Meltdown has a place for you as a schizophrenic HIV+ transsexual chinese-latino stim-addicted LA hooker with implanted mirrorshades and a bad attitude. Blitzed on a polydrug mix of K-nova, synthetic serotonin, and female orgasm analogs, you have just iced three Turing cops with a highly cinematic 9mm automatic. You know that even if you have no idea what the fuck you're doing, it's damn exciting to watch your partner have her throat slit in two by two seconds, just for you.

This video is very long, but you can easily skip to the 00:20 and 01:15 mark if you don't know what I'm talking about.

You need to go out and buy this kind of video tape just in case you ever need to start something up in LA as a psychotic bisexual transsexual with a bad attitude. This video is not for beginners. There are other ways to make porn before this one and you should probably just find your own way and figure it out or maybe you get sick of this shit and go do something else. You don't need this video to see what a dope ass trans woman in LA is like now for you.