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A fun Discord For the Drifting Community to come together
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Hey 🤙 Je vous Présente le Serveur Forza 𝑺𝒒𝒖𝒂𝒍 👑 Un Serveur Communautaire **Forza Horizon** Qui Regroupe Pleins de Catégories | Que sa soit : - Du Drift -Du Drag - Du Race - Dans ce Serveurs il y a - Des Salons Vocaux Hors De Forza - Une Catégorie Pour Revendre Vos Voitures - Des Catégorie Bien Présenter Prend ton Ticket Et rejoin Nous ! =--------= =--------=
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Project.D is Competitive/fun group that are big fans on the series Initial D, We are a Touge friendly team. We focus on FiveM and assetto corsa for touge battles. We have a big community of car enthusiast's that love to talk about JDM cars.
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C'est un serveur fantastique RP avec plus de 100 salons Rp.
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The CITI Server is a community organization where conversations about topics like race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity will take place. Our goal is to help learn from each other about these subjects to motivate members of the server to take action in their own communities.
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Formula 1 WEC GT3 GTE
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Interested in a community that is all about cars? Look no further. We want to provide something for every aspect of the car community, from races to car meets and drag races. Our discord is free to join for all, and you can look forward to a crew invite if we see the light in you.
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Vintage Racing community for Assetto Corsa.