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Connect with fellow airsoft players at the Airsoft Hub. - Friendly community. - Field locations near you. - Fiend local stores. - Chat, questions, equipment, etc. - Airsoft social media and news. - Beginner, tactical, and technical guides.
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Gaming | Hobbies
Gaming Network that is focused on a non toxic community environment.
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SOG is a milsim gaming community with a focus on teamwork and community, primarily active in games like Arma 3 and Squad, as well as others.
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Military | Role-Playing
CLAN de Simulación Militar de habla Hispana (Español), con sistema de Rangos y Roleo(Simualción de cadena de Mando). Usamos Mods al igual que el TeamSpeak para una inmersión sin precedentes.
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A casual gaming server that specializes in casual milsim and tactical games such as Squad, Arma 3, DCS, and many more. Come check us out!
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Community MilSim di Arma3 per PC. Ricreiamo scenari di guerra e cerchiamo di essere più fedeli possibili a determinati ambienti bellici.
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SPH SQUAD SPAIN es una comunidad-clan creada por jugadores con amplia experiencia en MILSIM Games, con el objetivo principal de crear una comunidad española activa en torno SQUAD. Jugamos; vainilla, algunos mods y misiones guionizadas del estilo milsim, todo ello dentro de SQUAD ¿Qué pueden encontrar los jugadores en nuestra comunidad? - Una estructura de juego de estilo milsim relajada pero activa, organizada y con un gran ambiente de camaradería. - Secciones SQUAD dedicadas disponibles para jugadores que quieran experimentar el juego de una manera más especializada. Equipos competitivos en el área del clan que disputan retos y torneos internacionales. - Sesiones semanales de entrenamientos en nuestros servidores de SQUAD, donde reunimos a todos para un trabajo en equipo a mayor escala. - Servidores públicos con licencia para 100 personas UNETE A LA COMUNIDAD DE SQUAD EN ESPAÑA
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Este servidor fue creado para unir a la comunidad hispanohablante de Zero Hour ;)
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An Arma 3 Laid back Milsim Community based in the Warhammer 40k Universe.
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Gaming | Role-Playing
Small growing 3 milsim community with previous milsim experience. Based in middle Europe. Operations every week! Newbie friendly Recruiting! Own A3 server! Own TS3 server! Organised. Chance to develop your "career". Roleplay events!
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Gaming | Role-Playing
TFF is a group of ARMA3 players, focusing on realistic but relaxed mil-sim content created by its members for bi-weekly (Friday and Saturday, 22:00UTC) events hosted on our dedicated server(s). We curate our content best we can, so everyone has fun, while not ruining anybody else's.
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We are a new and small Arma 3 Milsim Group. We play all types of scenarios and as different types of militaries. The open roles are listed below and the schedule for all of our missions/trainings. We have a TeamSpeak, but at the moment we don't have a dedicated Arma 3 server. If you are new to Arma and/or Milsims, don't be afraid to join, we accept all types of people!
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O Coopnights também conhecido como A3CN, foi fundado em Março de 2013 e foi o primeiro grupo de ARMA III do Brasil. Surgiu como um grupo de amigos que já conheciam e jogavam a série ARMA, que resolveram se reunir para realizar partidas cooperadas no lançamento do ARMA III. Muita coisa mudou desde a fundação do grupo e com isso algumas medidas administrativas foram sendo tomadas para poder organizar o grupo que vem crescendo mais e mais ao passar do tempo. O foco do grupo é realizar partidas em um modo de jogo tático e acima do possível simulado, com um nível acima dos jogadores casuais do ARMA. Tentamos criar cenários simulados de combate, realizando e participando de eventos criados pelo grupo para os integrantes do grupo.
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CoopNights 360 BRAF
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The 2BNB ArmA 3 Unit are based upon the real life unit of the 2nd Battalion from the Nord Brigade (Norwegian Armed Forces) and excel at infantry based combat with an additional emphasis on combined arms warfare. We use custom mods such as RHS and NIArms to enhance the immersion values of ArmA and to have equipment similar to that of the present day 2nd Battalion. We all speak English with members from all around the world. We welcome both experienced mil-sim players and those who are just starting out in ArmA. All of us are friendly and will help if need be. Operation Times: - 7:00pm (UTC+1 / UK Time) - Wednesdays, Sundays - Tac Op (Training) on Thursdays. Please be courteous in the Discord and if you need any help PM an Officer or NCO.
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Gaming | Community
Arma 3 community. Relaxed milsim. ACRE2, custom mods. New players welcomed.
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Gaming | Role-Playing
This is a battlefront 2 Milsim. We roleplay ass clone troopers and we deploy and rank up.
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Gaming | Military
Official discord server of the Joint Security Organisation. Interested in an in-depth ARMA 3 milsim experience but don't want to be confined by what happens in the real military? Being a virtual military we provide a unique gameplay experience entirely tailored to ARMA 3.
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Gaming | Role-Playing
We're just a simple server trying to make our way in the universe. We are a all things Star Wars and hope to have Milsim capabilities when we have some more members in. We also offer off topic channels such as our anime channel.
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Gaming | Community
We are a Star Wars Battlefront 2 Milsim playing on xbox, based on the Clone Wars Era. We offer a unique experience to our members as well as fun times playing!
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Special Forces Group Eagle [SPF] Is a multinational ARMA 3 unit currently recruiting around the world for new operator's or casual players to join its ranks we offer a multitude of activities including but not limited to -Public Zues -Modded operations [WW2,Vietnam,Modern, etc] -Renacments [OP Overlord, OP Desert Storm etc -Regular Gaming We host activities nearly every day so you can choose what you want to do. However we do offer a Milsim Aspect for those who want it and do hold some values and expectations of those who join our ranks such as activity, trust and dedication If you wish to find out more join the server today and get in contact with myself or one of our recruitment staff. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy your time with the SFG -Cpt J.Price
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Talk with other airsofters from all over the world, all experience levels are welcome! - Friendly and active community - Airsoft tech help and advice - Gun recommendations
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Username: @⚜𝕹𝖔𝖆𝖍⚜#0461 Description: Hey, I am an Ambassador for the Mandalorian Mercs! We try to recruit players from all around the world, that want to have fun, improve themselves and help others to improve. --> We have a competetive team for every gamemode --> Online daily, help is there if needed --> Ranksystem which is built up by skill --> Star Wars bots at the server (very funny and useful features) -->We have an active cantina If you like the statements above, you should definetly join the Mandalorian Mercs, cause we need players like YOU! This is the way! Link:
𝐂𝐆𝐅 l  𝐀𝐫𝐦𝐚 𝐌𝐢𝐥𝐬𝐢𝐦 Icon
Community | Gaming
A unique platform whose passionate affair with cooperative combined-arms gameplay and simulation brings a realistic yet fun military simulation experience to its members. We pride ourselves on having a diverge range of nationalities that helps us to thrive on social activity and grow beyond ArmA.
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Gaming | Military
If you are looking for other people that play flight simulators and military simulators, the 58th Combined Arms Army is for you! We offer all the channels, roles, emojis, relatable and friendly people you want! Ally with the 58th!
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Growth | Gaming
A server dedicated to helping milsim leaders meet, and getting assistance for those that need it.
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Community | Gaming
From the ashes of the Royal Navy comes the Privateer Alliance. Our king and Admirals have left us but not our spirit! What we offer -Have you ever wanted to join a milsim but it's taken way to seriously and ruins the fun of one? We have a rank system and a very flexible uniforms system for you to truly make yourself unique. -We can promise that any and all members are of legal age to use discord -In true Privateer fashion we will contract our ship to any and all companies including fights in the arena -We have an offical voyage system that can help you progress in game and within the server Can't wait to see you on the high seas!
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The 65th Infantry Division Milsim is a Playstation Battlefield 5 Milsim which gives members the most realistic and tactical experience. We are currently only on Playstation but we plan to expand to Xbox and PC in the near future.
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Team Eagle Six is a Milsim created by talented law enforcement officers, active/former US Soldiers and close friends. Our primary goal at Team Eagle Six is to bring fun but realism to our Milsim community. We adopt realism, tactics and strategies in our gameplays. We mainly play Arma 3 Milsim.
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Discord skupiony wokół gier FPS z naciskiem na realizm. Służący za HUB polskich społeczności, jednoczący wszystkich fanów gatunku.