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In Operation Serpens you will join an elite squad that formed to dismantle the evil Snakes Organization. Operation Serpens is a shooting game in VR for Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S, the gameplay is very simple - just grab the weapons and shoot the enemies. There is no locomotion in the game so it's very comfortable. Each level will present a new challenge in a slightly different style. This is a non stop action game and you will need to constantly duck and hide to dodge the bullets, and eliminate hundreds of hostiles in a very short time. Overall you will get a great arcade feel, hilarious moments and a lot of fun.
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Ny discord server for Danske VR brugere. Vi ønsker at have et fællesskab om spil og brug af VR. Kom og vær med. Alle er velkommen. Join fællesskabet og have fun ;)
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Party at the newest, funnest, most feature packed Discord server yet!
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Talk About all things VR related.
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/r/oculusrifts is your one stop for everything VR related. Get support on any of your oculus devices with help from our active community, discuss product rumors, VR gaming and share memes.
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Australia & New Zealand Virtual Reality community server - we love VR and play VR games with others in Oceania.
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VR Club is a friendly discord-based community where anyone can come to meet up with other VR players, chat, get VR news, and enter in giveaways.
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This discord is the Unofficial OrbusVR Community discord server. This is not affiliated with the OrbusVR Staff at all, however they have joined and tend to help answer questions!