is welcome!