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✨ An active community of believers 🔒 Vetting system to ensure quality content 🍋 Lots of emojis you can use
Beliefs | Community
Welcome to Heart Strings! The goal of this server is to establish a versatile community sharing the life-saving message of Jesus Christ. Christians and non-believers alike are welcome.
Beliefs | Community
We work to provide the Gospel to those who will listen, good Christian content and information, and tools for you to help grow your own Christian content. Anyone is welcome to join!
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Christian PC Gamers is an online community focused on building relationships, playing video games, and living the gospel. We are a community of friends. We try to treat everyone with respect and love. You do not need to be a Christian to join our community. We have people from all sorts of denominations, so check out the site, hop on voice chat, and get to know us.
Beliefs | Education
This server exists to help people find Jesus on their walk and help them continue walking in his light.
Beliefs | Community
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Christian Nonviolence server. *Quite a few resources displayed in a very practical manner *List of resources for helping others such as charities, green living, etc *Daily Bible reading *Weekly prayer *Support channel We are quite a diverse group, check us out if it sounds at all interesting!
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The Kursk Root Lodge is an Orthodox Christian community where Eastern Orthodox Christians can mingle, study, ponder, reflect, and pray with eachother. Our Mission Our mission here on The Kursk Root Lodge is to inspire, spiritually aid, motivate and to study Christian Theology and History.
Beliefs | Community
Shalom! We are a server of believers in the one true God, YHWH. We believe in Yeshua/Jesus as the Messiah and the only way to salvation. We have discussions on worship music, politics, news, and daily & weekly Bible discussions! Come join us. Each Sabbath we will commune and have open studies of the Bible.
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We are Christians Unite, our goal is to create friendship and community through Jesus Christ, we do Bible Studies and Prayers, Come join! Our main goal is fellowship, which is why we don't have any debate channels. If you're looking for debates, find a different channel. We welcome all!
Beliefs | Community
JESUS wants to save you : accept His love and He will keep you.
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18yrs and older Nazarene/Natsarim Community. We are New Torah/ New Covenant Believers
Beliefs | Community
Bible Discord is a Discord server where you can meet people and talk about the Holy Scriptures (Bible).
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The premier Discord bot for Bible verses. To use it, say a verse or use the `+biblebot` help command.
Beliefs | Community
A Christian community dedicated to fellowship with God and with others. All are welcome, regardless of whether you are a Christian or simply interested in learning about Christianity.
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Life Thoughts Today online church ⛪community was born because following Jesus ✞ and connecting with others lately is hard! So we created a community 💬 of believers for all of us! Join us, so we can journey 🚶 together.
Science | Beliefs
Brand new server created on January 11th, 2021. Our server is designed because the church has dropped the ball. They've avoided the fact the world is full of creepy, unexplained mysteries and history. Jesus addressed these topics, so we do too.