Doki Doki Depression Desu is an Anime, Gaming and overall fun Discord community! We have awesome Emojis, friendly members and are always excited to meet new people! Join us! We love ecchi :O
Doki Doki Depression Desu is an Anime, Gaming and overall fun Discord community! We have awesome Emojis, friendly members and are always excited to meet new people! Join us! We love ecchi :O
Doki Doki Depression Desu is an Anime, Gaming and overall fun Discord community! We have awesome Emojis, friendly members and are always excited to meet new people! Join us! We love ecchi :O
Welcome to Razzmatazz Animation Squad, or shorter said, RAS. We are a community based of on VRChat. Here you will be able to get any help within development, modelling, using shaders, materials and so on. This is also the Official Discord Server for the VRChat Sheriff's Office! We are also of course recruiting deputies!
Vintage community for Assetto Corsa.
Welcome to We Are ImproVR! We are a community of amateur improv comedians who's only missions are to put a long-lasting smile on the face of as many people as possible! We play games, do art challenges, live book readings, Altspace event notifications and more! Have a lovely time!
Server for people who like to drink while gaming. Fortnite / Destiny / VR / Rocket League / NMS
Based in Australia, Camp Cool is a super relaxed environment for gamers to hang out, make friends, and play. Plenty of game-specific and VR categories; all of which are opt-in, so you can customise your inclusion to your liking and not just be spammed with notifications for games you aren't interested in.
Australia & New Zealand Virtual Reality community server - we love VR and play VR games with others in Oceania.
Family History and Genealogy VR Meetup in AltspaceVR. Come learn about researching my family history and finding the sources you need to discover your ancestors.
Educators in VR is a meetup dedicated to global educators, trainers, researchers, and students invested in immersive technologies with virtual reality.
AI certification and honeypot/containment systems.
The best Twitch community ever! Haha, jk, just a streamer's hangout. Say hi and introduce yourself if you want. We chat about video games, anime, and movies as well as VR and tech stuff. We play a lot of Overwatch and Syrsly streams and does giveaways!
Server for members of the Sacred Order on OrbusVR
This server is to host a gathering of folks who want to play DND in VR for free!
White Elk is a game developer based in Los Angeles. We have shipped Eclipse: Edge of Light and Covert.
Assetto Corsa Drift Community A Place for other Drift Fanatics - Primarily for Assetto Corsa but Live For Speed, Forza, RFactor Players are all welcome - share your Vids, show your pictures and ask your questions!
This is a casual adventure group that runs simulations from the deepest darkest dungeon crawl to investigating a murder that happened in space. Its a bar with VR rooms upstairs, anyone who wants to run a sim is a Game Master and people who play are Adventurers. Or you can just relax in the bar watching and commenting on the simulations. This is NOT age limited, though we do have sections for those old enough.
Official Kingsmen Esports Discord - @KingsmenGlobal -
We are a GameDev Team join us see the progress of our games and help us improve them! We are working right now in Hyperstacks VR! Here you can see how we develop Hyperstacks you can be part of a growing community, being here make you be able to give feedback, ideas and even test the game! We hope you like to be here, we are waiting for you! Hyperstacks is a roguelike game of action completely made for virtual reality, where you play the role of a Character that kills enemies with a great and growing variety of weapons, each one bigger and stranger that will make the experience of surviving more and more epic and especially rewarding, enjoying the experience like never before in VR.
Game: Mercenary Silicon Rising
Envision is a VR RP server with a great community, active support, ever-increasing lore which is constantly being updated! Join now to take part in a thrilling upcoming tournament which is sure to be one hell of an adventure!
A builders playground to share your latest projects, discuss techniques with others and support beginners on their first project.
Basically a place where I post game updates, memes, memes, and memes.
LGBT | Art
We are a community in Plantation Fl, Our discord consist of Vr Artist, Magic Leap Creators, Producers, ACF Chefs, Live VR Show, Unity developers, GoBi Sushi, Building the future together.
All gamers welcome! Come share memes, make friends, vent. We host free Cards Against Humanity games often. We have users with all types of electronic devices~
-ValhallaSquad est un serveur francophone qui regroupe des joueurs peut importe les goûts les couleurs ou le niveau. -Connecte toi et joue ou tchatche avec des potes sans te prendre la tête. -Que tu aime try hard ou jouer tranquille tu trouveras du monde ;D Alors si ça te branche ramène toi on t'attend ! ;)
A crew mainly focused on FiveM, and making the best out of Car RP. We strive to make everyone have fun. Car meets, Street Racing, and yes Illegal sh*ts!
Dansk Discord-community, hvor vi sidder en flok mennesker med forskellig baggrund. Vi gamer, programmerer og ikke mindst hjælper folk med computerproblemer. Grundlæggende alt muligt computer-relateret. Spiller du virtual reality (VR) så er dette også et godt sted at være. Communitiet er en relanceret version af hvad der oprindeligt startede på IRC (Quakenet) i kanalen #pc-geeks. Alle er velkomne. Vi forventer ikke meget af dig, ud over almindelig god og civilseret opførsel. De fleste af de oprindelige brugere er fra det nordligste af Danmark, men vi har folk fra alle landsdele.
Welcome to the VRChat UK server!!! Make friends, share art and media! Hang out in chat rooms and talk to your friends! Jam out to some music with friends using the music bot!
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