TFF is a group of ARMA3 players, focusing on realistic but relaxed mil-sim content created by its members for bi-weekly (Friday and Saturday, 22:00UTC) events hosted on our dedicated server(s). We curate our content best we can, so everyone has fun, while not ruining anybody else's.
Gaming Network that is focused on a non toxic community environment.
Bem-vindo ao Milsim Brasil aqui nosso foco é sua diversão Somos focados na simulação militar virtual dentro da série ArmA, onde atualmente jogamos ArmA 3. Se você procura um ambiente de amigos onde possamos trocar novas experiências e conhecimento aqui é o local certo para isso, nós permitimos a nossos membros a total liberdade no que lhe faz feliz. Permitimos que o membro escolha como jogar e quando jogar (Não exigimos participação obrigatória, sabemos que nem todos os dias estamos dispostos a jogar).
Naval Mountain Warfare Unit is a multi-gaming community for the most popular games on Steam, Xbox Live and PSN.
SOG is a milsim gaming community with a focus on teamwork and community, primarily active in games like Arma 3 and Squad, as well as others.
Pathfinder Gaming is where a group of friends who've been gaming together for years come together to have a great time. We have members from the NA, EU , AUS and South Africa. We welcome you to join our growing community. We play a number FPS, Strategy games and much more. We currently have a 40 slot Arma 3 server. If you're looking to be part of a great community I highly recommend you check us out.
La Fuerza Operativa °190 es una División Militar creada para el juego Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 en roblox, este juego es un Milsim. Al unirte a esta comunidad automáticamente te convertirás en un recluta y a base de entrenamientos y batallas iras ascendiendo de rango. Quien sabe, algún día te podrías convertir en General o podrías tener tu propia subdivisión! ¿¡Puedes creer eso?!
A place for War Thunder players to hang out. We do customs etc, drop by and talk, we'll be glad to have you.
MILSIM TACTICAL gaming server!
An Arma 3 Laid back Milsim Community based in the Warhammer 40k Universe.
The 2BNB ArmA 3 Unit are based upon the real life unit of the 2nd Battalion from the Nord Brigade (Norwegian Armed Forces) and excel at infantry fighting alongside IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicles). We use custom mods such as RHS and NIArms to enhance the immersion values of ArmA and to have equipment similar to that of the present day 2nd Battalion. We all speak English with members coming from around the world to play in the Unit. All are friendly and will help if need be. Operation Times: - 7:00pm (GMT+0, UK Time) - Wednesdays, Sundays Please be courteous in the Discord and if you need any help PM an Officer.
O Coopnights também conhecido como A3CN, foi fundado em Março de 2013 e foi o primeiro grupo de ARMA III do Brasil. Surgiu como um grupo de amigos que já conheciam e jogavam a série ARMA, que resolveram se reunir para realizar partidas cooperadas no lançamento do ARMA III. Muita coisa mudou desde a fundação do grupo e com isso algumas medidas administrativas foram sendo tomadas para poder organizar o grupo que vem crescendo mais e mais ao passar do tempo. O foco do grupo é realizar partidas em um modo de jogo tático e acima do possível simulado, com um nível acima dos jogadores casuais do ARMA. Tentamos criar cenários simulados de combate, realizando e participando de eventos criados pelo grupo para os integrantes do grupo.
**About Us** • Our priority is to ensure everyone has a good experience and learns something new. We welcome players of all skill levels and play styles. We enjoy other various military titles such as Squad, Arma 3, & more. A few of us tend to stream from time to time. Feel free to stop in and say hello! **Things To Know** • We have experienced Sherpas • We have detailed guides, maps, & more • We have recommended guidelines for in-raid • No required clan tags or strict rules • 18+ maturity level (no age requirement) • We are an English speaking community **Join Our Discord** •
A server for the members and recruits of the 2nd Battalion Rifles Milsim (Group) on rdr2! Join today and be part of our long running team!
Casual mil-sim community primarily playing Squad
Small growing 3 milsim community with previous milsim experience. Based in middle Europe. Operations every week! Newbie friendly Recruiting! Own A3 server! Own TS3 server! Organised. Chance to develop your "career". Roleplay events!
A Ghost Recon Wildlands Milsim Server. No military experience required.
[Xbox] Professional Star Wars Battlefront 2 Military Simulator | 501st, 212th, 104th, 327th