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Love God, Love People. Discord Partnered, Active Chat, Game Nights & Events, Small Groups, People Who Care. Play Some Games, Explore The Bible, Love Like Jesus.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Welcome to our server... it is a role-playing server where YOU control the entirety of the story, along with some strangers of course! You can choose to destroy and ruin or become a powerful diplomat, or even the pope! There is one overarching theme, the main god is Kevin, and we are all his disciples. Once you join you can become more of a casual player, or you can delve deep into it and become the one to rule all! You can join a faction and war against other factions, or become a nomad to offer advice to weary travelers. The choice is all up to you... in The Church Of Kevin.
Community | Beliefs
orthodox ortodoxo cristiano christian english español italiano italian spanish apostolico apostolic church iglesia santo saint
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He who is timeless, He who knows all, The Sacred Garfield. They who believe, They who will pray, They will prevail.
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Place to Fellowship with Believers and Help Convert Unbelievers into God Loving Believers.
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100% virtual, non-denominational, all are welcome, Christian church! Focused on making Christ Accessible to ALL people regardless of who they are. Weekly services every Sunday!
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Life Thoughts Today online church ⛪community was born because following Jesus ✞ and connecting with others lately is hard! So we created a community 💬 of believers for all of us! Join us, so we can journey 🚶 together.
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Brand new server created on January 11th, 2021. Our server is designed because the church has dropped the ball. They've avoided the fact the world is full of creepy, unexplained mysteries and history. Jesus addressed these topics, so we do too.