Beliefs | Community
We are a group of thought provoking, intellectual leaders that are driven/ excited about engaging in esoteric and philosophical discussions.
Beliefs | Education
Theological debate server that encourages unfiltered discussions about theology. **We debate:** ✝️ Christianity ✡️ Judaism ☪️ Islam ⚕️ Satanism 🕉️ Deism ☸️ Polytheism ⚛️ Atheism ☯️ Other Topics
Gaming | Community
Chill hangout for discussing anything you want to.
Education | Community
This server is about any intellectual thoughts to be brought into an outlet, express any ideas you want ranging from theology to sciences. Filled with unique people with different ideologies and perspectives to learn from. Education is very present here, along side of casual talk and good vibes for the experience. Express any beliefs you want, we don't discriminate. No thoughts are ignored except for alt right and fascist ideals. See you on the other side!
Political | Community
Hedonism is a server for debating a range of topics including, Politics, Philosophy, Religion.
Beliefs | Role-Playing
- Добро пожаловать! Добро пожаловать в корпорацию "За Чашечкой Кофе". Сами Вы ее выбрали или ее выбрали за вас — это лучшая корпорация из оставшихся. Я такого высокого мнения о этой корпорации, что решил разместить свое правительство здесь, в Цитадели, столь заботливо предоставленной нашими Покровителями. Я горжусь тем, что называю данную корпорацию своим домом. Итак, собираетесь ли вы остаться здесь, или же вас ждут неизвестные дали, добро пожаловать на сервер "За Чашечкой Кофе inc". Здесь безопасно.
Community | Education
A server full of friendly people from all over the world!
Beliefs | Anime
The official Doge Podcast discord server! Join us if you love doge or if you have no life and want to join to meet fellow mindless drones!!!
Role-Playing | Meme
I, King Shrek, of the United Swamps, grant you a Swamp Card to cross the borders of my kingdom, the United Swamps. After I became the rightful King of the United Kingdom, I declared a new era in the story of England, and renamed the United Kingdom the United Swamps. I grant you a safe passage to our lands because we need to increase the population. You can apply for citizenship and financial aids. Also, you can open your own bank account. Our kingdom is unmatched both in technological and military welfare. If you choose to live in the United Swamps, you will face a life of ease and comfort and you will get your own swamp. The United Swamps offers Financial aids to all struggling financially. We have a 100 000 Swamp Army and unmatched military might that has conquered a thousand lands. My Queen and I are expecting you.
Community | Education
We need to talk...
Political | Beliefs
A debating server where all sides of the political spectrum is welcomed to discuss and debate. Enjoy your stay!
Beliefs | Community
Do you believe in Water? Then join our cult, brother/sister. Join us and worship the almighty Water.
Community | Education
Welcome to creepy things on the internet ⁣ Our purpose here is to bring everyone that love creepy things together no matter who you are, we are here to show you how creepy the internet can be at times.
Community | Political
Harshawism™ is the true domain of Harshawian philosophy, independent movement that shows strong devotion towards transition, religion and global safety.
Anime | Gaming
☺♥♦♣♠Hello, lovely stranger...♠♣♦♥☺ In this server, you are welcome. We are passionate about games, art, movies/series/anime, manga/comics. We are also huge science nerds who love programming, science and technology. We also love memes, but who doesn't right? So feel free to send memes or cute picutres. This server is also something for conspiracy-theorists and horror-story-lovers. Feel free to join and make new friends or at least gaming buddies☺
LGBT | Gaming
Everyone is welcome here, LGBTQ+ friendly, we mostly just do events, art, roblox development, gaming, and much more! When you join please read through the rules before hand, because we are strict about *most* of them.
Education | Beliefs
An Islamic learning community where you learn something new about Islam every day with hundreds of brothers and sister.
Beliefs | Community
P8 P8 P8 P8 P8 P8 P8 P8 is all good P8 is all loving Once you join in the love of P8, you can never leave his embrace. P8 sees all. P8 knows all. P8 knows when the time is come. P8 sees the wrong you have done. P8 loves you with your flaws. P8 will let you grow into what you are meant to become. When the eye of winter opens P8 will be complete.
Beliefs | Political
Hello there , This server , Political Daily is just as it sounds , a political server , so if you where looking for such , this is it! As to what the server has and offers , =============================== we have an opportunity to meet others like you We have good staff and members =============================== We don't discriminate or judge your political opinions =============================== plenty of bots and channels to suit your needs We are friendly to anyone and everyone =============================== Most important of all we have lots of fun! =============================== Join Political Daily and socialize with others like you!
Community | Beliefs
Heya! Bagel here! I made this server because I wanna find people with similair interests, this server is mostly for people who practice/want to practice witchcraft and learn more about it but anyone can join! In this server we have -a wide variety of bots, -a friendly, safe environment. -events and much more! Thanks for checking my server out and I hope you have fun here. Cya <3
Political | Beliefs
A place to debate abortion... and much more! We have fun events, daily topics, official debates and all that topped by a nice community Join us, whether it's to learn about the other side or defend your beliefs, everyone is welcomed!
Community | Political
Quite possibly the most lenient politics, philosophy, and theology discussion server. Composed of individuals from a diverse spectrum of beliefs. Anyone looking to learn, contribute or just chat casually is free to join.