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Welcome to the Brotherhood of Vyrutis, A discord made for the streamer Vyrutis, and his community. Even our guild "TheBrotherhood" on SWTOR is here. We focus on SWTOR, iracing mostly but into other games to. For having a chat, watching some streams or wanne join us in SWTOR. This is the place. V
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DSRT - Dutch Sim Racing Team the simrace community with a lot of options
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Wij zijn een race-competitie partnered met en organiseren league's voor verschillende games en niveau's.
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A discord channel dedicated to all things Sim Racing!
Gaming | eSports
la premisa de esta comunidad es juntarnos y pasarlo bien, ya sea en carreras con simuladores que organicemos nosotros/otros u otros juegos como rocket league, euro truck, gta v, pubg, etc.
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A community for sim racers and petrol heads!
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Welcome to Assetto Corsa Organized Racing! Our goal is bring the seriousness and competitiveness of similar racing game iRacing to Assetto Corsa in a more welcoming fashion. Along with this, we want to bring more immersion in by having real people take the role of a crew chief. Making calls on the radio and such. I personally love all types of racing and look forward to all the events we will host.