Chill discord.
Join to post memes and vibe with laid back baby Yoda fans
Have you ever wanted a server that is lewd, sick, and degenerate, without it being a purely porn server where you "have fun" and leave? Ever wanted to bond with people over lewds? Do you miss the sense of community that was the R34, e621, and Newgrounds adult comment section? Do you like the community that is Zone-TV and Shadbase, and wonder why its rare for people to socialize over lewdness? Well, look no further, for this is exactly what this server is all about. The Cult of the Pink Flame is here to be your home to find your kind~ "But what is the Pink Flame, you ask?" You know it very well; the sweet scorch of a sick fantasy that leaves you intoxicated, hot and bothered~ Join us today, and we promise to deliver all your fantasies~
memes friendly arts cult love lain iwakura anime weird aesthetic wired
woomy for president 2020
Greetings un-moyanian one. I welcome to Moyai Manor, a place for the followers of Moyai to share their faith and friendship. Join to experience true tranquility and become one with Moyai.
BMX discord sever were people who share the same hobby can come and socialise
server made by beal
A discord server for investigating conspiracy theories
Oh and uh. We enjoy offensive memes
We Worship Doors
We are neither leftist nor redpilled. "A bird needs two wings to fly"
A cult roleplay server...
Ibara Shiozaki is a pure girl, every MHA fan knows this. But now we need to appreciate this fact and come pray in this community of MHA fans. We have - Memes - Music - Anime/Manga - MINOR hentai (you can choose to see the forbidden fruit or not) and Ibara love & kindness.
We are a cult dedicated to chaos! Taking over discord as respectfully and chaotically as we can. With a bunch of fun bots and nice people
A fun discord server for chatting to people and being included! Enjoy debates as well as normal conversations and of course the cake! So why not join and have some fun? ^^ ALSO CAKE!? What's the point of the server? Having fun conversations and make some friends with the other people trapped among the cupcakes. A fun themed community group.
A very exclusive club for readers and thinkers. A very totalitarian sect with one opinion. Totalitarian and extremist thinking - it's all in there.
This server was created 1 hour ago, and it already has over 50 members. Weak, you may think, but this server doesn't have random people in it. This server is only for people with an LSW ROBLOX profile picture. And well, since you have one, why don't you join the society of LSW profile pictures?
You Think You're Saved, But You're Not! Come tell us how wrong we are, or that you agree, or to advertise your own thing. <3
(18+) A tight-knit group of friends who have either met gaming or on other servers pulling a Texas and going independent, we're active most hours of the day and will judge all of your life choices.
A small and caring tight-knit community with a pastel goth coven centered aesthetic. Come chat and play games with us!