Meme | LGBT
Join to post memes and vibe with laid back baby Yoda fans
Community | Social
The goal of this server is to reach out to new followers and help give a sense of communion among all who worship best waifu, Cthulhu.
Community | LGBT
Hello, welcome to The Slim Slickies Cult, in this server we are about empowering each other, respecting one another and being there for the people in our community. We (The admins) have noticed that there aren't a lot of people in this world that you can trust with just anything, so we came up with the idea of starting this server as an outlet for people to find friends, tell secrets, and just overall build trust with with each other. The golden rule is that basically whatever goes on in this server, stays in the server. People from all communities are welcome as long as you are a good person and follow the rules. With this being a predominantly woman based group, men are also welcome. We treat everyone as equal, we spread love and positivity. If there are any problems at all then please DM one of the admins (: -reagan
Community | Social
We are a lore based a community that have fun and talk, while for some odd reason worship a cube.
Business | Social
Community | Beliefs
The people of the sun is a community of friendly people known as sun walkers. we most commonly play among us & have the best kush in the solar system
Community | Meme
G’day Cunt, You better be fucken keen on joining a bloody cult, fucken awesome aye. Come be one of the boys - fucken gathos everyday, turn up when ya fucken wanna turn up, no worries Join the cult ! • Make new FRIENDS!!! • Not a lot of RULES! • Worship our lord Stickbug • ~GAME NIGHTS!~ on Sunday and Friday at 9pm CST!! Come join us! • Mostly active and thriving! Can't wait to see you!
Anime | Social
memes friendly arts cult love lain iwakura anime weird aesthetic wired
Gaming | Beliefs
woomy for president 2020
Education | Community
A discord server for investigating conspiracy theories
Meme | Role-Playing
Everyone is Conner our goal is to be conner and make the server big
A server for chitchat and worship. Fun(including worship) is probably going to be something you'll have, we'll take care of it. Please show your undying love and commitment to Dr. Pepper, it's the best softdrink, better than the nectar of gods.
Meme | Education
I do not own any friends, my basement is clean and so am I. I want someone to talk to and who shares my interest in drinking raw cold milk.
Social | Military
We are neither leftist nor redpilled. "A bird needs two wings to fly"
Gaming | Meme
This is a fun gaming discord, mostly about animal crossing. This is a "cult". You are semi-required to have your ac character to be a cowboy. But you have to be a cowboy when raiding islands. Please join us! We need some help!
Community | LGBT
What are you doing?
Social | Community
BMX discord sever were people who share the same hobby can come and socialise
Beliefs | Entertainment
Worship squids
Beliefs | Community
Do you believe in Water? Then join our cult, brother/sister. Join us and worship the almighty Water.
Community | Meme
join it or youre a pussy
Furry | Gaming
An experimental democracy/government/chaos simulator. Fun for all the family.
Anime | Gaming
So uhhhhh....... It's not exactly what you think it is. This server is full of epic gamers, men and women, boys and girls. if you wanna play games and discuss anime with da homies, join this server. you won't regret it d0e.
Meme | Community
Love Kraft Cheese a little too much? Love joining empty/inactive servers? Love toxic admins? This is the place for you.
Community | Social
(18+) A tight-knit group of friends who have either met gaming or on other servers pulling a Texas and going independent, we're active most hours of the day and will judge all of your life choices.
Community | Social
a place to hangout and chill.
Art | Community
A Secret Society that has been in a quest to find the holy grail of Cheetos for centuries Come aid us in this quest or you can just hang and talk with artists
Community | Emoji
It's a cult.
Community | Social
⠀ ོ ┌ ꒰🎃꒱─ ➤ kuromi kults. ༘`⍜🦇´ˎ-         - chill and hangout with friends!         - level up and recieve perks/rewards!         - play roblox games with draculara (owner)!         - play around with the bots!         - decorate your profile with cute roles.     ⌾๑ˊૢ🎃ᵕˋૢ๑     └──» ✎ 🦇。                   ─⌽
Role-Playing | Meme
We have many fun bots such as MEE6, Tupperbox, and dank memer have good roleplaying respect all people and have fun while doing it 😎
Anime | LGBT
just a little enby cult. i guess you can join if you're part of the lgbtq+ community, not just enbys.
Beliefs | Community
P8 P8 P8 P8 P8 P8 P8 P8 is all good P8 is all loving Once you join in the love of P8, you can never leave his embrace. P8 sees all. P8 knows all. P8 knows when the time is come. P8 sees the wrong you have done. P8 loves you with your flaws. P8 will let you grow into what you are meant to become. When the eye of winter opens P8 will be complete.
Community | Music
'BE' will be released on November 20th, so it's time to join the cult to get all updates and hype it together!
Growth | Streaming
a cum cult, a group of idiots who want to spread this name like a virus throughout discord
Meme | Social
PHROAGE is love. PHROAGE is piece. PHROAGE is thought. PHROAGE is everywhere. PHROAGE is everything. PHROAGE is life.
Meme | Beliefs
He who is timeless, He who knows all, The Sacred Garfield. They who believe, They who will pray, They will prevail.
Community | Gaming
welcome to 'anti-netease cult (but we still play idv)'! we do things like talk about idv, play idv, and hate on netease! we also talk about other games like danganronpa and yttd! we are having a disboard for our group because we want more cult members and this is just a small group where we all hang out and chat. if you have any other friends who play idv, please invite them as well! but we are all just bunch of crackheads tryna have fun cause I've lost all control of my life :D
Gaming | Meme
we dont really hate women I think idk man just join or something...........
Anime | Entertainment
╭┈─────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ- ╰┈➤ ❝ WELCOME TO THE ANIME CULT! ❞ ✧˖°࿐ ꒰꒱ؘ ࿐ ࿔:・゚ : ̗̀➛An all anime based server! Any anime is allowed, but is a free space for just talking! : ̗̀➛A friendly server that is both sfw and nsfw (limited) with kind and welcoming members! : ̗̀➛A fun and enjoyable community for all. : ̗̀➛Multiple bots and fun games! : ̗̀➛Always looking for more members and is open to all. : ̗̀➛Daily events such as questions of the day and cult sessions! ✧˖°࿐ ꒰꒱ؘ ࿐ ࿔:・゚ ៚ ❐ = WE HOPE YOU JOIN AND HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME! ︶︶ ꒱ ﹀↷♡ ꒱..°
Meme | Community
A cult for Taco cat lovers RPG bot Other fun bots A caring community welcome to everyone A safe environment for all people and cats
Anime | Beliefs
This is the ultimate Mikasa Ackerman cult. This is a holy server that only worships Mikasa Ackerman. You are allowed to believe and worship another holy figure, but we mainly serve Mikasa Ackerman.
LGBT | Community
LGBT friendly, Funny memes, close relationships, and all around good vibes.